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Motivational and Positive Words Whispered – List of 25 ASMR Videos

Motivational and Positive Words Whispered

During my research on positive words I found at one point these amazing videos with motivational and positive words whispered. These are found with different names but can be included in the category of ASMR Positive Words.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You can sometimes find it as called auto sensory meridian response. ASMR is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”. A genre of videos which intend to stimulate ASMR has emerged, of which over 13 million are published on YouTube. And also there is an amazing collection of ASMR videos for positive words.

Find below a list of videos relevant with positive words whispered and positive affirmations whispered:

  1. [ASMR] Close-Up Ear-to-Ear Positive Affirmations | For Anxiety, Sleep 
  2. ASMR – “believe in yourself” – tingly positive words from a friend
  3. ASMR | Trigger Words, Positive Affirmations & Camera Touching
  4. ASMR Whispering Extremely Close Up Positive Trigger Words, Fabric Brain Massage & Sleep Countdown 
  5. ASMR Positive Affirmations For the Soul (Uplifting and Relaxing)
  6. ASMR You Are Not Alone (positive words/personal attention)
  7. [ASMR] Whispering Japanese Positive Words / Trigger Words
  8. ASMR Positive Affirmations 
  9. ASMR Whispered Positive Affirmations
  10. ASMR Toxic Energy Pulling + Positive Affirmations
  11. ASMR – Positive Affirmations, Inspirational Quotes & Comforting/Encouraging You (whispered)
  12. 4K HD ASMR | Plucking Away Anxieties
  13. ASMR For When You’re Struggling/ Close Whispered Words of Affirmations
  14. Inside your head [ASMR] ★ words of encouragement ★ [positive affirmations] [ softly spoken]
  15. ASMR Personal Attention and Positive Words + Hand Movements
  16. ASMR ❤ Whispered Talking ❤ Relaxing words of affirmation & encouragement!
  17. [ASMR] Positive Affirmations & Thoughts (Close Up Whispering)
  18. ASMR – Positive Affirmations (for anxiety, depression and well-being)
  19. ASMR 10 Languages | Whispering + Tapping | Trigger Words, Positive Words
  20. ASMR For Anxiety & Stress – Positive Words, Comfort & Love.
  21. ASMR gentle and cozy 🍁 positive affirmations
  22. ASMR Positive Affirmations in the Rain (+ brushing sounds)
  23. ASMR – Plucking You + ‘Relax’ Word Repetition & Positive Affirmations in 4K
  24. Words of Encouragement | ASMR | Soft Female Voice
  25. [ASMR] Positive Affirmations Before Bed – Relaxing Male ASMR
  26. ASMR Positivity Before Bed – Relaxing Male ASMR Whispered with Music

These ASMR positive words videos will give you a good mood, will relieve you of anxiety and will even help you sleep.

If you want us to add another ASMR video for positive words or affirmations to this list contact us and send us a message using our general contact form.

Inspire yourself from our top resources:

34 Positive Words To Brighten Your Day


Enjoy more than 30 selected positive words to brighten your day. These warm words were intentionally selected to make you feel better. Also, we made a video to help you better embody these powerful words. Go through our thoughts for each word, then watch the video. It will definitely improve your mood and give you a happy vibe.

More than 30 positive words to brighten your day

1. Loving

Loving means feeling or showing love or great care. And this means also towards yourself. Show yourself some self-love today. You about anyone else deserve your love and affection.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude means the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and return kindness. Think of someone that helped you in the past and return today that kindness making a small gesture for them. It could be even liking one of their latest posts on facebook.

3. Peace

Peace means tranquility. Get some moments of peace for yourself today. Go somewhere where is completely silence and enjoy the ease of no-noise.

4. Love

Many have being said and written about love. What is more to say? All is love some say. What do you think? Today find a small reason to believe again in the power of love.

5. Serenity

Serenity means being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Give up your negative thoughts only for today. You will continue with them tomorrow. Give yourself a break from so much thinking only for today.

6. Faith

Faith is about trusting and having confidence. Faith is about taking the first step. Take the first step today. From time to time let yourself be guided by your faith.

7. Serendipity

Serendipity means the occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. For this to happen you need to put yourself in a new environment. Try something new today. Give yourself the change for some serendipity moments to happen to you.

8. Acceptance

Acceptance means embracing what is. For a moment accept everything as it is. Unburden yourself completely for 10 to 15 minutes. Nothing needs to be done anymore in these minutes. The world take care of itself. You are entitled to take a break.

9. Forgiveness

Forgive and set yourself free. Not forgiving is like being the prisoner of your own mind. The past has past. Forgiveness helps everyone.

10. Joy

Joy is about being glad. Find a reason to be content today. The reason could be your own smile. Put that smile back on your face. Look how pretty you are when you smile. You are a miracle and a gift to the entire world.

11. Ikigai

Ikigai means a reason for being. What is your reason for being?

12. Happy

Make something that makes you happy today.

13. Awesome

Expect something awesome to happen soon.

14. Abundant

Tune into abundance and feel abundant.

15. Grace

Feel the grace and ease of life.

16. Ease

Relax and get some ease today.

17. Miracle

Believe in a miracle happening to you today.

18. Passion

Are you passionate about something? Were you passionate about something in the past or when you were little. Practice that passion today.

19. Blissfulness

How can you have a moment filled with blissfulness. You could dance a little.

20. Soulful

Soulful means being full of soul.

21. Unfuckwitable

Unfuckwitable means to be so confident that nobody can mess with your vibe.

22. Appreciation

Appreciation is about verbally enjoy the good qualities of someone or something. In simple words is about giving someone a compliment. Give someone a true and real compliment today. Enjoy the smile on their face while they are glad that you have noticed something good about them.

23. Joyfulness

Joyfulness is closely related to contentment. And contentment is closely related to gratitude. Bring some joyfulness in your body now be remembering something really awesome that happen to you in the past.

24. Hope

Hope is healing. Whatever you do or feel, never lose hope. It will be so much better. Trust this. All will pass. 

25. Power

Human are powerful beings. Our power is different, it can be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. But sometimes we need power from outside, not from within. We need power from a friend or from someone that can actually help us. Have you ever helped someone? For sure yes. Then it means you have given some power to them. Other people will do the same with you. Trust this. Ask some power from a friend today.

26. Beautiful

No matter what happens there will be still so much beauty left in the world. Beautiful things are a blessing and only you can see that beauty. Make something beautiful today with your own hands. Get inspired!

27. Strong

We are stronger than we think. Our life experiences make us strong beyond measure. Trust this!

28. Lovely

Think of writing at the end of your emails from time to time: Have a lovely day! See how your business relationships will change for the better, they will have more warm in them. A simple word “lovely” that makes such a huge impact.

29. Kind

Be kind with yourself first. Kind in actions but especially kind in thoughts. Don’t blame yourself so much anymore. Blaming yourself in your own mind it is a form of self-aggression. Self-kindness is about being understanding, accepting and forgiving with yourself. 

30. Good

Add instead of “Kind regards” or “Warm regards” also a “Have a good day” at the end of your emails. It will make a significant difference for the better in your professional relationships. In time small things add and matter.

31. Peaceful

Remember to be peaceful. Nothing matters so much that you need to disturb your peace significantly. 

32. Loved

Feel loved no matter what. You are loved.

33. Courage

Well, courage is something that can change everything. Courage has changed so many times the course of the history. A small act of courage that has changed the lives of so many generations. Have some more courage today. It matters.

34. Cuteness overload

When you feel disappointed look for cuteness overload on Google or on WeHeartIt. It will brighten your day so much.  Here is the video that we were talking about at the beginning of this article. Hope it will put a little smile on your have and brighten your day!

List of nice words found in this video: Loving, Gratitude, Peace, Love, Serenity, Faith, Serendipity, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Joy, Ikigai, Happy, Awesome, Abundant, Grace, Ease, Miracle, Passion, Blissfulness, Soulful, Unfuckwitable, Appreciation, Joyfulness, Hope, Power, Beautiful, Strong, Lovely, Kind, Good, Peaceful, Loved, Courage, Cuteness overload. Learn to differentiate positive feelings of negative feelings with