May Your Today Be Blessed: Remember We Are All Loved

May Your Day be Blessed with Pure Love and Light.

May you be connected with the Love of all things.

May you feel Unconditional Love passing through your body.

We are all Loved. We are all Safe.

Thank you for being here.

We have so many things to do every day that we forget that until the sun goes down, we need to say a few words about how blessed we are. Our soul needs to hear such words, such thoughts. The verbalization of some thoughts of blessing often seems absurd or foreign to us. And it is understandable. We do not use these words and rarely does anyone talk to us like that. But there are some simple phrases that matter a lot.

Look in the mirror in your eyes and say a few words of encouragement. It is a gift for the whole world. All past generations live in you. You are enough. You’ve done enough. You do enough.

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May Your Today Be Blessed

Sentences Created with Blessed Grateful and Appreciate

Find here some amazing sentences created with the words Blessed, Grateful and Appreciate. Fill your day with positive affirmations!

I feel blessed. I am blessed. God is blessing me. God is blessing the entire world. God is blessing people.

I am grateful for myself. I am grateful for how things happened and unfold in my life in every detail. I am grateful for God. I am grateful for how Earth looks nowadays. I am grateful for how my life looks every moment in every detail. I am grateful for every life experience in every detail.

I appreciate myself. I appreciate all people that I meet in my life. I appreciate my present. I appreciate my energy. I appreciate my living in every detail. I appreciate the way I live in every detail. I appreciate my manifestations. I appreciate earth. I appreciate God. I appreciate my receiving. I appreciate every detail that I take in.

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