Positive Words In Other Languages: Lists In 17 Languages

Positive Words In Other Languages

Find below some lists of positive words in other languages. AFRIKAANS – Positiewe Woorde ALBANIAN – Fjalë Pozitive ARABIC – كلمات إيجابية AZERBAIJANI – Müsbət Sözlər BASQUE – Hitz Positiboak BOSNIAN – Pozitivne Riječi CATALAN – Paraules Positives ENGLISH – Positive Words FRENCH – Mots Positifs GERMAN – Positiven Wörter GREEK – Thetiká Lógia HINDI (new Hindi) – Sakārātmaka śabda ITALIAN – Parole Positive PORTUGUESE … Read more

Positive Words In Different Languages: Lists in 25 Languages

Positive Words In Different Languages

Positive Words Research is working to translate the list of positive words in different languages. Elena Calin, the founder, dreams to translate it in every language of the world. This is not easy work. We have translated the list in some languages but the lists created until now are not perfect. We are continually working … Read more