Positive Journaling for Gratitude, Body Health and Positive Thoughts

Positive Journaling

Positive journaling is an amazing way to start your day. Writing morning affirmations will give you a lot of positive energy. Get inspired from the below positive journaling for different aspects of life and also see at the end of the article some tips of how to do positive journaling yourself. Positive Journaling for Gratitude … Read more

Smile With Your Eyes And Generate Compassion Every Day

Smile with your eyes

Remember to smile with your eyes all the time in a gentle way. It strengthens your inner smile, this having a direct positive effect on your happiness.Get inspired from this list of powerful words.

The Only One Positive Word That You’ll Ever Need To Use

The only one positive word that you'll ever need to use

I have always been a fighter, even when I was down, especially when I was down. I was such in a bad shape, physically, emotionally and spiritually just after my divorce, with two small children from my marriage, a home that I freely gave away to my ex-wife, exhausted after years of suffering and failures … Read more