What is ALACRITY: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Alacrity Definition Cheerful willingness, eagerness, speed, quickness, celerity, liveliness, briskness, cheerful readiness, promptness, willingness, sprightliness, spirit, life, enthusiasm, willingness, zeal, gaiety, alertness, hilarity, cheerfulness, avidity, joyousness. Positive Words Research – ALACRITY definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Books with Positive Words To Develop Your Positive Thinking

How To Use Positive Affirmations To Shape A Better Body Image

Please find below a list of books with positive words that we found researching the internet. Feel free to add any missing book that you know and is related to positive words. Insert a comment to this post and add the book that you know. We will also insert comments to this list, adding more … Read more

What is KINDNESS: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Kindness definition (noun) the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Positive Words Research – KINDNESS definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

What is UNFUCKWITHABLE: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Unfuckwithable ~ What is the meaning and definition of the word unfuckwithable? Unfuckwithable – definition, and meaning (adj.) when you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bother you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. Positive Words Research – UNFUCKWITHABLE definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive … Read more

What is EARTHING: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Earthing – definition and meaning The process of absorbing earth free flowing electrons from its surface through the soles of one’s feet. Read here about the benefits of earthing. Source of pictures: 1, 2

What is BEAUTEOUS: definition and meaning | Dictionary


Definitions of Beauteous  Pronunciation: ˈbjuːtɪəs/ (adj.) beautiful. Example: “his beauteous bride” Positive Words Research – BEAUTEOUS definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

What is PRONOIA: definition and meaning | Dictionary


“pronoia” – definition and meaning Pronoia is a neologism that is defined as the opposite state of mind to paranoia: having the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to support you or any other person. It is also used to describe a philosophy that the world is set up to secretly benefit people. … Read more

What is NOVATURIENT: definition and meaning | Dictionary


NOVATURIENT definition and meaning (adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation (pronuntiation/”nO-va-‘tUr-E-ent) Positive Words Research – NOVATURIENT definition – meaning | Dictionary Positive Words

Gold Positive Words Will Make Your Today Alive and Blessed

Positive Words Research - Education is Key

Enjoy this awesome empowering list of gold positive words! It’s made with lots of love. Go through this list and reflect on the good words. Bookmark this page and return to it when you need to refocus on positive mindset. We highly recommend you to use the free online dictionary to research the positive words that … Read more

What is SELF-CONFIDENCE: definition and meaning | Dictionary

Positive words that help evoke self confidence

Self-confidence is having confidence in oneself. Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Doing what you believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize you for it. Governing your behavior based … Read more

What is SELF-LOVE: definition and meaning | Dictionary


(noun) regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.  Find below more details about the positive word self-love! Self-love in 10 most widely spoken languages in the world Chinese (Simplified):   自爱 (read phonetically: Zì’ài) Spanish:   amor propio English:   self-love Hindi/Urdu:   स्वार्थपरता (read phonetically: svaarthaparata) / خود محبت Arabic:   حب النفس (read phonetically: hubb alnnafs) Portuguese:   … Read more

References For Research About Positive Words For Education

Positive Words Cloud LOVE

We receive many messages from people asking references for the research performed at Positive Words Research. They want to understand how we come up with the list of positive words and what empirical evidence we have to back up our statements. People want to know, for example, if for our research we have empirical evidence that … Read more

Serenity Makes You Happy and Peaceful To Enjoy Today


Serenity is a state of contentment. Contentment was named by Dalai Lama as the key ingredient for inner happiness. But how do we attain a constant feeling of serenity? REBT therapy invented by Albert Ellis says that, in the same time, people rationalize, experiment some emotions and have a certain behavior. Therefore, in order for … Read more

Awesome Words With 5 Letters: Cool 5 Letter Words To Enjoy

Words With 5 Letters

Find below 109 positive words that will inspire you if you are searching for awesome words with 5 letters or the list of five-letter English words. These awesome words with 5 letters are useful for people interested in cool 5 letter words, powerful 5 letter words, 5 letter positive words, funny 5 letter words, positive 5 … Read more

Awesome 4 Letters Words: Best 4 Letter Words To Enjoy

4 Letters Words

Find below 72 positive words that will inspire you if you are searching for: awesome 4 letters words, awesome words with only 4 letters, good 4 letters words, meaningful 4 letters words, awesome four letters words, list of 4 letters English word, common 4 letter words, 4 letters positive words, cool 4 letter words, 4 letters starting … Read more

List of Positive Emotion Words: 1500 Words With Emotion

List of Positive Emotion Words

Find below a list of positive emotion words that start with every letter of the alphabet. Enjoy the list! List of positive emotion words starting with letter A A REASON FOR BEING,    ABLEABOUND,    ABOUNDING,    ABOUNDS,    ABRACADABRA,    ABSOLUTE,    ABSOLUTELY,    ABSORBED,    ABUNDANCE,    ABUNDANT,    ABUNDANT GRATIFICATION,    ACARONAR,    ACCENTUACTIVITY,    ACCEPT,    ACCEPTABLE,    ACCEPTANCE,    ACCEPTED,    ACCEPTING,    ACCESSIBLE,    ACCLAIM,    ACCLAIMED,    ACCLAMATION,    ACCOLADE, … Read more

List of Emotionally Positive Words: 1600 Words To Enjoy

List of Emotionally Positive Words

Find below a list of emotionally positive words that start with every letter from the alphabet. Enjoy this list! List of emotionally positive words starting with letter A A REASON FOR BEING,   ABLEABOUND,   ABOUNDING,   ABOUNDS,   ABRACADABRA,   ABSOLUTE,   ABSOLUTELY,   ABSORBED,   ABUNDANCE,   ABUNDANT,   ABUNDANT GRATIFICATION,   ACARONAR,   ACCENTUACTIVITY,   ACCEPT,   ACCEPTABLE,   ACCEPTANCE,   ACCEPTED,   ACCEPTING,   ACCESSIBLE,   ACCLAIM,   ACCLAIMED,   ACCLAMATION,   ACCOLADE,   … Read more

What is GENEROSITY: definition and meaning | Dictionary


GENEROSITY Generosity (also called largess or largesse) is the virtue of not being tied down by concerns about one’s possessions. Liberality in giving or willingness to give.Freedom from pettiness in character and mind.Generosity leads to charity, forgiveness, abundance and kindness. Synonyms: generousness, liberality, charity, bounty, munificence, beneficence, largesse or largess, magnanimity, goodness, benevolence, selflessness, unselfishness, … Read more

Negative Words That Start With A to Z: 4600 Sad Words List

Negative Words - Bad Words - Sad Words List

Find below the list of negative words that start with letters from A to Z in alphabetical order and in English. These negative words represent the negative vocabulary of someone, negative words to describe someone, negative feelings, and negative emotions. Use this article to be aware of the negative words and to decide not to … Read more

Positive Vocabulary With An Abundance of Powerful Words

Positive Vocabulary

Find below an abundance of powerful words. This Positive Vocabulary will brighten your day! Positive vocabulary that start with A ART OF WELL–BEING —    ASSURANCE —    A REASON FOR BEING —    ACARONAR —    ACCOMMODATIVE —    ALTITUDINARIAN —    AMAZING WORDS —    AMIABILY —  ABLE —    ACCEPT – ACCEPTANCE – ACCEPTABLE – ACCEPTED – ACCEPTING —    ACTION … Read more