What is NIRVANA: definition and meaning | Dictionary

What is Nirvana? nir·va·na [nir-vah-nuh, -van-uh, ner-]  /nərˈvänə, nirˈvänə/ noun The artwork that this post represents was created by Serenity! Serenity also wrote an amazing blissful inspiring poem for this word intituled Nirvana! Positive Words Research – NIRVANA definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Whatever Follows I AM Will Come Looking For You Today

The power of the I AM statements is amazing. Whatever follows I AM will come looking for you. How Words Can Determine Your Destiny? If you want to know what you’re going to be like in five years, Pastor Joel Osteen says, you should listen to what you’re saying about yourself right now. Watch as … Read more