Parkour playgrounds

Parkour Playgrounds For Safe Extreme Teenagers

Parents often feel insecure let the children play parkour games. It’s challenging for kids and risky at the same time. Injuries are common though the death rate is statistically very low. Making outdoor sports equipment safe […]


How To Find The Courage To Switch Career

Why switch career at a later stage of life? Are you deciding to switch an establish career at a late-life stage of like is indeed a challenge?! We need to determine various aspects before making […]

Masculine Feminine Energy
Kind words

Positive Words that Activates Feminine and Masculine Energy

Find below a list of positive words that activates feminine and masculine energy. Feminine words that activates feminine energy EASE, PERMISSION, KINDNESS, APPRECIATION *, CARING, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, DEVOTION, VALIDATION, REASSURANCE, RESPECTFUL, LOVE, COMMUNICATION, BEAUTY, RELATIONSHIPS, […]