Why Kind Words Matter For Your Thinking and Emotions

To say life is busy is an understatement. In between work and family demands, there are probably days when you forget to mind your manners. The thing is, if you’re a parent, it’s important to teach your children the value of both positivity and kindness. But when it comes to teaching them which words to … Read more

Top 10 Calming Words In English Language That Bring Peace

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Practice Six Positive Emotions For 30 Days and Be Happy

Positive Words Research has compiled a practice list for 30 days for you to embody six positive emotions: gratitude, loving-kindness, courage, appreciation, and forgiveness. Each positive feeling will be practiced in four directions: you towards yourself, people towards yourself, you towards life, you in relationships and towards your childhood. Practice Six Positive Emotions For 30 … Read more

6 Tips About How to Become an Emblem of Good Vibes

This article is intended to provide you with a set of positive character traits. Considered most vital, these are ideal values. To us, good character traits include effective communication, honesty, self-control, leadership, humor, responsibility and many more. At the point when you have an impressive character, it tends to be seen through your activities. It … Read more

WOW NOW: Guide To Reclaim An Abundant And Spectacular Life

I first met Florin three years ago and I had the feeling that I meet a dear friend. Since then, I’ve met him tens of times for a variety of events and a boot camp on how to write a book. He is a person dedicated to his passion, perhaps one of the most passionate … Read more

Energy Clearing Letter to Myself To Gain Power And Clarity

Enjoy below a wonderful and powerful energy clearing letter to myself. Read the following clearing affirmations and let go of negative patterns. Energy Clearing Letter to Myself I love myself and life and people love me. All the people around me are kind. And I am kind. I am kind. I am happy. I am … Read more

Gratitude and Appreciation Letter to Myself: Thank You Self

Today I will write a gratitude and appreciation letter to myself. Gratitude is a very high vibrational energy. Get inspired from this letter if you are searching for guidance about self appreciation message, self-appreciation message, self appreciation letter, self-appreciation letter, appreciation message to myself, appreciation for myself, appreciation message for myself, appreciation post for myself, … Read more

Positive Words Analysis: New Thought Pattern Louise Hay

Explore the transformative power of positive words through an analysis inspired by the wisdom of Louise Hay. Discover how cultivating a new thought pattern can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life. POSITIVE WORDS ANALYSIS – Paper PWR3/25.05.2016  Text analyzed: Affirmations contained only in the column “New Thought Pattern” found in the book “You … Read more

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Project Give5PositiveWords: The Ultimate Gift No. 1 for Positivity

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Cultivating Loving-Kindness: A Guide to Hacking Compassion and Empathy

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Loving Kindness Photos: Celebrating Women’s Strength on International Women’s Day

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Embody the Energy of Loving Kindness: Repeating These Words Daily

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