Positive Words and Adjectives for Christmas

Christmas Tree For your magic inspiration, for the text you are writing this Christmas for someone, find here a list of positive words and positive adjectives. Inspire yourself from this list and write a super lovely text for this lucky someone.

Awesome, Awesomeness, Amazing, Angel, Active, Birth, Breathtaking, Bliss, Blissful, Commemorating, Christmastide, Christmas day, Celebrate, Celebration, Chill, Decorate, Dazzling, Enjoyable, Exchange, Exciting, Family, Fabulous, Family reunion, Feast, Festive, Festive day, Feliz Navidad! Gift-giving, Give, Goodwill, Greetings, Happy, Happiness, Holiday, Holy day, Holly, Hope, Hug, Interesting, Jesus Christ, Jolly, Joy, Joyful, Joyeux Noel, Lights, Love, Lovely, Magic, Magical, Merry, Mary, Merry Christmas!, Nice, Navidad, Original, Relaxing, Receive, Rejoice, Santa Claus, Stunning, Snowy, Surprise, Sparkling, Terrific, Unwrap, Wish, Wonder, Wrap, Warm, Warm-heart, Warmhearted, Wonderful.

Merry Christmas everybody and Happy Holidays!

Make a random act of kindness! Share these positive words… so that someone else would be inspired and write something lovely for someone else. Kindness goes from one person to another therefore you can never know the amount of the good you did… it can be actually very big at the end… like a snowball.

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