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Why Positivity Can Be The Best Defense Against Your Demons

We all have our own inner demons, such as doubt, insecurity, low-self esteem, or a drive to reach perfection – just to name a few. Inherently, it feels impossible to shake them – but there is hope! The number one course of action to eliminate them forever is to channel the power of positivity. Our mindset affects the choices we make and how we perceive life in general. Therefore, the best line of defense is to utilize positivity in our minds. This is why positivity can be the best defense against your demons: 1. You stop seeing tunnel vision Negativity […]

Self-Awareness Exercises For Happiness And Success
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Self-Awareness Exercises For Happiness And Success

While most people are familiar with the term “self-awareness”, how many really know what it means?  And even more importantly, how many people understand how vital possessing self-awareness is living a successful, happy life?  The truth is that success in life, whether it be an emotional success, material success or career success, is largely a product of how we respond to the various external dilemmas or situations we find ourselves in.  Having a persistent loop of negative or irrational thoughts running through your head can lead to a variety of destructive habits, that if left unchecked, could send your life […]

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A Letter to Myself with Positive Thoughts

Hi, my name is Elena and I am the founder of Positive Words Research. Here are some positive things I say to myself: Hope:  Eventually things work out. Blessed Joy:  You are now blessed with Joy, Loving-kindness, Gratitude, Appreciation and Well-being. Fabulous:  Something fabulous is happening now somewhere in the world. I wonder what? Light:  ☀️ There is only light and lack of light. Luck:  🍀 Luck favors the prepared mind. Self-love:  I love myself. Yes completely. Love: I love people, but people super love me. Alive, Success, Chances:   Yes you can have success. As long as you are alive, […]