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Top 100 Positivity Blogs in the World

Top 100 Positivity Blogs in the World

Positivity is something that we need all the time, we need it daily. There are many sources of positivity in the world but some of the most powerful sources are the positivity blogs that random people all around the world put a lot of work and energy into keeping the websites online.

According to Feedspot and their recent Top 70 Positivity Blogs, a lot of beautiful positivity blogs were developed by many influences all around the world. We are very proud to have found that our website Positive Words Research made it in this list and was considered as number 19. Thank you Feedspot for the recognition of 8 years of work put into Positive Words Research.

Few years ago we made our own list at Positive Words Research with websites that are bringing positive vibes to the world: Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being

Inspired by the Top 70 Positivity Blogs made by Feedspot and our Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being we decided to make the Top 100 Positivity Blogs in the World.

Hope you will find this list useful and receive the power that you are looking for. We all need the power to put into our projects and positivity blogs are one of the best sources of positive power there is.

If you think your blog should be on this list let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to analyze your website and add it to this list accordingly. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Top 100 Positivity Blogs in the World

  1. Positively Positive – positivelypositive.com
  2. Positive Psychology – positivepsychology.com
  3. Positive News – positive.news
  4. 100 Happy Days – 100happydays.com
  5. Abraham-Hicks – www.abraham-hicks.com
  6. Positive Outlooks – mypositiveoutlooks.com
  7. John Maxwell – johnmaxwellteam.com
  8. Positive Words Research – positivewordsresearch.com
  9. MindValley – mindvalley.com
  10. Positivity Blog – positivityblog.com
  11. An Inch of Gray – aninchofgray.blogspot.ro
  12. Cowbird – cowbird.com
  13. Cool Hunting – coolhunting.com
  14. Cute Overload – cuteoverload.com
  15. Daily Good – dailygood.org
  16. Gratitude Log – gratitudelog.com
  17. Positive Psychology News – positivepsychologynews.com
  18. GOOD – community.good.is
  19. Good life ZEN – goodlifezen.com
  20. Greater Good Magazine – greatergood.berkeley.edu
  21. Greatist – greatist.com
  22. Happify – happify.com
  23. Karma Tube – karmatube.org
  24. The Positive Mom – thepositivemom.com
  25. Kickstarter – kickstarter.com
  26. Love Fairy – lovefairy.com
  27. Life Vest Inside – lifevestinside.com
  28. Live Life Happy – livelifehappy.com
  29. LongForm – longform.org
  30. Powerful Positive Thinking – powerfulpositivethinking.org
  31. Marc and Angel Hack Life – marcandangel.com
  32. Milkshake – getmilkshake.com
  33. Notsalmon – notsalmon.com
  34. That Grateful Soul – thatgratefulsoul.com
  35. Success Consciousness – successconsciousness.com
  36. Oprah’s Life Lift Blog – oprah.com
  37. Brainy Quote – brainyquote.com
  38. Positivity Post – positivitypost.com
  39. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog – positivesharing.com
  40. Mind Elevation For All – mindelevationforall.org
  41. Open Culture – openculture.com
  42. Positivity Guides – positivityguides.net
  43. Purpose Fairy – purposefairy.com
  44. Project Happiness – projecthappiness.org
  45. We Heat It – weheartit.com
  46. Power of Positivity – powerofpositivity.com
  47. Positive Outlooks Blog – positiveoutlooksblog.com
  48. Secret Society of Happy People – sohp.com
  49. Gratitude Habitat – gratitudehabitat.com
  50. Little Blog Of Positivity – littleblogofpositivity.com
  51. Story Corps – storycorps.org
  52. One Exceptional Life – oneexceptionallife.com
  53. The Positive Blog – thepositiveblog.com
  54. The Daily Love – thedailylove.com
  55. 24 Hours of Happy – 24hoursofhappy.com
  56. The Good Men Project – goodmenproject.com
  57. The Nicest Place on the Internet – thenicestplaceontheinter.net
  58. The Art Of Simple – theartofsimple.net
  59. Things to be Happy About – thingstobehappyabout.com
  60. Gretchen Rubin – gretchenrubin.com
  61. Dr. Happy – drhappy.com.au
  62. Power of Positive Thinking Lifestyle – powerofpositivethinkinglifestyle.com
  63. Unclutterer – unclutterer.com
  64. Positive Prescription – positiveprescription.com
  65. We Are Lucky – we-are-lucky.com
  66. Work Awesome – workawesome.com
  67. Joseph Binning – josephbinning.com
  68. CALM – calm.com
  69. Wind and Raven – windandraven.com
  70. We stop Hate – WeStopHate.org
  71. 1000 Awesome Things – 1000awesomethings.com
  72. Positivity Effect – positivityeffect.com
  73. Hooplaha – hooplaha.com
  74. The 365 Family – the365family.com
  75. Website of Tim Lomas, PhD – drtimlomas.com
  76. Brian Tracy – Positive Thinking – briantracy.com
  77. Dr. Sue – drsue.com
  78. Positively Peaceful Inspirations – positivelypeacefulinspirations.com
  79. Positively Present – positivelypresent.com
  80. The blog of Victoria J. Brown – victoria-brown.com
  81. Movement for Modern Life – resources about yoga – movementformodernlife.com
  82. Get the Gloss – Expert health and beauty – getthegloss.com
  83. Goop – very interesting, useful, and positive articles – goop.com
  84. Psychology Today – psychologytoday.com
  85. Very Well Mind – verywellmind.com
  86. World Happiness Foundation – worldhappiness.foundation
  87. Pursuit of Happiness – pursuit-of-happiness.org
  88. KeepInspiring.Me – keepinspiring.me
  89. Becoming Minimalist – becomingminimalist.com
  90. Thoughts About God – thoughts-about-god.com
  91. Peace Learning Center – peacelearningcenter.org
  92. Isha Foundation – Sadhguru – ishafoundation.org
  93. InnerPeaceFellowship.org – innerpeacefellowship.org
  94. Action For Happiness – actionforhappiness.org
  95. Tracking Happiness – trackinghappiness.com
  96. Happiness Alliance – happycounts.org
  97. Declutter the Mind – declutterthemind.com
  98. Rupert Spira – Non-duality – non-duality.rupertspira.com
  99. Emotion Words – emotionwords.com
  100. Blessima – blessima.com

This top of 100 positivity blogs in the words was done based on our own research. The main criteria for classification were our own evaluation of the power of positivity each blog is vibing into the world. We did not take into consideration criteria such as Alexa ranking, Social media followers, monthly traffic, etc. Therefore the above top of positivity blogs is subjective.

The above top can be modified at any time based on our new research or comments of people all around the world sending us more positivity blogs that we might have missed.

Send us a new positivity blog that you think we might have missed and we will analyse and include it in this list.

Tips To Choose Best Essay Writers Online

Tips To Choose Best Essay Writers Online

Best writing services makes students in solving the writing issues:

Hiring a custom paper writing services is not an easy way to get your assignment professionally in writing. It is important which helps to overcome problems. In making the right paper writing service, you need to spend some time to get the best professionals in writing to complete your task. Here are some tips and ideas in choosing the right and best professional writer online.

Tips in choosing the best custom writing service online:

  • Make sure to study every website of the writing companies or agencies online. This will make you to choose the right one so that you can even compare the best.
  • Always compare the websites and read a little about their company. This will make you in getting an idea of the skills, styles, grammar of the writers and their vocabulary strength.
  • After selecting some of the websites, make some research on their companies and find presence in the internet by taking the help of some reviews.
  • Read the company’s website and review some of the sample writings which will be present in every website. Take the reviews of the writers which can be visible in the website. Ensure that their articles are plagiarism free and unique content.
  • Then compare the rates with the other chosen companies. And check the styles, services, dependability of meeting deadlines in submitting the essays or assignments. You even need to make sure about the money back guarantee option, revision policies, time factors, proof reading facility, after work assistance, giving ideas to expanding the work improvement.
  • Most important thing to look is the address. Check out to know if they are local or foreign. Most of the native companies are better as hard copies can be easily sent to you or can submit the assignments freely and quickly.
  • Check out the open line of communication with the company. You need to have the direct communication with the writer for your professionally writing. This will develop your strategy content which can improve the quality of the content writing.

Plus points for students in taking help of paper writing services:

Students can hire writing companies to complete their tasks. They can help students to become stress-free. They have creative and expert in writing. There are some more plus points for students in taking the help of services. They are:

Practical knowledge: students can get practical knowledge about their work. Professionals will increase the understanding because they will make the topics and concepts clearly so that the student can understand. By this, even students can get the technical knowledge with the practical knowledge.

Way of writing: if the student is making an effort with writing, then he/she don’t have certain writing skills. For perfect writing skills, you need know the format of essay and you need to know the proper way of writing.

Thinking skills: paper writing skills improves the thinking capacity. They will give a paper and time to think. You can improve your writing skills and can get newer ideas in writing.

Self- creator: you can become your own creator of your topic or assignment through the essay writing services. Even you can learn something new from the services online and their given assignments.  All you need to consider genuine company that will able to provide custom papers writing service.

Positive Words Research – Tips To Choose Best Essay Writers Online

How To Develop Positivity And Dispel Negativity

How To Develop Positivity And Dispel Negativity

It is difficult to maintain a positive outlook. We are subjected to negative news cycles or stressful situations at work. So it is understandable that this negativity translates to our internal dialogue and personal narratives.

It is important that we break out of these negative cycles in order to lead happy and successful lives. Like any challenge, we should approach negativity by acknowledging it and engaging with it to build our confidence. With the right tools, we can overcome these destructive forces and lead others towards a better environment in which we can grow.

Start Your Day Positively

Many of the most successful and people know that a good day starts a good way. Once you take a fresh attitude each morning you will find that you can easily tackle your issues as they arise. With a good morning routine, you will find improvements in your mental state on a daily basis.

For many, this starts with exercise. Studies show that exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that give us a sense of achievement. A sense of achievement, no matter how small, is a key factor in mental well-being. So even if it is just a few push-ups or sit-ups, the key is to ensure that you set a goal and achieve it.

“It is important to recognize that there are issues of the previous day that we will need to address. Something that many writers stick to is writing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be any good, it could be nonsense. But starting a day with writing notes helps you achieve mental clarity and enables you to conduct your speech coherently,” says William Jackson, writer for Last Minute Writing and Researchpapersuk.

Psychological Tricks To Maintaining A Positive Outlook

No one sets out to have a pessimistic outlook. Unconsciously, we allow distressing events and information to affect us in negative ways. It becomes necessary for us to use various techniques to keep ourselves in a positive frame of mind.

Remaining objective in our outlook helps us to distance ourselves from any challenges we may be facing. Taking a long view, it is wise to ask yourself why you should feel pessimistic about any situation. Then you should consider whether it would be more beneficial to concentrate on the positive aspects, however remote they may seem.

“We become pessimistic when we look for the worst in our futures. As it is very difficult to predict our outcomes, it’s a good idea to think about the present. This way you can deal with everything in the here and now rather than some imaginary future,” adds Matthew Cornwell, personal development writer at Draftbeyond and Writinity.

Above all, you should enforce personal boundaries, not only with your circle but with yourself. Negative thinking has a habit of creeping in unannounced so you need to set up a psychological alarm bell for when these thought patterns emerge. Once you know the signs that can lead you towards pessimism you’ll find it easier to avoid destructive thinking.

Value Your Environment

We can’t control our environment. It’s part of what makes life both a challenge and a reward. Once you realize this it becomes a lot easier to access the unexpected. Being open to the unexpected means that when issues arise they are less of a shock and more of an opportunity.

When we renegotiate the negativity we attach to our surroundings, we create opportunities for inspiration. The challenges we face in our day to day lives offer us constant opportunities to discover what motivates us and what may motivate us in the future. Once we allow ourselves to be grateful for these opportunities, we are leading the way towards a more positive atmosphere within our circle.

Erin Vincent has had a lifelong interest in content in the field of psychology. She is heavily involved in the ongoing investigation of psychology’s impact on business and career. She is a regular contributor to LuckyAssignments and Gum Essays, academic websites.

Positive Words Research – How To Develop Positivity And Dispel Negativity

A Beautiful Move With Your Significant Other

A Beautiful Move with your Significant Other

There may come an exciting time in your relationship where you and your significant other decide to move in together. It can be a stressful and financially taxing experience, but with the right tools and support, a move can be a beautiful transition into a new chapter with your partner. Below are a few steps you can take while preparing to move that will promote positive communication, and increase overall happiness for everyone involved.

A Beautiful Move With Your Significant Other

1. Communication is Key

It can be easy to get frustrated discussing the inner workings of a move, but being open and honest with your partner will cultivate the best results. When you disagree on a subject, use positive words like “I respect your opinion” and “let’s work on this together” instead of avoiding tough subjects. For example, when it comes time to decide which items you are keeping, you may come to a disagreement. If your partner really enjoys an item that you don’t see fitting for your new space, instead of discarding it, compromise on fixing it up to better suit the design style you’re going for! That way, you have an open channel of communication to discuss items for your new space and suggest ways to incorporate disagreeable pieces without disrespecting your partner’s interests.

2. Sit Down and Plan It Out

A move shouldn’t be rushed, and once you’ve made the decision to combine spaces you should take the time necessary to plan out the process in its entirety. You can use sites that offer a moving checklist to help you organize your thoughts, and cover some bases you may be forgetting. Schedule a few nights a week to go through each of your current homes, get your finances in order, and start packing your belongings. A common mistake is focusing too much on the granular details of moving, and missing big picture items. Be sure you’ve taken steps to pay for a moving truck, and turn on your water and power in your new home before arrival. This makes your home prepped and ready for your move-in day and eliminates any stress of your items not arriving on time.

3. Have Fun Shopping

One of the best parts about moving is being able to decorate and shop for items to match your style and interests as a couple. Whether it’s a trendy DIY project that you found on Pinterest or investing in a new, long-lasting and hard wearing furnishings for your living room space that you have had your eye on, you can choose every last detail to make this a space that reflects both you and your partner’s styles! If on a tight budget, reach out to friends, family, or neighbors and see if they have any pieces they are willing to part with. Or, if you’re interested in fix-er-up items, websites like Garage Sale Finder allow you to find a garage sale closest to you to find some unique items and antiques you’ve been looking for that you just can’t find in stores.

4. Take Time For Yourself

If living together is a new experience, giving yourselves plenty of space to understand the process and adjust can help to limit frustration and conflict. If you move too quickly or don’t take the time to enjoy the experience, you may forget valuable memories that come with sharing a space. It is important to have an outlet to clear your head when the tasks of moving become a little taxing. For example, try downloading a meditation app like Headspace for breathing techniques and positive thinking exercises to help you unwind after loading the moving truck.

Overall, moving should be a fun and positive experience for you and your partner. Take the proper steps toward success and you will have the home of your dreams in no time!

Positive Words for Someone Embarrassed


To be embarrassed mainly means to feel ashamed. To feel ashamed means to not feel pleased, honored, satisfied, proud, gratified. To apply the antidote to your feelings of embarrassment you need to think of aspects that can make you feel pleased, honored, satisfied, proud and gratified. For better results write a list on a piece of paper. If you do not know the meaning of the word search it in the dictionary (online, you can use The Free Dictionary). I will make a short summary for you:

Pleased means to feel content, happy, delighted, thrilled, glad, tickled, euphoric, in high spirits, glad.

Honored means to feel esteemed, prestigious, having a good reputation.

Satisfied means to feel mitigated, fulfilled, pacified, triumphant, self-satisfied, sure, certain, convinced, positive, grateful.

Gratified means to feel content, fulfilled, happy and satisfied.

Making a summary, the positive words for someone embarrassed are: pleased, honored, satisfied, proud and gratified, content, happy, delighted, thrilled, glad, tickled, euphoric, in high spirits, glad, esteemed, prestigious, having a good reputation, mitigated, fulfilled, pacified, triumphant, self-satisfied, sure, certain, convinced, positive, grateful.

Talking in general “feeling embarrassed” means “feeling negative emotion” which means “not feeling positive emotion”. I know you might say that “feeling negative emotion” is the same as “not feeling positive emotions” so why should I write it twice? Just to add some text to this article? Well nope. You see, sometimes we feel negative because we do not know which positive emotion to feel. But now you know because I have enumerated above the positive emotions for you to focus on.

Also in general, feeling negative emotion of any kind, means that you do not feel quite happy for the moment. So take this into consideration also. And one more tip: happiness is closely connected with an overall feeling of contentment and most important with a feeling of being grateful. So if you want to make yourself happier start writing on a piece of paper a list of gratitude (at least 3 things from yesterday, 3 for the work you do and 3 for yourself). This will refocus your mind on positive aspects of your life. We all have some of these, don’t worry! Once your mind is refocused, you can easily connect with your heart, where all the joy is.


Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being

Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being

Find below a list of top 50 positive websites to benefit your well-being, happiness, optimism, positive thinking and to decrease negativity.

Every positive website from the list below feels like a fresh, warm light shining on you. Relax, feel the ease, get relieved and be happy with the knowledge about wellbeing from these websites.

We are updating this list constantly. Check the comments below to see the additional positive websites that we found or were shared by people all around the world. If you know a positive website please share it commenting below. Stay Positive!

Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being

  1. 100 Happy Days ~ www.100happydays.com
  2. Abraham-Hicks ~ www.abraham-hicks.com
  3. An Inch of Gray ~ www.aninchofgray.blogspot.ro
  4. Cowbird ~ www.cowbird.com
  5. Cool Hunting ~ www.coolhunting.com
  6. Cute Overload ~ www.cuteoverload.com
  7. Daily Good ~ www.dailygood.org
  8. Gratitude Log ~ www.gratitudelog.com
  9. GOOD ~ www.community.good.is
  10. Good life ZEN ~ www.goodlifezen.com
  11. Greater Good ~ www.goodlifezen.com
  12. Greatist ~ www.goodlifezen.com
  13. Happify ~ www.happify.com
  14. John Maxwell ~ www.johnmaxwellteam.com
  15. Karma Tube ~ www.karmatube.org
  16. Kickstarter ~ www.kickstarter.com
  17. Love Fairy ~ www.lovefairy.com
  18. Life Vest Inside ~ www.lifevestinside.com
  19. Live Life Happy ~ www.livelifehappy.com
  20. Long Form ~ www.longform.org
  21. Mind Valley ~ www.mindvalley.com
  22. Marc and Angel Hack Life ~ www.marcandangel.com
  23. Milkshake ~ www.getmilkshake.com
  24. Notsalmon ~ www.notsalmon.com
  25. Oprah’s Life Lift Blog ~ www.oprah.com
  26. Brainy Quote ~ www.brainyquote.com
  27. Open Culture ~ www.openculture.com
  28. Purpose Fairy ~ www.purposefairy.com
  29. Project Happiness ~ www.projecthappiness.org
  30. Positively Positive ~ www.positivelypositive.com
  31. We Heat It ~ hwww.weheartit.com
  32. Positive Outlooks Blog ~ www.positiveoutlooksblog.com
  33. Positive WoRdS to LoVe by ~ www.positivewordstoloveby.blogspot.ro
  34. Secret Society of Happy People ~ www.sohp.com
  35. Story Corps ~ www.storycorps.org
  36. The Daily Love ~ www.thedailylove.com
  37. 24 Hours of Happy ~ www.24hoursofhappy.com
  38. The Good Men Project ~ www.goodmenproject.com
  39. The Nicest Place on the Internet ~ www.thenicestplaceontheinter.net
  40. The Art Of Simple ~ www.theartofsimple.net
  41. Things to be Happy About ~ www.thingstobehappyabout.com
  42. The Happiness Project ~ www.gretchenrubin.com
  43. Unclutterer ~ www.unclutterer.com
  44. We Are Lucky ~ www.we-are-lucky.com
  45. Work Awesome ~ www.workawesome.com
  46. CALM ~ www.calm.com
  47. We stop Hate ~ www.WeStopHate.org
  48. 1000 Awesome Things ~ ww.1000awesomethings.com
  49. Hooplaha ~ www/hooplaha.com
  50. Website of Tim Lomas, PhD ~ www.drtimlomas.com

Positive websites recently discovered and added to this list:

51. POSITIVELY PEACEFUL INSPIRATIONS ~ www.positivelypeacefulinspirations.com

52. The blog of Victoria J.Brown ~ www.victoria-brown.com

53. Movement for Modern Life – resources about yoga ~ www.movementformodernlife.com

54. Beauty & Wellbeing – they have a shop but also a blog ~ www.beingcontent.com/blog

55. NEOM Organics – London – it is more a shop for wellbeing ~ www.neomorganics.com

56. Get the Gloss – Expert health and beauty ~ www.getthegloss.com

57. Goop – very interesting, useful and positive articles ~ www.goop.com

58. Aspirational Coasters – website full of positive words ~ www.aspirationalcoasters.com

Help us add another positive website to this list. Share below a positive site that inspired you.

Positive Words Research – Top 50 Positive Websites to Benefit Your Well-being