Awesome 200 Positive Words and Phrases For Word Rocks

I was navigating on Pinterest and I saw an amazing post pinned called Word Rocks “Amazing list of 200 positive words and phrases. Great for teachers, parents, and students.” written by Jamey Ekins. In this post, Jamey wrote a story in which two little girls painted some rocks with positive words and spread happiness all around them. The pictures of the two girls and the rocks with positive words are so beautiful. You need to see them! The positive words that you will find in the pictures, with the two lovely little girls and the painted rocks, are Joy, Compassion, Inspire, Laugh, Believe, Make a wish, Be kind, Be happy, Hope, Smile, Forgive, Miracles, Love.

Super mega awesome!

Jamey assembled this great list of 200 positive words and sayings that you can print and use it in your projects.

I researched more and found an amazing very inspiring project made by Carolina Marques and her son Antonio Monteiro. They both paint rocks with positive words and then they leave for free the rocks on the street to be found by random people. All they ask in return is a picture with the rocks, once someone finds them.

You can also do this!

It is actually easy. All you need to do if paint several rocks with inspirational words and leave them at random places for people to find. In this way, you will do a random act of kindness and spread love and happiness.

Word Rocks
The source of the picture is

What Are People Favorite Positive Words and Phrases Now

Positive Words Research is conducting a research about people’s favorite positive words and phrases.

Share below by commenting on this post what are your favorite 5 positive words and phrases?

Get inspired by the magic list of positive words and the longest list of positive words in the world (more than 6000 positive words and phrases).

Elena, the person behind Positive Words Research, has her favorite 5 positive words and phrases. These are: Gratitude, Pure Love and Light, Blessed, Loving-kindness and Magic Blissfulness.

It is hard to pick just 5, we know. Therefore, it is ok to share more than 5 favorites. But, it is super ok to share only one favorite positive word. So just type a comment below with an answer for  What’s your favorite positive word?

Posting comments it’s super easy because we recently implemented a new commenting system on this website called SolidOpinion. Use with confidence SolidOpinion to post your comment. Share with your friends this question and find out what are their favorite encouraging, motivating and inspiring positive words and phrases.

One kind word can change someone’s entire day!

What Are People’s Favorite Positive Words and Phrases

Why Positive Words Matter and Positive Thinking Resources

“Why Positive Words Matter” is a resource of information from different articles/videos gathered at Positive Words Research in one article to support the statement that positive words actually matter and they matter a lot in sustaining our well-being and happiness.

How we do this:  We gather as much information we can about the topic “Why Positive Words Matter?” and add in this article links (together with an excerpt) from other articles/videos that explain why words or positive words matter.

1. “Words Matter!” article published on 03/22/2016 on the website Huffington Post

Excerpt from this article:

“Let us change our mindset, our self-talk. We must start today to honor and appreciate all that we do well. Let us own our successes, our uniqueness, and embrace all our gifts and talents, our beauty, our health, happiness, and creativity…. . Let us start with the words: I AM… The two most powerful words. What we place after these, shape our beliefs and determine our destiny. Let us be mindful about the words we speak: “I am healthy. I am Blessed. I am brilliant. I am successful. I am loved. I am beautiful.” are some of the words that if we continue to speak over ourselves, will propel us to achieve self-confidence, regain our self-worth, and elevate our consciousness to levels that will take us to new heights and happiness that is beyond measure.”

You can also find at Positive Words Research two articles that give insights about the power of I AM: “I AM are two powerful words” and “Whatever follows I AM will come looking for you”

2. “Want to live longer? Think positively! People who believe they are healthy tend to outlive those who worry about how they feel.” article written on 29 February 2016 on the website Daily Mail (Mail Online)

Excerpt from this article:

How people perceive their health acts as a guide to how long they will live. Scientists found those who were more positive tended to live for longerHow easy activities like. How easy activities likehousework are can also be a indicator of life length. Researchers say it could help them screen out those in need of help

3. 5 Words And Phrases That Can Transform Your Work Life

4. Researchers find older adults respond to emotional terms more positively

Positive Words Related to JOY

Buy Positive Words And Sustain Our Research In This Field

Positive Words Research is selling positive words. Buy positive words from Positive Words Research.

We are researching positive words since 2013 and we are currently owning a database of more than 3,000 positive words (3,041 to be more precise). We have individually checked every word to be positive. The database that Positive Words Research owns is unique in the entire world.

The main reason for this uniqueness is due to the open-minded attitude of the founder Elena Daniela Calin. When she created the database she added positive words from all areas of life, including spirituality and other languages (the frequently used ones). Any word that she found while she was reading something and was positive she was writing it on a paper note to further research it and decide if its positive or not. If it was a winner she was adding it to the list. From this database with more than 3,000 positive words, Elena made public on Positive Words Research 1,246 positive words creating this awesome List of Positive Words. For example in this list of positive words Elena added some words that you will not find in any other list of positive words in the world, such as: OM MANI PADME HUM (the most enlightened mantra from Buddhist culture), petrichor (the smell of earth after rain), kalon (beauty that is more than skin deep), gemutlichkeit (a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with connotation of belonging and social acceptance, coziness and unhurry, etc.

In the database you will find many awesome and almost unknown positive words. Some words are not even recognized by dictionaries and needs to be added. This is mainly because just recently the positive psychology had begun analyzing positive feelings and emotions and people all around the world started naming positive emotions that they felt. Also in this database you will find positive phrases which are affirmations created with more than one word but not more than 4 words. For example: Zest for life, Young at Heart, Bliss on tap, Wealth and Abundance etc.

What products we offer?

Product 1:    The Magic Letter with Positive Words

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Product 4:    New 3 Positive Words

Buy 3 new positive words for $10. The product that you will receive is a newsletter containing 3 new positive words that we have discovered and validated as positive. The positive words will come also will all the information from product 3 above.

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Buy the entire database for $3,000. The product that you will receive is the complete list of positive words in excel divided into categories. We will send you the database that Positive Words Research own at the date of your purchase. This list contains at least 3,000 positive words or more. There are 26 letters in total. The Categories based on which we divided the list of positive words are: Intensity (5 levels: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Blissful), Type (3 types: Rational, Spiritual, Between rational and spiritual), Feminine or Masculine, Nature (Adjective, Substantive, Noun, Verb), Synonym (one synonym or more), Antonym (one antonym or more), Related words (one related word or more), Letter count (2 letter word, 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter word, 6 letter word etc).

Product 6:    Personalized Product with Positive Words

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Positive Words List Update Based On Recent Research

The list of positive words published at Positive Words Research is updated constantly since 2013. Until May 2015 the positive words added to the list were bold and underlined. But the additions have increased significantly and to keep track of the updates we decided to create a special post. Through this post we will keep track of all positive words and phrases added to the list of positive words.

The positive words list update presents updates of the list of positive words published at Positive Words Research which is updated constantly since 2013.

The old list of positive words updated since May 2015 was copied to Positive Vocabulary Words List, more than 1,000 inspiring words.

The updates performed will be added in chronological order in the below list:

Positive Words Research