Top 7 Positive Thoughts You Should Have Every Day

Your journey through life will transform the way you think and the way you act. The words you choose will have a great influence on the way feel. Your words will define who you are, how you think and how you relate to the people around you.

As far as you’ve traveled through life until today, if you take a look at your life story, how is it written? Have you used your words to create beautiful things and positive results? If I were to hear all the conversations that you had with yourself or others, will I hear things that help you and the people around you to be more happy or less happy?

Your ability to transform your journey into a beautiful story depends a lot on the language you use. It’s the words you choose that put a smile on your face and infuses your life with purpose, passion, and energy. So starting today, I challenge you to say:

The first thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“I have done many things until now”

When you want to build a house, you do it one brick at a time. Every brick is progress. In some things you do in life, it might be hard to see how far you’ve come. You sometimes feel that you must see your results sooner and not later. Even so, you are taking steps forward. Even if they are small steps, you are still moving.

The journey you embark on when you want to reach a new destination is a process and not a single event. If your goal means something important to you, you’ll have to make some steps to achieve it. You will learn what works and what doesn’t work and you might see that in many cases you will run into situations that don’t turn out the way you would like. Keep in mind that all of these are important lessons that you must learn in this process.

From time to time, when you take a break from the things that you’re doing, pat yourself on the back for doing what needs to be done. Remember not to spend so much time looking at what you still have to do that you forget to be grateful for the progress that you’ve made so far.

The second thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“I’m capable of doing it.”

One of the biggest obstacles you’re going to face in your journey is self-doubt. When you start to doubt if you can do a certain thing, in that exact moment you will start to think that it might be impossible to accomplish. When you start doing something, you must believe in yourself and be sure that you are capable of doing it. You might find it difficult to focus, you might feel tensed, but you must never let anything negative convince you that you’re not capable of doing something.

Seek to acknowledge your past victories by talking about them, even if the only one listening is you. State some facts, some proof that you are great and you can make things happen. Even speak about them out loud: “I have overcome that difficulty!”, “I’ve been able to swim that distance without stopping!”, “People at work love the way I speak in front of them!”…you got the idea. Once you give a positive voice to your past victories, you will discover the strength you need to do the things you need to do to make today into another success story.

The third thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“I have all that I need to be happy”

You will find that the happiest people don’t have a lot of things and they aren’t doing very well in the luck department. They’re happy just because they make the most of the things they have in their life right now. I find very often that people are unhappy because they focus their attention toward the things that are missing in their lives and not toward the things that they have right now.

What will happen if you would suddenly stop wishing you had more? Stop desiring to be in some place that you’re not? Stop wishing that you looked like someone else? You have things right now in your life that some people only dream of having. So stand up, take a deep breath and say: “I am grateful that I’m alive right now.” Look around you and see all the things you have and all the things you can do right now. You have so much to be grateful for…

The fourth thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“The choice belongs to me.”

In the end, the way you feel and think about a situation you’re in, is influenced by the choices you make and not by the skills you have. What you become is shaped by your choices.

When you’re in a tough situation, look at yourself and say: “The choice belongs to me. I’m in this situation for a reason. After I learn my lesson, I will make better choices”.

The fifth thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“I will start today!”

It’s pretty hard to create something beautiful if you keep dreaming about things that you’ll do someday. If you want to create something, start talking about it, write it on paper and make your first step today. I want you to know that a goal is more than just a way of thinking. In fact, if you think about it, if you set a goal and never do anything in that direction, it’s like lying to yourself.

Start by making your decisions a real thing in your life and treat them with the corresponding respect, time and energy that they deserve. That’s because in the end, you can think all day long about the things that you want to do, what matters is what you actually create. Whatever you want to make happen, think about the thing that you can do today and do it!

The second thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

“Can I help you with that?”

Good will always be rewarded with good. You will find that the unhappiest people are those who mainly think about their own well-being, always thinking about themselves. On the other hand, many people find happiness and joy in the things they do for others. I found that when I do something for others, I feel a beautiful sensation of happiness. And guess what? While I concentrate my effort on others, I find that when I need some help, I receive it quite quickly.

When the day is over and you lie down to rest, if you know in your heart that you helped someone even in a small way, then you have something to smile about.

The seventh thought from the 7 positive thoughts you should have every day is:

The fact that there is nothing written in the title of this section is no mistake. It represents nothingness… total silence.

When you’re silent, you can hear the silence around you. How every sound is born from silence and how it returns to silence, only to be born again.

When you are silent, you can hear yourself think. But you might find something interesting: each silent moment is different. Have you ever heard the silence when you walk on a road in the mountains? Or when during a movie or a theatrical piece, a great thing is about to happen? Or when you arrive at your favorite holiday destination and you take a look around to rediscover the place?

Yes, each silent moment is different and if you listen carefully, you will discover that all are beautiful. So take the time to enjoy the silence between the sounds. Just say nothing…

My name is Vlad Negrila and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading the article. I’m an automatics engineer and also an NLP Trainer. I teach people how to practice NLP and I make the audio recording using my voice that I like to call: journeys through sound. I also help people by coaching them on 1 on 1 skype coaching sessions. You can follow me on my Youtube channel and my facebook page.

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Positive Words Research – 7 Positive Thoughts You Should Have Every Day

7 positive thoughts you should have every day

Letter to Myself with Positive Thoughts To Raise My Vibration

Find below a letter to myself with positive thoughts – positive thoughts I say to myself.

A Letter to Myself with Positive Thoughts

Hi, my name is Elena and I am the founder of Positive Words Research.

Here are some positive things I say to myself:

Hope:  Eventually things work out.

Blessed Joy:  You are now blessed with Joy, Loving-kindness, Gratitude, Appreciation and Well-being.

Fabulous:  Something fabulous is happening now somewhere in the world. I wonder what?

Light:  ☀️ There is only light and lack of light.

Luck:  🍀 Luck favors the prepared mind.

Self-love:  I love myself. Yes 🙂 completely. <3

Love: I love people, but people super love me. <3

Alive, Success, Chances:   Yes you can have success. As long as you are alive, your success chances are, in anything you want, no doubt about it, above 0%. Only when you will be dead, your success chances will decrease to 0%. But I always say: because God is having my back, my success chances are close to 1 million %.

Happiness, Connect, Appreciation, Awareness:   If you cannot contribute to the happiness of a person, at least appreciate it, do not put effort to decrease it so that after, you ask forgiveness. Connecting with someone is not as important as the happiness of another. Anyway, we are all already connected. Allow people to be happy and practice the art of appreciation. And if you want to connect, connect to appreciate. Don’t be afraid to give feedback but give it using appreciation. And something else, appreciation comes from awareness.

Safe:   It is safe to open my heart and connect with others.

Gift:  I am a gift to the world.

Acceptance:  I accept myself unconditionally and fully.

Self-forgiveness:  I forgive myself for everything from my past, present and future. I consider that I am forgiven by all other people, life and God.

Abundance:  We live in heaven on Earth. Abundance is everywhere on Earth. Awareness and choice in the present moment make me realize this truth.

Loving-kindness:  Love is loving-kindness. Loving-kindness is kindness. Therefore love is always kindness. All that is not kindness, is not love.

God:  God is everything, including me.

Heart:   I connect with my heart and with the hearts of other people alive now on Earth. Billions of hearts beating in the same time. Including mine.

Enough: I am always enough. Every day I am enough, regardless of my health, successes, happiness level, wealth, thoughts.

Let-go:  I let-go of everything until today. There are all only concepts.

Well-being:   There is only a river of well-being pouring over me at all times.

Happiness:   I am happiness.

Health:   I love my body. I bless it with pure love and light. Health is my wealth.

Grateful:  I am grateful for the air I breath now.

Life:   Only because I exist now and breath in this world I have done my work. I am my purpose and I am already here.

Relief:  No matter what happens in a day, as long as I live, the end is always the same. I go to sleep.

Positivity:   I am for positivity, not against negativity. I allow everything to exist. I am not God, just a part of Him, doing work in my part, adding energy to the things I love, that inspire me, make me feel alive. I have this right, because I am here.

Contrast, Life, Perfect: I appreciate the contrast of life. For example people say I am not perfect but I AM PERFECT. And so are they, but they say they’re not. <3 If I would tell them what else I AM… hmmm they would probably… be happy for me <3

Love:  Stay in love vibration.

Trust:  Trust yourself – you can do this. There is no way you can fail unless you choose to not show up, or choose to not do the work.

Given:  I’ve already been given everything.

Grateful, Precious:   I am grateful for myself, I am a human precious for the entire universe.

Future:  Whatever I’m thinking about is literately like planning a future event. – from Abraham-Hicks

Money:  It’s the other way around. Money is constantly striving to get me. – from I get paid for being me. – from Christie Marie Sheldon. Pay myself first. More moneyis coming to me every day.

Ease:  I receive abundance and prosperity because of my ease.

Intent:  Today, no matter where I’m going and no matter what I’m doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see. – from Abraham-Hicks

Meditation:  Sleep is the best meditation. – from Dalai Lama IVX.   Meditation is relaxation.

Unpleasant:  When something is unpleasant I say to myself: Everything creating this delete, uncreate and distory throughout all time, space and reality. – from Christie Marie Sheldon.

Realism:  Remember that realism is nothing but a socially acceptable form of pessimism. – from Vishen Lakhiani

Positive words:  Focus on positive words by researching them and you will feel amazing and always find the answers that you are looking for.

Connecting the dots:  You cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backwards.

Heart:  Follow the desire of your heart! When you follow the desire of your heart, everything else shows up.

Life:  Why? For more Life. This is the reason why all happens. For more growth of life.


Deserve:  I so deserve happiness and abundance. We all do. I allow this energy. Easy and happy actions. Rewarding actions.

Faith:   The universe has the facility to orchestrate circumstances and events to accommodate everyone. – from Abraham – Hicks


Fun:   I am here on Earth to have a lot of love and fun.

Thoughts:  Negative thoughts are weak. A single positive thought is stronger than 1000 negative thoughts.

Inspiring Thoughts:

Give 5 Positive Words Gift 6

How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words

The secret of positive thinking is: POSITIVE WORDS.

Positive thinking is generated by inserting positive words in various sentences. If you know positive words, you can build whatever positive thoughts you need. If you know positive words, you can hack your mind by having control over your positive thinking. Today I am inviting you to ask yourself if you know how to think positively and if you really know how to generate positive thoughts for yourself and for the people around you.

How to Build Positive Thinking with Positive Words?

“YOUR HAPPINESS depends upon your very own thoughts. No one else can think your thoughts for you. Deliberately think thoughts of what you want because they’re the thoughts that make you happy.” – Rhonda Byrne

Find below 40 examples of various positive sentences created with positive words that will help you improve your positive thinking.

  1. I love …..     I love kindness. I love loving-kindness. I love hope. I love success. I love abundance. I love courage. I love happiness. I love grace. I love peace. I love light.
  2. I love ….. and ….. loves me     I love gratitude and gratitude loves me. I love beauty and beauty loves me. I love abundance and abundance loves me.
  3. I am grateful for …..     I am grateful for awesomeness. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for serenity.
  4. I am grateful for  ….. and  ….. is grateful for me    I am grateful for hope and hope is grateful for me. I am grateful for peace and peace is grateful for me. I am grateful for grace and grace is grateful for me.
  5. I am …..     I am love. I am beauty. I am magic. I am courageous. I am creative. I am freedom. I am success. I am truthfulness. I am openness. I am enlightenment. I am grace. I am vibrant. I am awesomeness. I am happiness. I am health.
  6. I am blessed with …..     I am blessed with happiness. I am blessed with success. I am blessed with love. I am blessed with pure love and light. I am blessed with health.
  7. I am a magnet for …..     I am a magnet for success. I am a magnet for good fortune. I am a magnet for happiness. I am a magnet for love. I am a magnet for goodness. I am a magnet for health.
  8. I choose …..     I choose love. I choose kindness. I choose forgiveness. I choose appreciation. I choose happiness. I choose peace. I choose hope. I choose loving-kindness. I choose grace.
  9. I have …..     I have abundance. I have love. I have enough. I have hope. I have faith. I have understanding. I have forgiveness. I have blessings.
  10. I affirm …..     I affirm success. I affirm beauty. I affirm love. I affirm forgiveness. I affirm fun. I affirm gratitude. I affirm truthfulness.
  11. I appreciate …..     I appreciate love. I appreciate abundance. I appreciate loving-kindness.
  12. I attract …..    I attract abundance. I attract kindness. I attract peace. I attract health.
  13. I ….. every detail of my life.   I love every detail of my life. I am grateful for every detail of my life. I appreciate every detail of my life.
  14. ….. is blessing me.   Love is blessing me. Gratitude is blessing me. Faith is blessing me.
  15. The energy of ….. is blessing me.     The energy of love is blessing me. The energy of serenity is blessing me.
  16. God is blessing me with …..     God is blessing me with love. God is blessing me with light. God is blessing me with ease.
  17. God has blessed me with …..     God has blessed me with kindness. God had blessed me with joy. God had blessed me with contentment.
  18. I have enough …..     I have enough love. I have enough kindness. I have enough beauty. I have enough magic.
  19. I have more than enough …..     I have more than enough love. I have more than enough peace. I have more than enough grace.
  20. There is an abundance of ….. and it’s on its way to me    There is an abundance of happiness and it’s on its way to me.
  21. I am a ….. magnet     I am a happiness magnet.
  22. I am receiving ….. every day     I am receiving happiness every day.
  23. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for …..     Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for happiness.
  24. I have plenty of …..    I have plenty of happiness.
  25. I can afford …..    I can afford peace of mind.
  26. ….. comes easily and frequently.     Contentment comes easily and frequently.
  27. I am good at …..     I am good at happiness. I am good at gratitude.
  28. I have always been able to be …..     I have always been able to be happy. I have always been able to be grateful.
  29. I have always been able to have …..     I have always been able to have love. I have always been able to have peace.
  30. I am a very good …..     I am very good at appreciation. I am very good at acceptance. I am very good at forgiveness.
  31. I am very …..     I am very happy. I am very content. I am very safe. I am very blessed.
  32. I love my …..     I love my happiness. I love my blessings. I love my blissfulness. I love my serenity. I love my power.
  33. My ….. is good.     My happiness is good. My peace is good. My awesomeness is good.
  34. I am always …..      I am always grateful. I am always peaceful. I am always kind. I am always amazing. I am always fabulous.
  35. I am a very good ….. maker.     I am a very good happiness maker. I am a very good awesomeness maker.
  36. I can see my …..     I can see my happiness. I can see my abundance. I can see my serenity. I can see my optimism. I can see my grace.
  37. It is easy for me to make …..     It is easy for me to make blissfulness. It is easy for me to make faith. It is easy for me to make ease.
  38. ….. seems to stay in my hands.     Happiness seems to stay in my hands. Loving-kindness seems to stay in my hands. Hope seems to stay in my hands.
  39. Life is full of …..      Life is full of beauty. Life is full of kindness. Life is full of abundance. Life is full of love.
  40. I receive now….. Thank you.    I receive now happiness. Thank you. I receive now loving-kindness. Thank you. I receive now power. Thank you.

Find inspiration for positive words in the List of Positive Words from Positive Words Research. Positive thinking is done with positive words. Think positive! Positive minds live positive lives.

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Will Smith: Your Words And Thoughts Have Physical Power

In the video that we recommend, Will Smith shares his wisdom on life. Will says that thoughts have physical power.

We summarized some of his wise words in the next list:

  1. I Love Living.
  2. Greatness exists in all of us.
  3. There’s no shortcut to success.
  4. Lay one brick at a time.
  5. Focus on making a difference.
  6. Represent an idea.
  7. You HAVE to BELIEVE.
  8. NOTHING is unrealistic.
  9. Our words and thoughts are physical.
  10. You really gotta focus.
  11. Attack your fear.
  12. Be willing to die for the Truth.
  13. Protect your dream.

Learn positive words from Positive Words Research List of Positive Words. Remember to Think Positive Words!

“Your words and thoughts have physical power” – Will Smith.

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