30 Days Art of Happiness Challenge: Get Motivated Now

Positive Words Research invites you to the 30 days art of happiness challenge. Can you be happy for 30 days in a row? It’s very simple actually. With a little help from us. Just follow the guidance below.

30 Days Art of Happiness Challenge

All you need to do is follow three steps:

  1. For 30 days in a row do one of the recommendations from the below list, in the order you want.
  2. Then post on social media (your choice which) a picture that shows that you did that challenge. Tag your post with #30happydays

This practice of the art of happiness is amazing. After one month you can be radically changed. Your level of happiness will rise and will influence every aspect of your life, including health and relationships.

30 Days Art of Happiness Challenge

  1. Take a bubble bath. Gently dry your hair. Make positive emotions with your face and look at yourself in the mirror/phone.                    
  2. Wear red today! Dress in red. Make positive emotions with your face and look at yourself in the mirror/phone.                             
  3. Put a dress on and go and have fun in a swing.                          
  4. Paint your nails in a dark color (mine are dark mauve). Make positive emotions with your face and look at yourself and nails in the mirror/phone.                                                
  5. Put a hat on. Make positive emotions with your face and look at yourself and nails in the mirror/phone.                                   
  6. Take a cat. Make positive emotions with your face while holding the cat and looking at yourself in the mirror/phone.     
  7. Put yourself on the ground and stay a couple of minutes with the sun shining on you.                                               
  8. Make a heart on Earth. In the snow, on the sand, on the ground, with chalk.                                                  
  9. Wash your hair and play with your hairdryer in your hair. Look at yourself in the mirror while you do this. Make positive emotions with your face.                                                         
  10. Light a candle and meditate.                                                    
  11. Buy yourself a red rose and a white one. Look at yourself in the mirror/phone while you play with the roses. Smile/laugh/make positive emotions with your face.                                                 
  12. Buy yourself some roses. Paint your nails. Play with your fingers on the roses.                                              
  13. Go to the park and sit on the grass.                                            
  14. Go to the park and look at the sunset.                                         
  15. When trees are blooming touch the branches with your hand. Observe the flower. Touch tree branches in another period of the year. Look close at the branch.                                               
  16. Buy yourself some tulips. Look closely at them. Observe and contemplate.                                                     
  17. Find a dandelion, blow in it and make a wish.                              
  18. When trees start to have fruits, touch the branches with your hand. Observe the fruits. Touch tree branches in another period of the year. Look close at the branch.                                          
  19. Take your shoes with a hill with you and change at work in them. Make yourself some pictures of your legs wearing the shoes. Made nails with pink is a plus of happiness.                     
  20. Look at the resting water in a lake. You can do this in a park with a lake.                                                            
  21. Buy yourself some peonies. Kiss them.                                        
  22. Make a picture with a little girl in a fun way.                               
  23. Let your hair play in the wind. Notice this moment for a minute.                                                           
  24. Let your face stay in the sun while you notice this. Close your eyes.                                                    
  25. Light a candle. Take a cat. Open the window. Stay with your face in the sun.                                                   
  26. Take a picture with a little girl while you get down at her level.                                               
  27. Spend a day on the mountains, on a flat hill. Listen to the silence.                                                        
  28. Eat ice cream in the park.                                                          
  29. Go to the park. Sit on your back near a tree. Look at the sky.                                                  
  30. Touch the little hand of a baby.                                                   

Share this 30 days art of happiness challenge with a friend and inspire him to do the challenge together with you.

30 Days Art of Happiness Challenge

Back Pain and Sciatica: Symptoms and Treatments Tips

Are you suffering from a chronic pain in your back, which goes down your leg into your foot? Don’t take it easy!  You have to get it checked by your doctor because this sharp burning pain may be the sign of sciatica.

Sciatica results from an irritated nerve in the spinal column. This is a large nerve that runs from the lower back down to each leg. When the sciatic nerve is pressurized or injured, it can cause pain in the back. Most commonly this problem is associated with the herniated disc that is pressing against a root of the nerve. It gets better in a few weeks but can last longer. 


  • Constant pain in lower back
  • When you sit pain gets worse
  • A sharp tingling pain that makes you difficult to move
  • Pain that goes down the leg and in the foot to
  • The pain varies from mild to irritating one. It totally depends on the location of the pressed.

How Can We Treat Sciatica?

Here are some important remedies that can give you some relief.


Exercise is mainly the solution to all the health-related issues. The tingling pain can improve when you move your body; a short morning walk can be a good idea, and some exercises will help to relieve sciatica pain, just make sure your posture is correct otherwise it will badly harm your spinal column.

Yoga and Stretching

With few lower back stretches along with complete illustrations and instruction can do magic to die out this pain. With the help of your physical therapist, you can get good relief. Yoga is also beneficial to relax your back muscles and support them to remain in an intact position.

8 Hours of Sleep

Complete bed rest is the key to cure. Make sure the mattress on your bed is firm and comfortable. If you are suffering from sciatica, you will need a mattress that will allow your hip to sink towards the cushion to relieve the pressure. The bad posture during sleep can be a main cause of sciatica. Nowadays you can buy a comfortable mattress online too, and even online mattress can be customized according to your bed sizes. Memory foam mattress is a good purchase which may help to get rid of this pain as it contours the curves of one’s body.

Cold and Hot Packs

The combination of hot and cold packs will play a significant role in getting free of this pain. Apply each of them for some minutes on your lower back, a few times a day.


First, you have to try these home-at remedies if the pain is unbearable and stopping you from doing household chores then you should see a doctor and start the right medication for the specific pain. Naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin-acetaminophen are great pain relievers. In the case of intolerable pain, the doctor may advise you stronger anti-depressants and anti-seizure medicines. However, steroid injection works well if an emergency.

Positive Words Research – Back Pain and Sciatica – Symptoms & Treatments

Back Pain and Sciatica - Symptoms & Treatments

7 Astounding Ways Your Mattress Affects Health and Sleep

Most people don’t feel the significance of the best mattresses for their good night sleep and don’t find its importance in their well-being in their daily lives.  As it is a known fact that, every individual, in general, spend 1/3rd of their lives sleeping so there should be a huge impact on your sleep if you do not sleep on a comfortable mattress isn’t it. That is why it is important to consider purchasing the comfortable mattress to avoid the surprising ways of mattress affect your health and sleep.

You should consider three elements to a healthy life, including Exercise, Sleep, and Diet. One of the main reasons for poor sleep is your poor mattress. It’s a fact that when you didn’t get proper sleep, then it gets even more difficult to exercise and the entire day seems to be dull and inactive. That is why you should invest in a good mattress and only a few people recognize the significance of investing in a good mattress.  If you ask who are at risk, Well, the people who do not get at least seven hours of good sleep are at risk of bigger health issues.

The seven surprising ways that a mattress affects your sleep and health include:

1. Stress:

Poor sleeping habits lead to higher stress levels. Today, many people suffer from higher stress levels because of poor sleep and it is due to using the poor or old mattress. Currently, you can find the most advanced technology used in designing a high-quality mattress that can easily reduce your stress levels. That is why it is important to replace your old mattress with the new one, especially if your mattress is more than eight-years-old.

2. Allergies:

If you are using your mattress for a longer period, then it will become a breeding area for various micro-organisms, which can cause allergies. Sometimes, these dust mites can become a serious health threat. You should always clean your mattress frequently, also, replace your old mattress with the new one if you are suffering from a runny nose or a sore throat.

3. Back Pain:

Do not go for the ultra-plush mattress as it is not suggestible for your posture, it may cause an abnormal bend in your lower back. You should always check the mattress before buying it and check if it is giving a proper neck and spine alignment. But at the same time if you do not have any pain or sleeping issues getting a plush mattress in a box online or store can continue to give you a good night’s sleep.

4. Constant Fatigue:

If you are feeling unexcited and exhausted even after sleeping for eight hours continuously, then it is so clear that it is the issue of the poor mattress.  Also, when the mattress gets old, it directly affects the quality of sleep.

5. Wear & Tear:

If you feel lumps on the mattress or you might be having back pain because of the torn mattress spring. It is the right time to buy a new mattress with advanced technology.

6. Creaking:

If you hear a creaking sound, then that means the springs may not be working properly and it makes a creaking noise when you move or toss and turn on the mattress.

7. Insomnia:

It is a fact that a good night sleep can be obtained with a good quality mattress and it is a very important factor to consider if you are suffering from Insomnia. The only solution to prevent this is buying a new mattress.

7 Astounding Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep