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Positive Words In Other Languages

Positive Words In Other Languages

Find below some lists of positive words in other languages.

  1. AFRIKAANS – Positiewe Woorde
  2. ALBANIAN – Fjalë Pozitive
  3. ARABIC – كلمات إيجابية
  4. AZERBAIJANI – Müsbət Sözlər
  5. BASQUE – Hitz Positiboak
  6. BOSNIAN – Pozitivne Riječi
  7. CATALAN – Paraules Positives
  8. ENGLISH – Positive Words
  9. FRENCH – Mots Positifs
  10. GERMAN – Positiven Wörter
  11. GREEK – Thetiká Lógia
  12. HINDI (new Hindi) – Sakārātmaka śabda
  13. ITALIAN – Parole Positive
  14. PORTUGUESE – Palavras Positivas
  15. ROMANIAN – Cuvinte Pozitive
  16. RUSSIAN (new Russian) – Polozhitel’nyye Slova
  17. SPANISH – Palabras Positivas

Positive Words In Different Languages

Positive Words In Different Languages

Positive Words Research is working to translate the list of positive words in different languages. Elena Calin, the founder, dreams to translate it in every language of the world. This is not easy work. We have translated the list in some languages but the lists created until now are not perfect. We are continually working on polish them until they will be finished.

Another aspect is that based on our researches we find new positive words to add to the list of positive words in English. We find it difficult to add these new words to the other lists, at the same time, because we need time to translate them in all languages. Your support will be immensely valuable: so help us correctly translate the list of positive words. If you are a native speaker of any of the below languages, please go to your language and help us refine the list, either correcting or translating a word. You can include your comment in the comments section below every list.

Thank you so much for your Love. It is a valuable support for the entire world. You help makes the world a better place. Here is the list of positive words in English translated into different languages of the world. Click on every link for every language to go to the list of positive words in that language. As you can see we have already translated the words “positive words” in the related language. Click on this translation to go to your lovely list of positive words in your native language:

  1. Afrikaans language – Positiewe Woorde
  2. Albanian language – Fjalë Pozitive
  3. Arabic (old) language – كلمات ايجابية – Positive Words Arabic
  4. Azerbaijani language – müsbət sözlər – Positive Words Azerbaijani
  5. Basque language – hitz baikorrak
  6. Bosnian language – pozitivne riječi
  7. Catalan language – Paraules Positives
  8. Chinese Simplified (old) language – 正面的话 – Positive Words Chinese Simplified
  9. Chinese Traditional (old) language – 正面的話 – Positive Words Chinese Traditional
  10. English language – List of Positive Words
  11. French language – Liste des Mots Positifs
  12. German language – positive Worte – Liste der positiven worter
  13. Indonesian language – Kata-kata positif daftar
  14. Italian language – Elenco di parole positive
  15. Japanese (old) language – ポジティブな言葉 – Positive Words Japanese
  16. Malay language – kata-kata positif senarai
  17. Persian language – کلمات مثبت – Positive Words Persian
  18. Polish language – pozytywne słowa
  19. Greek language – Thetiká Lógia
  20. Portuguese language – Palavras Positivas
  21. Romanian languages – Cuvinte Pozitive
  22. Russian (old) language – позитивные слова – Positive Words Russian
  23. Spanish language – Palabras Positivas
  24. Turkish language – olumlu sözler
  25. Vietnamese language – từ tích cực – Positive Words Vietnamese

Buy Positive Words

Positive Words Cloud LOVE

Positive Words Research is selling positive words. Buy positive words from Positive Words Research.

We are researching positive words since 2013 and we are currently owning a database of more than 3,000 positive words (3,041 to be more precise). We have individually checked every word to be positive. The database that Positive Words Research owns is unique in the entire world.

The main reason for this uniqueness is due to the open-minded attitude of the founder Elena Daniela Calin. When she created the database she added positive words from all areas of life, including spirituality and other languages (the frequently used ones). Any word that she found while she was reading something and was positive she was writing it on a paper note to further research it and decide if its positive or not. If it was a winner she was adding it to the list. From this database with more than 3,000 positive words, Elena made public on Positive Words Research 1,246 positive words creating this awesome List of Positive Words. For example in this list of positive words Elena added some words that you will not find in any other list of positive words in the world, such as: OM MANI PADME HUM (the most enlightened mantra from Buddhist culture), petrichor (the smell of earth after rain), kalon (beauty that is more than skin deep), gemutlichkeit (a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with connotation of belonging and social acceptance, coziness and unhurry, etc.

In the database you will find many awesome and almost unknown positive words. Some words are not even recognized by dictionaries and needs to be added. This is mainly because just recently the positive psychology had begun analyzing positive feelings and emotions and people all around the world started naming positive emotions that they felt. Also in this database you will find positive phrases which are affirmations created with more than one word but not more than 4 words. For example: Zest for life, Young at Heart, Bliss on tap, Wealth and Abundance etc.

What products we offer?

Product 1:    The Magic Letter with Positive Words

Buy all the positive words from one letter of the alphabet for $50. The product that you will receive for this amount is the list of positive words in excel for the letter that you choose. There are 26 letters in total.

Product 2:    The Best List of Positive Words in the World

Buy the entire database for $1,050. The product that you will receive is the complete list of positive words in excel. We will send you the database that Positive Words Research own at the date of your purchase. This list contains at least 3,000 positive words or more. There are 26 letters in total.

Product 3:    Monthly Subscription

Buy a subscription of $10 per month. The product that you will receive is: 40 positive words every month + new positive words. The 40 positive words will be sent to you in 4 weekly newsletters, each containing 10 positive words. The new positive words will be sent to you after we discover and validate them as positive. All the 40 positive words and the new positive words will have a reference towards information where to find the description of that word. In most cases the reference will be a link towards the Free Dictionary and/or Wikipedia and/or Articles to deepen the knowledge of that word and/or other specific resource to explain that word (it can be the Positive Words Research explanation of the word). The words are also divided into categories (read what are the categories at product 5 below).

Product 4:    New 3 Positive Words

Buy 3 new positive words for $10. The product that you will receive is a newsletter containing 3 new positive words that we have discovered and validated as positive. The positive words will come also will all the information from product 3 above.

Product 5:    List of Positive Words Divided Into Categories

Buy the entire database for $3,000. The product that you will receive is the complete list of positive words in excel divided into categories. We will send you the database that Positive Words Research own at the date of your purchase. This list contains at least 3,000 positive words or more. There are 26 letters in total. The Categories based on which we divided the list of positive words are: Intensity (5 levels: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Blissful), Type (3 types: Rational, Spiritual, Between rational and spiritual), Feminine or Masculine, Nature (Adjective, Substantive, Noun, Verb), Synonym (one synonym or more), Antonym (one antonym or more), Related words (one related word or more), Letter count (2 letter word, 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter word, 6 letter word etc).

Product 6:    Personalized Product with Positive Words

Buy a personalized product with positive words according to your specifications. The price is negotiated with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Positive Feelings and Emotions

Rain and Positive Words

List of positive feelings and emotions from A to Z, in alphabetical order.

Find here currently more that 130 positive emotions and feelings.

Example: Feeling Alive, Feeling Appreciative, Feeling Blissful, Feeling Magic, Feeling Awesome.

Do you know other positive feelings and emotions that we could add to this list? Thank you for contributing.











At Ease











































Grace and Ease




































































Positive Words Research – Positive Feelings and Emotions

Negative Feelings and Negative Emotions List

negative emotions negative words

Find here a list of negative feelings and negative emotions that start with every letter of the alphabet. The negative emotions are arranged from A to Z, in alphabetical order.

Negative emotions are described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad. These emotions make you dislike yourself, other and life in general. They take away your confidence and make your mind unclear. On longer periods the negative emotions can even make your body sick. Emotions that can become negative are hate, anger, jealousy and sadness. Yet, in the right context, and on short periods of time, these feelings are completely natural.

Here are some of the most important negative emotions, but if you want a larger range of negative emotions, check the list of negative words.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with A letter: A Sense Of Loss,   Abominable,   Aching, Afflicted,   Afraid,   Aggressive,   Agonized,   Alarmed,   Alienated,   Alone,   Angry,   Anguish,  Annoyed,   Anxious,   Appalled,   Ashamed, Abnormal.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with B letter: Bad,   Bitter,   Boiling,   Bored, Betrayed.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with C letter:  Cold,   Cowardly,   Cross,   Crushed, Complaining, Cheated, Confused, Crappy.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with D letter: Dejected,   Depressed,   Deprived, Desolate,   Despair,   Desperate, Despicable,   Detestable,   Diminished, Disappointed,   Discouraged, Disgusting, Disillusioned, Disinterested, Dismayed, Dissatisfied, Distressed, Distrustful, Dominated, Doubtful, Doubtful, Dull.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with E letter: Embarrassed, Empty, Enraged, Evil, Excluded, Exiled.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with F letter: Fatigued, Fearful, Forced, Frightened, Frustrated, Fuming.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with G letter: Grief, Grieved, Guilty.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with H letter: Hateful, Heartbroken, Helpless, Hesitant, Hesitant, Hostile, Humiliated, Hurt.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with I letter: In A Stew, In Despair, Incapable, Incensed, Indecisive, Indifferent, Indignant, Inferior, Inflamed, Infuriated, Injured, Insensitive, Insulting, Irritated.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with L letter: Lifeless, Lonely, Lost, Lousy, Liar, Lame, Livid.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with M letter: Menaced, Miserable, Misgiving, Mournful, Misunderstood, Manipulated.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with N letter: Nervous, Neutral, Nonchalant, Negated.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with O letter: Offended, Offensive, Objected, Overwhelmed, Obstructed.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with P letter: Pained, Pained, Panic, Paralyzed, Pathetic, Perplexed, Pessimistic, Pessimistic, Powerless, Preoccupied, Provoked.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with Q letter: Quaking, Questioned.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with R letter: Rejected, Repugnant, Resentful, Reserved, Restless.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with S letter: Sad, Scared, Shaky, Shy, Skeptical, Sore, Sorrowful, Stupefied, Sulky, Suspicious.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with T letter: Tearful, Tense, Terrible, Terrified, Threatened, Timid, Tormented, Tortured, Tragic.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with U letter: Unbelieving, Uncertain, Uneasy, Unhappy, Unpleasant, Unsure, Upset, Useless, Unloved, Unimportant, Unconnected.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with V letter: Victimized.

Negative feelings and emotions starting with W letter: Worthless, Worthiness, Wary, Weary, Woeful, Worked Up, Worried, Wronged.

If you are looking for more negative words check out the list of negative words that start with letters from A to Z in alphabetical order. After going through this list, check out also our amazing list of positive words.

List of Negative Words That Start With Letters From A to Z – Alphabetical Order

negative emotions negative words

Find below the list of negative words that start with letters from A to Z in alphabetical order and in English.

These negative words represent the negative vocabulary of someone, negative words to describe someone, negative feelings, and negative emotions.

Negative words that start with A letter

abnormal,    abolish,    abominable,    abominably,    abominate,    abomination,    abort,    aborted,    aborts,    abrade,    abrasive,    abrupt,    abruptly,    abscond,    absence,    absent-minded,    absentee,    absurd,    absurdity,    absurdly,    absurdness,    abuse,    abused,    abuses,    abusive,    abysmal,    abysmally,    abyss,    accidental,    accost,    accursed,    accusation,    accusations,    accuse,    accuses,    accusing,    accusingly,    acerbate,    acerbic,    acerbically,    ache,    ached,    aches,    aching,    acrid,    acridly,    acridness,    acrimonious,    acrimoniously,    acrimony,    adamant,    adamantly,    addict,    addicted,    addicting,    addicts,    admonish,    admonisher,    admonishingly,    admonishment,    admonition,    adulterate,    adulterated,    adulteration,    adversarial,    adversary,    adverse,    adversity,    afflict,    affliction,    afflictive,    affront,    afraid,    aggravate,    aggravating,    aggravation,    aggression,    aggressive,    aggressiveness,    aggressor,    aggrieve,    aggrieved,    aghast,    agonies,    agonize,    agonizing,    agonizingly,    agony,    aground,    ail,    ailing,    ailment,    aimless,    alarm,    alarmed,    alarming,    alarmingly,    alienate,    alienated,    alienation,    allegation,    allegations,    allege,    allergic,    allergies,    allergy,    aloof,    altercation,    ambiguity,    ambiguous,    ambivalence,    ambivalent,    ambush,    amiss,    amputate,    anarchism,    anarchist,    anarchistic,    anarchy,    anemic,    anger,    angrily,    angriness,    angry,    anguish,    animosity,    annihilate,    annihilation,    annoy,    annoyance,    annoyances,    annoyed,    annoying,    annoyingly,    annoys,    anomalous,    anomaly,    antagonism,    antagonist,    antagonistic,    antagonize,    anti-,    anti-occupation,    anti-proliferation,    anti-social,    anti-us,    anti-white,    antipathy,    antiquated,    antithetical,    anxieties,    anxiety,    anxious,    anxiously,    anxiousness,    apathetic,    apathetically,    apathy,    apocalypse,    apocalyptic,    apologist,    apologists,    appall,    appalled,    appalling,    appallingly,    apprehension,    apprehensions,    apprehensive,    apprehensively,    arbitrary,    arcane,    archaic,    arduous,    arduously,    argumentative,    arrogance,    arrogant,    arrogantly,    ashamed,    asinine,    asininely,    askance,    asperse,    aspersion,    aspersions,    assail,    assassin,    assassinate,    assault,    astray,    asunder,    atrocious,    atrocities,    atrocity,    atrophy,    attack,    attacks,    audacious,    audaciously,    audaciousness,    audacity,    austere,    authoritarian,    autocrat,    autocratic,    avalanche,    avarice,    avaricious,    avariciously,    avenge,    averse,    aversion,       awful,    awfully,    awfulness,    awkward,    awkwardness,    ax

Negative words that start with B letter

babble,    back-logged,    back-wood,    back-woods,    backache,    backaches,     backbite,    backbiting,    backward,    backwardness,       backwoods,    bad,    badly,    baffle,    baffled,    bafflement,    baffling,    bait,    balk,    banal,    bane,    banish,    banishment,    bankrupt,    barbarian,    barbaric,    barbarically,    barbarity,    barbarous,    barbarously,    barren,    baseless,    bash,    bashed,    bashful,    bashing,    battered,    battering,    batty,    bearish,    beastly,    bedlam,    bedlamite,    befoul,    beg,    beggar,    beggarly,    begging,    beguile,    belabor,    belated,    beleaguer,    belie,    belittle,    belittled,    belittling,    bellicose,    belligerence,    belligerent,    belligerently,    bemoan,    bemoaning,    bemused,    bent,    berate,    bereave,    bereavement,    bereft,    berserk,    beseech,    beset,    besiege,    besmirch,    betray,    betrayal,    betrayals,    betrayer,    betraying,    betrays,    bewail,    beware,    bewilder,    bewildered,    bewildering,    bewilderingly,    bewilderment,    bewitch,    bias,    biased,    biases,    bicker,    bickering,    bid-rigging,    bigotries,    bigotry,    biting,    bitingly,    bitter,    bitterly,    bitterness,    bizarre,    blab,    blabber,    blackmail,    blah,    blame,    blameworthy,    bland,    blandish,    blaspheme,    blasphemous,    blasphemy,    blasted,    blatant,    blatantly,    blather,    bleak,    bleakly,    bleakness,    bleed,    bleeding,    bleeds,    blemish,    blind,    blinding,    blindingly,    blindside,    blister,    blistering,    bloated,    blockage,    blockhead,    bloodshed,    bloodthirsty,    bloody,    blotchy,    blow,    blunder,    blundering,    blunders,    blunt,    blur,    blurred,    blurring,    blurry,    blurs,    blurt,    boastful,    boggle,    bogus,    boil,    boiling,    boisterous,    bomb,    bombard,    bombardment,    bombastic,    bondage,    bonkers,    bore,    bored,    boredom,    bores,    boring,    botch,    bother,    bothered,    bothering,    bothers,    bothersome,    bowdlerize,    boycott,    braggart,    bragger,    brainless,    brainwash,    brash,    brashly,    brashness,    brat,    bravado,    brazen,    brazenly,    brazenness,    breach,    break,    break-up,    break-ups,    breakdown,    breaking,    breaks,    breakup,    breakups,    bribery,    brimstone,    bristle,    brittle,    broke,    broken,    broken-hearted,    brood,    browbeat,    bruise,    bruised,    bruises,    bruising,    brusque,    brutal,    brutalities,    brutality,    brutalize,    brutalizing,    brutally,    brute,    brutish,    buckle,    bug,    bugging,    buggy,    bugs,    bulkier,    bulkiness,    bulky,        bull****,    bull—-,    bullies,    bulls..t,    bully,    bullying,    bullyingly,    bum,    bump,    bumped,    bumping,    bumps,    bumpy,    bungle,    bungler,    bungling,    bunk,    burden,    burdensome,    burdensomely,    burn,    burned,    burning,    burns,    bust,    busts,    busybody,    butcher,    butchery,    buzzing,    byzantine

Negative words that start with C letter

cackle,    calamities,    calamitous,    calamitously,    calamity,    callous,    calumniate,    calumniation,    calumnies,    calumnious,    calumniously,    calumny,    cancer,    cancerous,    cannibal,    cannibalize,    capitulate,    capricious,    capriciously,    capriciousness,    capsize,    careless,    carelessness,    caricature,    carnage,    carp,    cartoonish,    cash-strapped,    castigate,    castrated,    casualty,    cataclysm,    cataclysmal,    cataclysmic,    cataclysmically,    catastrophe,    catastrophes,    catastrophic,    catastrophically,        caustic,    caustically,    cautionary,    cave,    censure,    chafe,    chaff,    chagrin,    challenging,    chaos,    chaotic,    chasten,    chastise,    chastisement,    chatter,    chatterbox,    cheap,    cheapen,    cheaply,    cheat,    cheated,    cheater,    cheating,    cheats,    checkered,    cheerless,    cheesy,    chide,    childish,    chill,    chilly,    chintzy,    choke,    choleric,    choppy,    chore,    chronic,    chunky,    clamor,    clamorous,    clash,    clique,    clog,    clogged,    clogs,    cloud,    clouding,    cloudy,    clueless,    clumsy,    clunky,    coarse,    cocky,    coerce,    coercion,    coercive,    cold,    coldly,    collapse,    collude,    collusion,    combative,    combust,    comical,    commiserate,    commonplace,    commotion,    commotions,    complacent,    complain,    complained,    complaining,    complains,    complaint,    complaints,    complex,    complicated,    complication,    complicit,    compulsion,    compulsive,    concede,    conceded,    conceit,    conceited,        concern,    concerned,    concerns,    concession,    concessions,    condemn,    condemnable,    condemnation,    condemned,    condemns,    condescend,    condescending,    condescendingly,    condescension,    confess,    confession,    confessions,    confined,    conflict,    conflicted,    conflicting,    conflicts,    confound,    confounded,    confounding,    confront,    confrontation,    confrontational,    confuse,    confused,    confuses,    confusing,    confusion,    confusions,    congested,    congestion,    cons,    conservative,    conspicuous,    conspicuously,    conspiracies,    conspiracy,    conspirator,    conspiratorial,    conspire,    consternation,    contagious,    contaminate,    contaminated,    contaminates,    contaminating,    contamination,    contempt,    contemptible,    contemptuous,    contemptuously,    contend,    contention,    contentious,    contort,    contortions,    contradict,    contradiction,    contradictory,    contrariness,    contravene,    contrive,    contrived,    controversial,    controversy,    convoluted,    corrode,    corrosion,    corrosions,    corrosive,    corrupt,    corrupted,    corrupting,    corruption,    corrupts,    costlier,    costly,    counter-productive,    counterproductive,    covetous,    coward,    cowardly,    crabby,    crack,    cracked,    cracks,    craftily,       crafty,    cramp,    cramped,    cramping,    cranky,    crap,    crappy,    craps,    crash,    crashed,    crashes,    crashing,    crass,    craven,    cravenly,    craze,    crazily,    craziness,    crazy,    creak,    creaking,    creaks,    credulous,    creep,    creeping,    creeps,    creepy,    crept,    crime,    criminal,    cringe,    cringed,    cringes,    cripple,    crippled,    cripples,    crippling,    crisis,    critic,    critical,    criticism,    criticisms,    criticize,    criticized,    criticizing,    critics,    cronyism,    crook,    crooked,    crooks,    crowded,    crowdedness,    crude,    cruel,    crueler,    cruelest,    cruelly,    cruelness,    cruelties,    cruelty,    crumble,    crumbling,    crummy,    crumple,    crumpled,    crumples,    crush,    crushed,    crushing,    cry,    culpable,    culprit,    cumbersome,    curse,    cursed,    curses,    curt,    cuss,    cussed,    cutthroat,    cynical,    cynicism

Negative words that start with D letter

damage,    damaged,    damages,    damaging,    damn,    damnable,    damnably,    damnation,    damned,    damning,    damper,    danger,    dangerous,    dangerousness,    dark,    darken,    darkened,    darker,    darkness,    dastard,    dastardly,    daunt,    daunting,    dauntingly,    dawdle,    daze,    dazed,    dead,    deadbeat,    deadlock,    deadly,    deadweight,    deaf,    dearth,    death,    debacle,    debase,    debasement,    debaser,    debatable,    debauch,    debaucher,    debauchery,    debilitate,    debilitating,    debility,    debt,    debts,    decadence,    decadent,    decay,    decayed,    deceit,    deceitful,    deceitfully,    deceitfulness,    deceive,    deceiver,    deceivers,    deceiving,    deception,    deceptive,    deceptively,    declaim,    decline,    declines,    declining,    decrement,    decrepit,    decrepitude,    decry,    defamation,    defamations,    defamatory,    defame,    defect,    defective,    defects,    defensive,    defiance,    defiant,    defiantly,    deficiencies,    deficiency,    deficient,    defile,    defiler,    deform,    deformed,    defrauding,    defunct,    defy,    degenerate,    degenerately,    degeneration,    degradation,    degrade,    degrading,    degradingly,    dehumanization,    dehumanize,    deign,    deject,    dejected,    dejectedly,    dejection,    delay,    delayed,    delaying,    delays,    delinquency,    delinquent,    delirious,    delirium,    delude,    deluded,    deluge,    delusion,    delusional,    delusions,    demean,    demeaning,    demise,    demolish,    demolisher,    demon,    demonic,    demonize,    demonized,    demonizes,    demonizing,    demoralize,    demoralizing,    demoralizingly,    denial,    denied,    denies,    denigrate,    denounce,    dense,    dent,    dented,    dents,    denunciate,    denunciation,    denunciations,    deny,    denying,    deplete,    deplorable,    deplorably,    deplore,    deploring,    deploringly,    deprave,    depraved,    depravedly,    deprecate,    depress,    depressed,    depressing,    depressingly,    depression,    depressions,    deprive,    deprived,    deride,    derision,    derisive,    derisively,    derisiveness,    derogatory,    desecrate,    desert,    desertion,    desiccate,    desiccated,    desolate,    desolately,    desolation,    despair,    despairing,    despairingly,    desperate,    desperately,    desperation,    despicable,    despicably,    despise,    despised,    despoil,    despoiler,    despondence,    despondency,    despondent,    despondently,    despot,    despotic,    despotism,    destitute,    destitution,    destroy,    destroyer,    destruction,    destructive,    desultory,    deter,    deteriorate,    deteriorating,    deterioration,    deterrent,    detest,    detestable,    detestably,    detested,    detesting,    detests,    detract,    detracted,    detracting,    detraction,    detracts,    detriment,    detrimental,    devastate,    devastated,    devastates,    devastating,    devastatingly,    devastation,    deviate,    deviation,    devil,    devilish,    devilishly,    devilment,    devilry,    devious,    deviously,    deviousness,    devoid,    diabolic,    diabolical,    diabolically,    diametrically,    diatribe,    diatribes,    dick,    dictator,    dictatorial,    die,    die-hard,    died,    dies,    difficult,    difficulties,    difficulty,    diffidence,    dilapidated,    dilemma,    dilly-dally,    dim,    dimmer,    ding,    dings,    dinky,    dire,    direly,    direness,    dirt,    dirty,    disable,    disabled,    disaccord,    disadvantage,    disadvantaged,    disadvantageous,    disadvantages,    disaffect,    disaffected,    disaffirm,    disagree,    disagreeable,    disagreeably,    disagreed,    disagreeing,    disagreement,    disagrees,    disallow,    disappoint,    disappointed,    disappointing,    disappointingly,    disappointment,    disappointments,    disappoints,    disapprobation,    disapproval,    disapprove,    disapproving,    disarm,    disarray,    disaster,    disastrous,    disastrously,    disavow,    disavowal,    disbelief,    disbelieve,    disbeliever,    disclaim,    discombobulate,    discomfit,       discomfort,    discompose,    disconcert,    disconcerted,    disconcerting,    disconcertingly,    disconsolate,    disconsolately,    disconsolation,    discontent,    discontented,    discontentedly,    discontinued,    discontinuity,    discontinuous,    discord,    discordance,    discordant,    discountenance,    discourage,    discouragement,    discouraging,    discouragingly,    discourteous,    discourteously,    discredit,    discrepant,    discriminate,    discrimination,    discriminatory,    disdain,    disdained,    disdainful,    disdainfully,    disfavor,    disgrace,    disgraced,    disgraceful,    disgracefully,    disgruntle,    disgruntled,    disgust,    disgusted,    disgustedly,    disgustful,    disgustfully,    disgusting,    disgustingly,    dishearten,    disheartening,    dishearteningly,    dishonest,    dishonestly,    dishonesty,    dishonor,    dishonorable,    disillusion,    disillusioned,    disillusionment,    disillusions,    disinclination,    disinclined,    disingenuous,    disingenuously,    disintegrate,    disintegrated,    disintegrates,    disintegration,    disinterest,    disinterested,    dislike,    disliked,    dislikes,    disliking,    dislocated,    disloyal,    disloyalty,    dismal,    dismally,    dismalness,    dismay,    dismayed,    dismaying,    dismayingly,    dismissive,    dismissively,    disobedience,    disobedient,    disobey,    disorder,    disordered,    disorderly,    disorganized,    disorient,    disoriented,    disown,    disparage,    disparaging,    disparagingly,    dispensable,    dispirit,    dispirited,    dispiritedly,    dispiriting,    displace,    displaced,    displease,    displeased,    displeasing,    displeasure,    disproportionate,    disprove,    disputable,    dispute,    disputed,    disquiet,    disquieting,    disquietingly,    disquietude,    disregard,    disregardful,    disreputable,    disrepute,    disrespect,    disrespectable,    disrespectful,    disrespectfully,    disrespectfulness,    disrespecting,    disrupt,    disruption,    disruptive,    dissatisfaction,    dissatisfactory,    dissatisfied,    dissatisfies,    dissatisfy,    dissatisfying,    dissed,    dissemble,    dissembler,    dissension,    dissent,    dissenter,    dissention,    disservice,    disses,    dissidence,    dissident,    dissidents,    dissing,    dissocial,    dissolute,    dissolution,    dissonance,    dissonant,    dissonantly,    dissuade,    dissuasive,    distains,    distaste,    distasteful,    distastefully,    distort,    distorted,    distortion,    distorts,    distract,    distracting,    distraction,    distraught,    distraughtly,    distress,    distressed,    distressing,    distressingly,    distrust,    distrustful,    distrusting,    disturb,    disturbance,    disturbed,    disturbing,    disturbingly,    disunity,    disvalue,    divergent,    divisive,    divisively,    divisiveness,    dizzy,    doddering,    dogged,    doggedly,    dogmatic,    doldrums,    domineer,    domineering,    doom,    doomed,    doomsday,    dope,    doubt,    doubtful,    doubtfully,    doubts,    douchebag,    douchebags,    downbeat,    downcast,    downer,    downfall,    downfallen,    downgrade,    downhearted,    downheartedly,    downhill,    downside,    downsides,    downturn,    downturns,    drab,    draconian,    draconic,    drag,    dragged,    dragging,    dragoon,    drags,    drain,    drained,    draining,    drains,    drastic,    drastically,    drawback,    drawbacks,    dread,    dreadful,    dreadfully,    dreadfulness,    dreary,    dripped,    dripping,    drippy,    drips,    drones,    droop,    droops,    drop-out,    drop-outs,    dropout,    dropouts,    drought,    drowning,    drunk,    drunkard,    drunken,    dubious,    dubiously,    dubitable,    dud,    dull,    dullard,    dumb,    dumbfound,    dump,    dumped,    dumping,    dumps,    dunce,    dungeon,    dungeons,    dupe,    dust,    dusty,    dwindling,    dying

Negative words that start with E letter

earsplitting,    eccentric,    eccentricity,    effigy,    effrontery,    egocentric,    egomania,    egotism,    egotistical,    egotistically,    egregious,    egregiously,    election-rigger,    elimination,    emaciated,    emasculate,    embarrass,    embarrassing,    embarrassingly,    embarrassment,    embattled,    embroil,    embroiled,    embroilment,    emergency,    emphatic,    emphatically,    emptiness,    encroach,    encroachment,    endanger,    enemies,    enemy,    enervate,    enfeeble,    enflame,    engulf,    enjoin,    enmity,    enrage,    enraged,    enraging,    enslave,    entangle,    entanglement,    entrap,    entrapment,    envious,    enviously,    enviousness,    epidemic,    equivocal,    erase,    erode,    erodes,    erosion,    err,    errant,    erratic,    erratically,    erroneous,    erroneously,    error,    errors,    eruptions,    escapade,    eschew,    estranged,    evade,    evasion,    evasive,    evil,    evildoer,    evils,    eviscerate,    exacerbate,    exaggerate,    exaggeration,    exasperate,    exasperated,    exasperating,    exasperatingly,    exasperation,    excessive,    excessively,    exclusion,    excoriate,    excruciating,    excruciatingly,    excuse,    excuses,    execrate,    exhaust,    exhausted,    exhaustion,    exhausts,       exhort,    exile,    exorbitant,    exorbitantly,    expel,    expensive,    expire,    expired,    explode,    exploit,    exploitation,    explosive,    expropriate,    expropriation,    expulse,    expunge,    exterminate,    extermination,    extinguish,    extort,    extortion,    extraneous,    extravagance,    extravagant,    extravagantly,    extremism,    extremist,    extremists,    eyesore

Negative words that start with F letter

f**k,    fabricate,    fabrication,    facetious,    facetiously,    fail,    failed,    failing,    fails,    failure,    failures,    faint,    fainthearted,    faithless,    fake,    fall,    fallacies,    fallacious,    fallaciously,    fallaciousness,    fallacy,    fallen,    falling,    fallout,    falls,    FALSE,    falsehood,    falsely,    falsify,    falter,    faltered,    famine,    famished,    fanatic,    fanatical,    fanatically,    fanaticism,    fanatics,    fanciful,    far-fetched,    farce,    farcical,    farcical-yet-provocative,    farcically,    farfetched,    fascism,    fascist,    fastidious,    fastidiously,    fat,    fat-cat,    fat-cats,    fatal,    fatalistic,    fatalistically,    fatally,    fateful,    fatefully,    fathomless,    fatigue,    fatigued,    fatty,    fatuity,    fatuous,    fatuously,    fault,    faults,    faulty,    fawningly,    faze,    fear,    fearful,    fearfully,    fears,    fearsome,    feckless,    feeble,    feebleminded,    feign,    feint,    fell,    felon,    felonious,    ferociously,    ferocity,    fetid,    fever,    feverish,    fevers,    fiasco,    fib,    fibber,    fickle,    fiction,    fictional,    fictitious,    fidget,    fidgety,    fiend,    fiendish,    fierce,    figurehead,    filth,    filthy,    finagle,    finicky,    fissures,    fist,    flabbergast,    flabbergasted,    flagging,    flagrant,    flagrantly,    flair,    flairs,    flak,    flake,    flakey,    flaking,    flaky,    flare,    flares,    flat-out,    flaunt,    flaw,    flawed,    flaws,    flee,    fleeing,    fleer,    flees,    fleeting,    flicker,    flickering,    flickers,    flighty,    flimflam,    flimsy,    flirt,    flirty,    floored,    flounder,    floundering,    flout,    fluster,    foe,    fool,    fooled,    foolhardy,    foolish,    foolishly,    foolishness,    forbid,    forbidden,    forbidding,    forceful,    foreboding,    forebodingly,    forfeit,    forged,    forgetful,    forgetfully,    forgetfulness,    forlorn,    forlornly,    forsake,    forsaken,    forswear,    foul,    foully,    foulness,    fractious,    fractiously,    fracture,    fragile,    fragmented,    frail,    frantic,    frantically,    franticly,    fraud,    fraudulent,    fraught,    frazzle,    frazzled,    freak,    freaking,    freakish,    freakishly,    freaks,    freeze,    freezes,    freezing,    frenetic,    frenetically,    frenzied,    frenzy,    fret,    fretful,    frets,    friction,    frictions,    fried,    frigging,    fright,    frighten,    frightening,    frighteningly,    frightful,    frightfully,    frigid,    frost,    frown,    froze,    frozen,    fruitless,    fruitlessly,    frustrate,    frustrated,    frustrates,    frustrating,    frustratingly,    frustration,    frustrations,    f”ck,    f”cking,    fudge,    fugitive,    full-blown,    fulminate,    fumble,    fume,    fumes,    fundamentalism,    funky,    funnily,    funny,    furious,    furiously,    furor,    fury,    fuss,    fussy,    fustigate,    fusty,    futile,    futilely,    futility,    fuzzy

Negative words that start with G letter

gabble,    gaff,    gaffe,    gainsay,    gainsayer,    gall,    galling,    gallingly,    galls,    gangster,    gape,    garbage,    garish,    gasp,    gauche,    gaudy,    gawk,    gawky,    geezer,    genocide,    get-rich,    ghastly,    ghetto,    ghosting,    gibber,    gibberish,    gibe,    giddy,    gimmick,    gimmicked,    gimmicking,    gimmicks,    gimmicky,    glare,    glaringly,    glib,    glibly,    glitch,    glitches,    gloatingly,    gloom,    gloomy,    glower,    glum,    glut,    gnawing,    goad,    goading,    god-awful,    goof,    goofy,    goon,    gossip,    graceless,    gracelessly,    graft,    grainy,    grapple,    grate,    grating,    gravely,    greasy,    greed,    greedy,    grief,    grievance,    grievances,    grieve,    grieving,    grievous,    grievously,    grim,    grimace,    grind,    gripe,    gripes,    grisly,    gritty,    gross,    grossly,    grotesque,    grouch,    grouchy,    groundless,    grouse,    growl,    grudge,    grudges,    grudging,    grudgingly,    gruesome,    gruesomely,    gruff,    grumble,    grumpier,    grumpiest,    grumpily,    grumpy,    guile,    guilt,    guiltily,    guilty,    gullible,    gutless,    gutter

Negative words that start with H letter

hack,    hacks,    haggard,    haggle,    halfhearted,    halfheartedly,    hallucinate,    hallucination,    hamper,    hampered,    handicapped,    hang,    hangs,    haphazard,    hapless,    harangue,    harass,    harassed,    harasses,    harassment,    harboring,    harbors,    hard,    hard-hit,    hard-liner,    hardball,    harden,    hardened,    hardheaded,    hardhearted,    hardliner,    hardliners,    hardship,    hardships,    harm,    harmed,    harmful,    harms,    harpy,    harridan,    harried,    harrow,    harsh,    harshly,    hassle,    hassled,    hassles,    haste,    hastily,    hasty,    hate,    hated,    hateful,    hatefully,    hatefulness,    hater,    haters,    hates,    hating,    hatred,    haughtily,    haughty,    haunt,    haunting,    havoc,    hawkish,    haywire,    hazard,    hazardous,    haze,    hazy,    head-aches,    headache,    headaches,    heartbreaker,    heartbreaking,    heartbreakingly,    heartless,    heathen,    heavy-handed,    heavyhearted,    heck,    heckle,    heckled,    heckles,    hectic,    hedge,    hedonistic,    heedless,    hefty,    hegemony,    heinous,    hell,    hell-bent,    hellion,    hells,    helpless,    helplessly,    helplessness,    heresy,    heretic,    heretical,    hesitant,    hideous,    hideously,    hideousness,    high-priced,    hinder,    hindrance,    hiss,    hissed,    hissing,    ho-hum,    hoard,    hoax,    hobble,    hogs,    hollow,    hoodwink,    hooligan,    hopeless,    hopelessly,    hopelessness,    horde,    horrendous,    horrendously,    horrible,    horrid,    horrific,    horrified,    horrifies,    horrify,    horrifying,    hostage,    hostile,    hostilities,    hostility,    hotbeds,    hothead,    hotheaded,    hothouse,    hubris,    huckster,    hum,    humid,    humiliate,    humiliating,    humiliation,    humming,    hung,    hurt,    hurtful,    hurting,    hurts,    hustler,    hype,    hypocrisy,    hypocrite,    hypocrites,    hypocritical,    hypocritically,    hysteria,    hysteric,    hysterical,    hysterically,    hysterics

Negative words that start with I letter

idiocies,    idiocy,    idiot,    idiotic,    idiotically,    idiots,    idle,    ignoble,    ignominious,    ignominiously,    ignominy,    ignorance,    ignorant,    ignore,    ill-advised,    ill-conceived,    ill-defined,    ill-designed,    ill-fated,    ill-favored,    ill-formed,    ill-mannered,    ill-natured,    ill-sorted,    ill-tempered,    ill-treated,    ill-treatment,    ill-usage,    ill-used,    illegal,    illegally,    illegitimate,    illicit,    illiterate,    illness,    illogical,    illogically,    illusion,    illusions,    illusory,    imaginary,    imbalance,    imbecile,    imbroglio,    immaterial,    immature,    imminence,    imminently,    immobilized,    immoderate,    immoderately,    immodest,    immoral,    immorality,    immorally,    immovable,    impair,    impaired,    impasse,    impatience,    impatient,    impatiently,    impeach,    impedance,    impede,    impediment,    impending,    impenitent,    imperfect,    imperfection,    imperfections,    imperfectly,    imperialist,    imperil,    imperious,    imperiously,    impermissible,    impersonal,    impertinent,    impetuous,    impetuously,    impiety,    impinge,    impious,    implacable,    implausible,    implausibly,    implicate,    implication,    implode,    impolite,    impolitely,    impolitic,    importunate,    importune,    impose,    imposers,    imposing,    imposition,    impossible,       impossibly,    impotent,    impoverish,    impoverished,    impractical,    imprecate,    imprecise,    imprecisely,    imprecision,    imprison,    imprisonment,    improbability,    improbable,    improbably,    improper,    improperly,    impropriety,    imprudence,    imprudent,    impudence,    impudent,    impudently,    impugn,    impulsive,    impulsively,    impunity,    impure,    impurity,    inability,    inaccuracies,    inaccuracy,    inaccurate,    inaccurately,    inaction,    inactive,    inadequacy,    inadequate,    inadequately,    inadvisable,    inane,    inanely,    inappropriate,    inappropriately,    inapt,    inarticulate,    inattentive,    inaudible,    incapable,    incapably,    incautious,    incendiary,    incense,    incessant,    incessantly,    incite,    incitement,    incivility,    inclement,    incoherence,    incoherent,    incoherently,    incommensurate,    incomparable,    incomparably,    incompatibility,    incompatible,    incompetence,    incompetent,    incompetently,    incomplete,    incomprehensible,    incomprehension,    inconceivable,    inconceivably,    incongruous,    incongruously,    inconsequential,    inconsequentially,    inconsiderate,    inconsiderately,    inconsistencies,    inconsistency,    inconsistent,    inconsolable,    inconsolably,    inconstant,    inconvenience,    inconveniently,    incorrect,    incorrectly,    incorrigible,    incorrigibly,    incredulous,    incredulously,    inculcate,    indecency,    indecent,    indecently,    indecision,    indecisive,    indecisively,        indefensible,    indelicate,    indeterminable,    indeterminably,    indeterminate,    indifference,    indifferent,    indigent,    indignant,    indignantly,    indignation,    indignity,    indiscernible,    indiscreet,    indiscreetly,    indiscretion,    indiscriminate,    indiscriminately,      indistinguishable,    indoctrinate,    indoctrination,    indolent,    indulge,    ineffective,    ineffectively,    ineffectiveness,    ineffectual,    ineffectually,        inefficacy,    inefficiency,    inefficient,    inefficiently,    inelegance,    inelegant,    ineligible,       inept,    ineptitude,    ineptly,    inequalities,    inequality,    inequitable,    inequitably,    inequities,    inescapable,    inescapably,    inessential,    inevitable,    inevitably,    inexcusable,    inexcusably,    inexorable,    inexorably,    inexperience,    inexperienced,    inexpert,    inexpertly,    inexpiable,    inextricable,    inextricably,    infamous,    infamously,    infamy,    infected,    infection,    infections,    inferior,    inferiority,    infernal,    infest,    infested,    infidel,    infidels,    infiltrator,    infiltrators,    infirm,    inflame,    inflammation,    inflammatory,        inflated,    inflationary,    inflexible,    inflict,    infraction,    infringe,    infringement,    infringements,    infuriate,    infuriated,    infuriating,    infuriatingly,    inglorious,    ingrate,    ingratitude,    inhibit,    inhibition,    inhospitable,       inhuman,    inhumane,    inhumanity,    inimical,    inimically,    iniquitous,    iniquity,    injudicious,    injure,   injurious,    injury,    injustice,    injustices,    innuendo,    inoperable,    inopportune,    inordinate,    inordinately,    insane,    insanely,    insanity,    insatiable,    insecure,    insecurity,    insensible,    insensitive,    insensitively,    insensitivity,    insidious,    insidiously,    insignificance,    insignificant,    insignificantly,    insincere,    insincerely,    insincerity,    insinuate,    insinuating,    insinuation,    insolence,    insolent,    insolently,    insolvent,    insouciance,    instability,    instigate,    instigator,    instigators,    insubordinate,    insubstantial,    insubstantially,    insufferable,    insufferably,    insufficiency,    insufficient,    insufficiently,    insular,    insult,    insulted,    insulting,    insultingly,    insults,    insupportable,        insurmountable,    insurmountably,    insurrection,    intense,    interfere,    interference,    interferes,    intermittent,    interrupt,    interruption,    interruptions,    intimidate,    intimidating,    intimidatingly,    intimidation,    intolerable,    intolerance,    intoxicate,    intractable,    intransigence,    intransigent,    intrude,    intrusion,    intrusive,    inundate,    inundated,    invader,    invalid,    invalidate,    invalidity,    invasive,    invective,    inveigle,    invidious,    invidiously,    invidiousness,    invisible,    involuntarily,    involuntary,    irascible,    irate,    irately,    ire,    irk,    irked,    irking,    irks,    irksome,    irksomely,    irksomeness,    ironic,    ironical,    ironically,    ironies,    irony,    irrational,        irrationality,    irrationally,    irrationals,    irreconcilable,    irrecoverable,        irrecoverably,    irredeemable,    irredeemably,    irregular,    irregularity,    irrelevance,    irrelevant,    irreparable,    irrepressible,    irresolute,       irresponsible,    irresponsibly,       irretrievable,    irreversible,    irritable,    irritably,    irritant,    irritate,    irritated,    irritating,    irritation,    irritations,    isolate,    isolated,    isolation,    issue,    issues,    itch,    itching,    itchy

Negative words that start with J

jabber,    jaded,    jagged,    jam,    jarring,    jaundiced,    jealous,    jealously,    jealousness,    jealousy,    jeer,    jeering,    jeeringly,    jeers,    jeopardize,    jeopardy,    jerk,    jerky,    jitter,    jitters,    jittery,    job-killing,    jobless,    joke,    joker,    jolt,    judder,    juddering,    judders,    jumpy,    junk,    junky,    junkyard

Negative words that start with K

kill,    killed,    killer,    killing,    killjoy,    kills,    knave,    knife,    knock,    knotted,    kook,    kooky

Negative words that start with L

lack,    lackadaisical,    lacked,    lackey,    lackeys,    lacking,    lackluster,    lacks,    laconic,    lag,    lagged,    lagging,    lags,    laid-off,    lambast,    lambaste,    lame,    lame-duck,    lament,    lamentable,    lamentably,    languid,    languish,    languor,    languorous,    languorously,    lanky,    lapse,    lapsed,    lapses,    lascivious,    last-ditch,    latency,    laughable,    laughably,    laughingstock,    lawbreaker,    lawbreaking,    lawless,    lawlessness,    layoff,    layoff-happy,    lazy,    leak,    leakage,    leakages,    leaking,    leaks,    leaky,    lecher,    lecherous,    lechery,    leech,    leer,    leery,    left-leaning,    lemon,    lengthy,    less-developed,    lesser-known,    letch,    lethal,    lethargic,    lethargy,    lewd,    lewdly,    lewdness,    liability,    liable,    liar,    liars,    licentious,    licentiously,    licentiousness,    lie,    lied,    lies,    life-threatening,    lifeless,    limit,    limitation,    limitations,    limited,    limits,    limp,    listless,    litigious,    little-known,    livid,    lividly,    loath,    loathe,    loathing,    loathly,    loathsome,    loathsomely,    lone,    loneliness,    lonely,    loner,    lonesome,    long-time,    long-winded,    longing,    longingly,    loophole,    loopholes,    loose,    loot,   lose,    loser,    losers,    loses,    losing,    loss,    losses,    lost,    loud,    louder,    lousy,    loveless,    lovelorn,    low-rated,    lowly,    ludicrous,    ludicrously,    lugubrious,    lukewarm,    lull,    lumpy,    lunatic,     lurch,    lure,    lurid,    lurk,    lurking,    lying

Negative words that start with M

macabre,    mad,    madden,    maddening,    maddeningly,    madder,    madly,    madman,    madness,    maladjusted,    maladjustment,    malady,    malaise,    malcontent,    malcontented,    maledict,    malevolence,    malevolent,    malevolently,    malice,    malicious,    maliciously,    maliciousness,    malign,    malignant,    malodorous,    maltreatment,    mangle,    mangled,    mangles,    mangling,    mania,    maniac,    maniacal,    manic,    manipulate,    manipulation,    manipulative,    manipulators,    mar,    marginal,    marginally,    martyrdom,    martyrdom-seeking,    mashed,    massacre,    massacres,    matte,    mawkish,    mawkishly,    mawkishness,    meager,    meaningless,    meanness,    measly,    meddle,    meddlesome,    mediocre,    mediocrity,    melancholy,    melodramatic,    melodramatically,    meltdown,    menace,    menacing,    menacingly,    mendacious,    mendacity,    menial,    merciless,    mercilessly,    mess,    messed,    messes,    messing,    messy,    midget,    miff,    militancy,    mindless,    mindlessly,    mirage,    mire,    misalign,    misaligned,    misaligns,    misapprehend,    misbecome,    misbecoming,    misbegotten,    misbehave,    misbehavior,    miscalculate,    miscalculation,    miscellaneous,    mischief,    mischievous,    mischievously,    misconception,    misconceptions,    miscreant,    miscreants,    misdirection,    miser,    miserable,    miserableness,    miserably,    miseries,    miserly,    misery,    misfit,    misfortune,    misgiving,    misgivings,    misguidance,    misguide,    misguided,    mishandle,    mishap,    misinform,    misinformed,    misinterpret,    misjudge,    misjudgment,    mislead,    misleading,    misleadingly,      mismanage,    mispronounce,    mispronounced,    mispronounces,    misread,    misreading,    misrepresent,    misrepresentation,    miss,    missed,    misses,    misstatement,    mist,    mistake,    mistaken,    mistakenly,    mistakes,    mistress,    mistrust,    mistrustful,    mistrustfully,    mists,    misunderstand,    misunderstanding,    misunderstandings,    misunderstood,    misuse,    moan,    mobster,    mock,    mocked,    mockeries,    mockery,    mocking,    mockingly,    mocks,    molest,    molestation,    monotonous,    monotony,    monster,    monstrosities,    monstrosity,    monstrous,    monstrously,    moody,    moot,    mope,    morbid,    morbidly,    mordant,    mordantly,    moribund,    moron,    moronic,    morons,    mortification,    mortified,    mortify,    mortifying,    motionless,    motley,    mourn,    mourner,    mournful,    mournfully,    muddle,    muddy,    mudslinger,    mudslinging,    mulish,    multi-polarization,    mundane,    murder,    murderer,    murderous,    murderously,    murky,    muscle-flexing,    mushy,    musty,    mysterious,    mysteriously,    mystery,    mystify,    myth

Negative words that start with N

nag,    nagging,    naive,    naively,    narrower,    nastily,    nastiness,    nasty,    naughty,    nauseate,    nauseates,    nauseating,    nauseatingly,    naïve,    nebulous,    nebulously,    needless,    needlessly,    needy,    nefarious,    nefariously,    negate,    negation,    negative,    negatives,    negativity,    neglect,    neglected,    negligence,    negligent,    nemesis,    nepotism,    nervous,    nervously,    nervousness,    nettle,    nettlesome,    neurotic,    neurotically,    niggle,    niggles,    nightmare,    nightmarish,    nightmarishly,    nitpick,    nitpicking,    noise,    noises,    noisier,    noisy,    non-confidence,    nonexistent,    nonresponsive,    nonsense,    nosey,    notoriety,    notorious,    notoriously,    noxious,    nuisance,    numb

Negative words that start with O

obese,    object,    objection,    objectionable,    objections,    oblique,    obliterate,    obliterated,    oblivious,    obnoxious,    obnoxiously,    obscene,    obscenely,    obscenity,    obscure,    obscured,    obscures,    obscurity,    obsess,    obsessive,    obsessively,    obsessiveness,    obsolete,    obstacle,    obstinate,    obstinately,    obstruct,    obstructed,    obstructing,    obstruction,    obstructs,    obtrusive,    obtuse,    occlude,    occluded,    occludes,    occluding,    odd,    odder,    oddest,    oddities,    oddity,    oddly,    odor,    offence,    offend,    offender,    offending,    offenses,    offensive,    offensively,    offensiveness,    officious,    ominous,    ominously,    omission,    omit,    one-sided,    onerous,    onerously,    onslaught,    opinionated,    opponent,    opportunistic,    oppose,    opposition,    oppositions,    oppress,    oppression,    oppressive,    oppressively,    oppressiveness,    oppressors,    ordeal,    orphan,    ostracize,    outbreak,    outburst,    outbursts,    outcast,    outcry,    outlaw,    outmoded,    outrage,    outraged,    outrageous,    outrageously,    outrageousness,    outrages,    outsider,    over-acted,    over-awe,    over-balanced,    over-hyped,    over-priced,    over-valuation,    overact,    overacted,    overawe,    overbalance,    overbalanced,    overbearing,    overbearingly,    overblown,    overdo,    overdone,    overdue,    overemphasize,    overheat,    overkill,    overloaded,    overlook,    overpaid,    overplay,    overpower,    overpriced,    overrated,    overreach,    overrun,    overshadow,    oversight,    oversights,    oversimplification,    oversimplified,    oversimplify,    oversize,    overstate,    overstated,    overstatement,    overstatements,    overstates,    overtaxed,    overthrow,    overthrows,    overturn,    overweight,    overwhelm,    overwhelmed,    overwhelming,    overwhelmingly,    overwhelms,    overzealous,    overzealously

Negative words that start with P

pain,    painful,    painfully,    pains,    pale,    pales,    paltry,    pan,    pandemonium,    pander,    pandering,    panders,    panic,    panicked,    panicking,    panicky,    paradoxical,    paradoxically,        paralyzed,    paranoia,    paranoid,    parasite,    pariah,    parody,    partiality,    partisan,    partisans,        passive,    passiveness,    pathetic,    pathetically,    patronize,    paucity,    pauper,    paupers,    payback,    peculiar,    peculiarly,    pedantic,    peeled,    peeve,    peeved,    peevish,    peevishly,    penalize,    penalty,    perfidious,    perfunctory,    peril,    perilous,    perilously,    perish,    pernicious,    perplex,    perplexed,    perplexing,    perplexity,    persecute,    persecution,    pertinacious,    pertinaciously,    pertinacity,    perturb,    perturbed,    pervasive,    perverse,    perversely,    perversion,    perversity,    pervert,    perverted,    perverts,    pessimism,    pessimistic,    pessimistically,    pest,    pestilent,    petrified,    petrify,    pettifog,    petty,    phobia,    phobic,    phony,    picket,    picketed,    picketing,    pickets,    picky,    pig,    pigs,    pillage,    pillory,    pimple,    pinch,    pique,    pitiable,    pitiful,    pitifully,    pitiless,    pitilessly,    pittance,    pity,    plagiarize,    plague,    plaything,    plea,    pleas,    plebeian,    plight,    plot,    plotters,    ploy,    plunder,    plunderer,    pointless,    pointlessly,    poison,    poisonous,    poisonously,    pokey,    poky,    pollute,    polluter,    polluters,    pompous,    poor,    poorer,    poorest,    poorly,    posturing,    pout,    poverty,    powerless,    prate,    pratfall,    prattle,    precarious,    precariously,    precipitate,    precipitous,    predatory,    predicament,    prejudge,    prejudice,    prejudices,    prejudicial,    premeditated,    preoccupy,    preposterous,    preposterously,    presumptuous,    presumptuously,        pretend,    pretense,    pretentious,    pretentiously,    prevaricate,    pricey,    pricier,    prick,    prickle,    prickles,    prideful,   primitive,    prison,    prisoner,    problem,    problematic,    problems,    procrastinate,    procrastinates,    procrastination,    profane,    profanity,    prohibit,    prohibitive,    prohibitively,    propaganda,    propagandize,    proprietary,    prosecute,    protest,    protested,    protesting,    protests,    protracted,    provocation,    provocative,    provoke,    pry,    pugnacious,    pugnaciously,    pugnacity,    punch,    punish,    punishable,    punitive,    punk,    puny,    puppet,    puppets,    puzzled,    puzzlement,    puzzling

Negative words that start with Q

quack,    qualm,    qualms,    quandary,    quarrel,     quarrels,    quarrelsome,    quash,    queer,    questionable,    quibble,    quibbles,    quitter

Negative words that start with R

rabid,    racism,    racist,    racists,    racy,    radical,    radicalization,    radically,    radicals,    rage,    ragged,    raging,    rail,    raked,    rampage,    rampant,    ramshackle,    rancor,    randomly,    rankle,    rant,    ranted,    ranting,    rants,    rape,    raped,    raping,    rascal,    rascals,    rash,    rattle,    rattled,    rattles,    ravage,    raving,    reactionary,    rebellious,    rebuff,    rebuke,    recalcitrant,    recant,    recession,    recessionary,    reckless,    recklessly,    recklessness,    recoil,    recourses,    redundancy,    redundant,    refusal,    refuse,    refused,    refuses,    refusing,    refutation,    refute,    refuted,    refutes,    refuting,    regress,    regression,    regressive,    regret,    regretful,    regretfully,    regrets,    regrettable,    regrettably,    regretted,    reject,    rejected,    rejecting,    rejection,    rejects,    relapse,    relentless,    relentlessly,    relentlessness,    reluctance,    reluctant,    reluctantly,    remorse,    remorseful,    remorsefully,    remorseless,    remorselessly,    remorselessness,    renounce,    renunciation,    repel,    repetitive,    reprehensible,    reprehensibly,    reprehension,    reprehensive,    repress,    repression,    repressive,    reprimand,    reproach,    reproachful,    reprove,    reprovingly,    repudiate,    repudiation,    repugnance,    repugnant,    repugnantly,    repulse,    repulsed,    repulsing,    repulsive,    repulsively,    repulsiveness,    resent,    resentful,    resentment,    resignation,    resigned,    resistance,    restless,    restlessness,    restrict,    restricted,    restriction,    restrictive,    resurgent,    retaliate,    retaliatory,    reticent,    retract,    retreat,    retreated,    revenge,    revengeful,    revengefully,    revert,    revile,    reviled,    revoke,    revolt,    revolting,    revoltingly,    revulsion,    revulsive,    rhapsodize,    rhetoric,    rhetorical,    ricer,    ridicule,    ridicules,    ridiculous,    ridiculously,    rife,    rift,    rifts,    rigid,    rigidity,    rigidness,    rile,    riled,    rip,    rip-off,    ripped,    risk,    risks,    risky,    rival,    rivalry,    roadblocks,    rocky,    rogue,    rollercoaster,    rot,    rotten,    rough,    rubbish,    rude,    rue,    ruffian,    ruffle,    ruin,    ruined,    ruining,    ruinous,    ruins,    rumbling,    rumor,    rumors,    rumple,    run-down,    runaway,    rupture,    rust,    rusts,    rusty,    rut,    ruthless,    ruthlessly,    ruthlessness,    ruts

Negative words that start with S

sabotage,    sack,    sacrificed,    sad,    sadden,    sadly,    sadness,    sag,    sagged,    sagging,    saggy,    sags,    salacious,    sanctimonious,    sap,    sarcasm,    sarcastic,    sarcastically,    sardonic,    sardonically,    sass,    satirical,    satirize,    savage,    savaged,    savagery,    savages,    scaly,    scam,    scams,    scandal,    scandalize,    scandalized,    scandalous,    scandalously,    scandals,    scant,    scapegoat,    scar,    scarce,    scarcely,    scarcity,    scare,    scared,    scarier,    scariest,    scarily,    scarred,    scars,    scary,    scathing,    scathingly,   scoff,    scold,    scolded,    scolding,    scorching,        scorn,    scornful,    scornfully,    scoundrel,    scourge,    scowl,    scramble,    scrambled,    scrambles,    scrambling,    scrap,    scratch,    scratched,    scratches,    scratchy,    scream,    screech,    screw-up,    screwed,    screwed-up,    screwy,    scuff,    scuffs,    scum,    scummy,    second-class,    second-tier,    secretive,    sedentary,    seedy,    seethe,    seething,    self-coup,    self-criticism,    self-defeating,    self-destructive,    self-humiliation,    self-interest,    self-interested,    self-serving,     selfish,    selfishly,    selfishness,    senile,    sensationalize,    senseless,    senselessly,    seriousness,    sermonize,    servitude,    set-up,    setback,    setbacks,    sever,    severe,    severity,        shabby,    shadowy,    shady,    shake,    shaky,    shallow,    sham,    shambles,    shame,    shameful,    shamefully,    shamefulness,    shameless,    shamelessly,    shamelessness,    shark,    sharply,    shatter,    shimmer,    shimmy,    shipwreck,    shirk,    shirker,    shiver,    shock,    shocked,    shocking,    shockingly,    shoddy,    short-lived,    shortage,    shortchange,    shortcoming,    shortcomings,    shortness,    shortsighted,    shortsightedness,    showdown,    shrew,    shriek,    shrill,    shrilly,    shrivel,    shroud,    shrouded,    shrug,    shun,    shunned,    sick,    sicken,    sickening,    sickeningly,    sickly,    sickness,    sidetrack,    sidetracked,    siege,    silly,    simplistic,    simplistically,    sin,    sinful,    sinfully,    sinister,    sinisterly,    sink,    sinking,    skeletons,    skeptic,    skeptical,    skeptically,    skepticism,    sketchy,    skimpy,    skinny,    skittish,    skittishly,    skulk,    slack,    slander,    slanderer,    slanderous,    slanderously,    slanders,    slap,    slashing,    slaughter,    slaughtered,    slave,    slaves,    sleazy,    slime,    slog,    slogged,    slogging,    slogs,    sloppily,    sloppy,    sloth,    slothful,    slow,    slow-moving,    slowed,    slower,    slowest,    slowly,    slug,    sluggish,    slump,    slumping,    slur,    sly,    smack,    smallish,    smash,    smear,    smell,    smelled,    smelling,    smells,    smelly,    smelt,    smoke,    smokescreen,    smolder,    smoldering,    smother,    smudge,    smudged,    smudges,    smudging,    smug,    smugly,    snag,    snagged,    snagging,    snags,    snappish,    snappishly,    snare,    snarky,    snarl,    sneak,    sneakily,    sneaky,    sneer,    sneering,    sneeringly,    snob,    snobbish,    snobby,    snobs,    snub,    soapy,    sob,    sober,    sobering,    solemn,    solicitude,    somber,    sore,    sorely,    soreness,    sorrow,    sorrowful,    sorrowfully,    sorry,    sour,    sourly,    spade,    spank,    spew,    spewed,    spewing,    spews,    spilling,    spinster,    spiritless,    spite,    spiteful,    spitefully,    spitefulness,    splatter,    split,    splitting,    spoil,    spoilage,    spoilages,    spoiled,    spoils,    spook,    spookier,    spookiest,    spookily,    spooky,    spoon-fed,    spoon-feed,    sporadic,    spotty,    spurious,    spurn,    sputter,    squabble,    squabbling,    squander,    squash,    squeak,    squeaks,    squeaky,    squeal,    squealing,    squeals,    squirm,    stab,    stagnant,    stagnate,    stagnation,    staid,    stain,    stains,    stale,    stalemate,    stall,    stalls,    stammer,    stampede,    standstill,    stark,    starkly,    startle,    startling,    startlingly,    starvation,    starve,    static,    steal,    stealing,    steals,    steep,    steeply,    stench,    stereotype,    stereotypical,    stereotypically,    stern,    stew,    sticky,    stiff,    stiffness,    stifle,    stifling,    stiflingly,    stigma,    stigmatize,    sting,    stinging,    stingingly,    stingy,    stink,    stinks,    stodgy,    stole,    stolen,    stooge,    stooges,    stormy,    straggle,    straggler,    strain,    strained,    straining,    strange,    strangely,    stranger,    strangest,    strangle,    streaky,    strenuous,    stress,    stresses,    stressful,    stressfully,    stricken,    strict,    strictly,    strident,    stridently,    strife,    strike,    stringent,    stringently,    struck,    struggle,    struggled,    struggles,    struggling,    strut,    stubborn,    stubbornly,    stubbornness,    stuck,    stuffy,    stumble,    stumbled,    stumbles,    stump,    stumped,    stumps,    stun,    stunt,    stunted,    stupid,    stupidest,    stupidity,    stupidly,    stupor,    stutter,    stuttered,    stuttering,    stutters,    sty,    stymied,    sub-par,    subdued,    subjected,    subjection,    subjugate,    subjugation,    submissive,    subordinate,    subpoena,    subpoenas,    subservience,    subservient,    substandard,    subtract,    subversion,    subversive,    subversively,    subvert,    succumb,    suck,    sucked,    sucker,    sucks,    sucky,    sue,    sued,    sues,    suffer,    suffered,    sufferer,    sufferers,    suffering,    suffers,    suffocate,    sugar-coat,    sugar-coated,    sugarcoated,    suicidal,    suicide,    sulk,    sullen,    sully,    sunder,    sunk,    sunken,    superficial,    superficiality,    superficially,    superfluous,    superstition,    superstitious,    suppress,    suppression,    surrender,    susceptible,    suspect,    suspicion,    suspicions,    suspicious,    suspiciously,    swagger,    swamped,    sweaty,    swelled,    swelling,    swindle,    swipe,    swollen,    symptom,    symptoms,    syndrome

Negative words that start with T

taboo,    tacky,    taint,    tainted,    tamper,    tangle,    tangled,    tangles,    tank,    tanked,    tanks,    tantrum,    tardy,    tarnish,    tarnished,    tarnishes,    tarnishing,    tattered,    taunt,    taunting,    tauntingly,    taunts,    taut,    tawdry,    taxing,    tease,    teasingly,    tedious,    tediously,    temerity,    temper,    tempest,    temptation,    tenderness,    tense,    tension,    tentative,    tentatively,    tenuous,    tenuously,    tepid,    terrible,    terribleness,    terribly,    terror,    terror-genic,    terrorism,    terrorize,    testily,    testy,    tetchily,    tetchy,    thankless,    thicker,    thirst,    thorny,    thoughtless,    thoughtlessly,    thoughtlessness,    thrash,    threat,    threaten,    threatening,    threats,    threesome,    throb,    throbbed,    throbbing,    throbs,    throttle,    thug,    thumb-down,    thumbs-down,    thwart,    time-consuming,    timid,    timidity,    timidly,    tin-y,    tingled,    tingling,    tired,    tiresome,    tiring,    tiringly,    toil,    toll,    top-heavy,    topple,    torment,    tormented,    torrent,    tortuous,    torture,    tortured,    tortures,    torturing,    torturous,    torturously,    totalitarian,    touchy,    toughness,    tout,    touted,    touts,    toxic,    traduce,    tragedy,    tragic,    tragically,    traitor,    traitorous,    traitorously,    tramp,    trample,    transgress,    transgression,    trap,    trapped,    trash,    trashed,    trashy,    trauma,    traumatic,    traumatically,    traumatize,    traumatized,    travesties,    travesty,    treacherous,    treacherously,    treachery,    treason,    treasonous,    trick,    tricked,    trickery,    tricky,    trivial,    trivialize,    trouble,    troubled,    troublemaker,    troubles,    troublesome,    troublesomely,    troubling,    troublingly,    truant,    tumble,    tumbled,    tumbles,    tumultuous,    turbulent,    turmoil,    twist,    twisted,    twists,    two-faced,    two-faces,    tyrannical,    tyrannically,    tyranny,    tyrant

Negative words that start with U

ugh,    uglier,    ugliest,    ugliness,    ugly,    ulterior,    ultimatum,    ultimatums,    ultra-hardline,    un-viewable,    unable,    unacceptable,    unacceptably,        unaccustomed,    unachievable,    unaffordable,    unappealing,    unattractive,    unauthentic,    unavailable,    unavoidably,    unbearable,    unbelievable,    unbelievably,    uncaring,    uncertain,    uncivil,    uncivilized,    unclean,    unclear,    uncollectible,    uncomfortable,    uncomfortably,       uncompetitive,    uncompromising,    uncompromisingly,    unconfirmed,    unconstitutional,    uncontrolled,    unconvincing,    unconvincingly,    uncooperative,    uncouth,    uncreative,    undecided,    undefined,    undependability,    undependable,    undercut,    undercuts,    undercutting,    underdog,    underestimate,    underlings,    undermine,    undermined,    undermines,    undermining,    underpaid,    underpowered,    undersized,    undesirable,    undetermined,    undid,    undignified,    undissolved,    undocumented,    undone,    undue,    unease,    uneasily,    uneasiness,    uneasy,    uneconomical,    unemployed,    unequal,    unethical,    uneven,    uneventful,    unexpected,    unexpectedly,    unexplained,    unfairly,    unfaithful,    unfaithfully,    unfamiliar,    unfavorable,    unfeeling,    unfinished,    unfit,    unforeseen,    unforgiving,    unfortunate,    unfortunately,    unfounded,    unfriendly,    unfulfilled,    unfunded,    ungovernable,    ungrateful,    unhappily,    unhappiness,    unhappy,    unhealthy,    unhelpful,    unilateralism,    unimaginable,    unimaginably,    unimportant,    uninformed,    uninsured,    unintelligible,      unipolar,    unjust,    unjustifiable,    unjustifiably,    unjustified,    unjustly,    unkind,    unkindly,    unknown,       unlawful,    unlawfully,    unlawfulness,    unleash,    unlicensed,    unlikely,    unlucky,    unmoved,    unnatural,    unnaturally,    unnecessary,    unneeded,    unnerve,    unnerved,    unnerving,    unnervingly,    unnoticed,    unobserved,    unorthodox,    unorthodoxy,    unpleasant,    unpopular,    unpredictable,    unprepared,    unproductive,    unprofitable,    unproved,    unproven,    unqualified,    unravel,    unraveled,    unreachable,    unreadable,    unrealistic,    unreasonable,    unreasonably,    unrelenting,    unrelentingly,    unreliability,    unreliable,    unresolved,    unresponsive,    unrest,    unruly,    unsafe,    unsatisfactory,    unsavory,    unscrupulous,    unscrupulously,    unsecure,    unseemly,    unsettle,    unsettled,    unsettling,    unsettlingly,    unskilled,    unsophisticated,    unsound,    unspeakable,    unspecified,    unstable,    unsteadily,    unsteadiness,    unsteady,    unsuccessful,    unsuccessfully,    unsupported,    unsupportive,    unsure,    unsuspecting,    unsustainable,    untenable,    untested,    unthinkable,    unthinkably,    untimely,    untouched,    untrue,    untrustworthy,    untruthful,    unusable,    unusably,    unusual,    unusually,    unwanted,    unwarranted,    unwatchable,    unwelcome,    unwell,    unwieldy,    unwilling,    unwillingly,    unwillingness,    unwise,    unwisely,    unworkable,    unworthy,    unyielding,    upbraid,    upheaval,    uprising,    uproar,    uproarious,    uproariously,    uproot,    upset,    upsets,    upsetting,    upsettingly,    urgent,    useless,    usurp,    usurper,    utterly

Negative words that start with V

vagrant,    vague,    vagueness,    vain,    vainly,    vanity,    vehement,    vehemently,    vengeance,    vengeful,    vengefully,    vengefulness,    venom,    venomous,    venomously,    vent,    vestiges,    vex,    vexation,    vexing,    vexingly,    vibrate,    vibrated,    vibrates,    vibrating,    vibration,    vice,    vicious,    viciously,    viciousness,    victimize,    vile,    vileness,    vilify,    villainous,    villainously,    villains,    vindictive,    vindictively,    vindictiveness,    violate,    violation,    violator,    violators,    violent,    violently,    viper,    virulence,    virulent,    virulently,    virus,    vociferous,    vociferously,    volatile,    volatility,    vomit,    vomited,    vomiting,    vomits,    vulgar,    vulnerable

Negative words that start with W

wail,    wallow,    wane,    waning,    wanton,    war-like,    warily,    wariness,    warlike,    warned,    warning,    warp,    warped,    wary,    washed-out,    waste,    wasted,    wasteful,    wastefulness,    wasting,    water-down,    watered-down,    wayward,    weak,    weaken,    weakening,    weaker,    weakness,    weaknesses,    weariness,    wearisome,    weary,    wedge,    weed,    weep,    weird,    weirdly,    wheedle,    whimper,    whine,    whining,    whiny,    whips,   wicked,    wickedly,    wickedness,    wild,    wildly,    wiles,    wilt,    wily,    wimpy,    wince,    wobble,    wobbled,    wobbles,    woe,    woebegone,    woeful,    woefully,    womanizer,    womanizing,    worn,    worried,    worriedly,    worrier,    worries,    worrisome,    worry,    worrying,    worryingly,    worse,    worsen,    worsening,    worst,    worthless,    worthlessly,    worthlessness,    wound,    wounds,    wrangle,    wrath,    wreak,    wreaked,    wreaks,    wreck,    wrest,    wrestle,    wretch,    wretched,    wretchedly,    wretchedness,    wrinkle,    wrinkled,    wrinkles,    writhe,    wrong,    wrongful,    wrongly,    wrought

Negative words that start with Y


Negative words that start with Z

zap,    zapped,    zaps,    zealot,    zealous,    zealously,    zombie

If you are searching for positive words we recommend this list of positive words.

Paraules positives – llista

Llista de paraules positives de A a Z per a cada lletra de l’alfabet. Llista de paraules boniques i trets de caràcter positiu (adjectius positius) – Catalan.

La llista de paraules positives a continuació representa un bon recurs per a diferents projectes on s’utilitzen els següents: emocions positives, vocabulari positiu, pensament positiu, com pensar positius, sentiments positius, llista de paraules positives, paraules boniques, paraules positives, llista de paraules positives , paraules simpàtiques, bones paraules, adjectius positius, adjectius bons, diccionari positiu, paraules fantàstiques, paraules de poder.

Utilitzeu aquesta llista de paraules positives per als vostres projectes que necessitin: paraules potents, paraules amables, paraules guanyadores, adjectius complementaris, paraules feliços, adjectius bells, trets positius, trets de caràcter, adjectius per descriure les persones, paraules inspiradores, paraules inspiradores, paraules per descriure. persones, adjectius per descriure algú, paraules amables que comencen, paraules que comencen, adjectius que comencen amb, paraules positives que comencen amb.

paraules positives que comencen amb a

a consciència, abocat, abraçada, absolutament, abundància, abundant, acceptació, acceptació amorosa, acceptat, acció, aclamat, aconseguir, acordar, actiu, admirar, adorat, afable, afeccionat, afectuós, afirmativa, afluent, afortunat, agraciat, agradable, agraïment, agraït, ajuda, alegrar-se, alegre, alegria, alegria apreciativa, alegria celestial, alleujat, altruista, amabilitat amorosa, amable, amant de la diversió, amb esperit, amb ganes, ambiciós, amigable, amor, amor propi, amorós, ampliat, amunt, àngel, ànima, ànima bessona, animat, aparentment, apassionant, apassionat, apoderat, apreciació, apreciat, après, aprovar, aptitud, ara, art de la quietud, assaltar, assegurat, assenyat, assertiu, assolellat, atractiu, atrevida, autèntic, autoacceptar, autodisciplinat, autoritzar, avalat, aventura, aventurer

paraules positives que comencen amb b

bé, bellesa, benauradora, benaurança màgica, benediccions, beneficiós, beneït, benvingut, benvingut, besable, bon cor, bona salut, bondat, bonic, brillant, brillar, bufona, burbullós, buscar,

paraules positives que comencen amb c

caixa forta, càlid, calidesa, campió, canviar, capaç, carismàtic, cel, celebració, celebrat, celestial, centrada, centrat, cert, cims, clar, claredat, clàssic, clàssica, col·laboració, còmode, comoditat, compassió, compassiu, complert, compostes, comprensió, comunicatiu, coneixedor, coneixement, confiant, confiat, connectat a terra, connexió, consciència, conscient, considerada, contingut, contundent, cordial, cortesà, creatiu, creativitat, creixement, creixent, creu, cuidar, cura, curació, curat, curós

paraules positives que comencen amb d

d’esperit elevat, d’esperit lliure, de cor, de cor obert, de ment oberta, de principi, de tot cor, decidit, decisiu, dedicat, deessa, definitiva, delícia, deliciós, desconcertant, desgraciat, desig, desitjable, destacat, devoció, digne, dignitat, dinàmic, diplomàtic, discret, disposat, distingit, diversió, divertida, divertit, divina, dolça, donant, dret, dur

paraules positives que comencen amb e

educat, efectiu, efervescent, eficient, elecció, electrificant, elevat, eloqüència, emocional, emocionant, emocionat, empatia, empàtic, empàtica, en moviment, encaix, encant, encantador, encantat, encoratjador, energètic, energia, energia positiva, energitzat, enginy ràpid, enginyós, enlluernador, enlluernat, ensordiment, entranyable, entusiasme, entusiasta, equilibrat, equilibri, equitat, escumós, especial, espectacular, esperança, esperançador, esperit, espiritual, esplèndid, estel·lar, estimat, estimulat, estupend, etèric, etern, ètic, excel · lent, excel·lent, excepcional, èxit, expansiu, exquisit, extàtic, extraordinari

paraules positives que comencen amb f

fabulós, fàcil, facilitat, famós, fantàstic, fascinant, fe, feliç, feliç de cor, felicitació, felicitat, fenomenal, fiable, fidel, fidelitat, filosòfic, fira, flor, florint, florit, flux, força, fort, fortuït, franc, fresc

paraules positives que comencen amb g

generós, generositat, geni, genial, genuí, glamur, glamurós, glòria, gloriós, gràcia, gratificant, gratuït, gregària, guai, guapo, guspires

paraules positives que comencen amb h

hàbil, harmoniós, honrat, humorístic

paraules positives que comencen amb i

igualtat, il·limitat, il·luminació, il·luminat, il·luminats, imagina, imaginació, imaginatiu, impagable, imparcial, implicats, imprescindible, impressionant, inalterable, increïble, inefable, infinit, inigualable, innovació, innovador, innovar, inspiració, inspirador, inspirat, instantani, instintiu, intel · lectual, intel · ligent, intel·ligència, intel·ligent, intuïció, intuïtiu, invencible, inventiva, irreal

paraules positives que comencen amb j

jazz, joia, jove de cor, juganer, juvenil

paraules positives que comencen amb l

l’honestedat, la beatitud, la felicitat, la llibertat, la pau interior, la rectitud, la vida, l’amistat, l’eternitat, l’harmonia, llegendari, lleial, llest, llibertat, llum, lluminós, longevitat, lúcid, luxe, luxós

paraules positives que comencen amb m

màgia, màgic, magistral, magnífic, magnífica, ment que bufa, meravellós, mèrit, meritori, més enllà-fabulós, mestria, millor, minuciós, miraculós, modest, molt apreciat, motivador

paraules positives que comencen amb n

negreta, neta, no resistent, nodrir, nodrit, només, notable, novel·la, nutritiu,

paraules positives que comencen amb o

obert, obert de ment, obertura, optimisme, optimista, ordenada, ordenat, orgullós, originalitat

paraules positives que comencen amb p

paciència, pacient, pacífic, paradís, pau, pensaments positius, pensatiu, perdó, perdonar, perfecció, perfecte, permetent, pionera, plàcid, plaent, poca qualitat, poder, polit, por, positiu, posseir el meu poder, potent, pràctic, preciós, preparació, preparat, proactiu, productiu, progrés, progressar, propici, pròspera, prosperitat, protegit, proximitat, pur, pur amor i llum

paraules positives que comencen amb q

qualitat, que flueix

paraules positives que comencen amb r

racional, raig, ràpid, realització, receptiu, recompensa, recursos, reeixit, refinat, refrescant, refrescat, regal, rejovenit, relaxat, remenant, renovat, reservat, resiliència, resistent, respectat, resplendent, restaurada, ric, riquesa, riure, romàntic, rotund

paraules positives que comencen amb s

saber, saborós, sagrat, saludable, salut, Sant, satisfacció, satisfactori, satisfet, savi, segur, segur de si mateix, sencer, sensacional, sense esforç, sense fi, sense por, sensible, sentir-se bé, senzill, serè, serenitat, seriós, sí, significat, significatiu, simpàtic, sincer, somrient, somriure, sorprenent, sort, sostingut, sublim, sucós, suficient, suport

paraules positives que comencen amb t

tendre, tendresa, tímid, tranquil, tranquil·litat, tranquilitzant, transformador, transformant, treball dur, triomfant

paraules positives que comencen amb u

un, únic, unitat, útil,

paraules positives que comencen amb v

valent, valentia, valorat, valuós, veracitat, verd, verídic, versàtil, vertical, victòria, victoriós, vigoritzats, vigorós, virtuós, Visca, vitalitat, viu, vivesa

paraules positives que comencen amb y


paraules positives que comencen amb z

zel, zelós, zestós

Pozitivne riječi – lista

Lista pozitivnih riječi od A do Z za svako slovo abecede. Popis lijepih riječi i pozitivnih osobina znakova (pozitivni pridjevi) – Bosnian.

Popis pozitivnih riječi u nastavku predstavlja dobar izvor za različite projekte gdje se koriste sljedeće: pozitivne emocije, pozitivan rječnik, pozitivno razmišljanje, kako misliti o pozitivima, pozitivni osjećaji, popis pozitivnih riječi, lijepe riječi, pozitivne riječi, popis pozitivnih riječi , lijepe riječi, dobre riječi, pozitivni pridjevi, dobri pridjevi, pozitivni rječnik, cool riječi, moćne riječi.

Upotrijebite ovaj popis pozitivnih riječi za svoje projekte koji trebaju: moćne riječi, ljubazne riječi, pobjedničke riječi, besplatni pridjevi, sretne riječi, lijepi pridjevi, pozitivne osobine, crte karaktera, pridjevi za opisivanje ljudi, nadahnjujuće riječi, nadahnjujuće riječi, riječi za opisati ljudi, pridjevi za opisivanje nekoga, ljubazne riječi koje počinju, riječi koje počinju, pridjevi koji počinju, pozitivne riječi koje počinju s.

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa a

akcija, aktivan, altruistički, ambiciozan, anđeoski, angažman, apsolutno, asertivan, atraktivan, autentičan, avantura, avanturistički

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa b

balon, beskonačnost, beskrajan, besplatno, bez napora, blagoslovima, blagoslovljen, blagostanje, blagotvorno, blažen, blaženstvo, bliskost, blista, blistav, bogat, bogati, bogatstvo, boginja, božanstveno, brižna, brzo, brzog pameti, bujan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa c

časna, celina, centrirano, čestitam, cijenjen, cijenjeno, čist, čista ljubav i svjetlost, čisto, čudesan, čudesno, čudo, čuven, cvjetala, cvjetati

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa d

da, davanje, dinamičan, diplomatski, diskretan, divan, diviti se, divno, dobro, dobro zdravlje, dobrodošla, dobrodošli, dobrota, dohvaćanje, dolikuje, dopadljiv, dopuštajući, dosadan, dosta, dostojan, dostojnost, drago mi je, dragoceno, dragocjen, društveni, dugovječnost, duha, duhovit, duhovita, duhovno, duša, duševan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa e

efikasan, ekspanzivan, ekstatično, elegantan, elektrificiranje, elokvencija, emotivni, empatičan, empatija, energičan, energije, entuzijastičan, entuzijazam, esencijalno, eterijski, etično

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa f

fantastično, fascinantno, fenomenalan, fenomenalno, fenomenalnost, fer, filozofskog

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa g

genijalan, genijalno, glamura, glamurozan, gore, graciozan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa h

harmonija, hrabar, hrabrost, hraniti, hranjiva

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa i

idealno, ideja, impresivno, imućan, inovacija, inovativni, inovirati, inspiracija, inspirativni, inspirisan, instinktivno, intelektualac, inteligencija, inteligentan, intuitivan, intuitivnost, inventivni, inventivnost, iskren, iskrena, iskrenost, ispunjeno, istaknuti, istinito, istinitost, izbor, izdvojiti, izlječenje, iznenađujuće, izvanredan, izvjesni, izvrstan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa f

jak, jasno, jasnoća, jedan, jedinstven, jedinstvo, jednakost, jednostavno, jej, jubilan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa k

karizmatičan, klasičan, klasični, komponovao, komunikativan, konstantno, korisno, korisnost, krajnji, kreativan, kreativnost, krećući se, krepostan, kvaliteta

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa l

lagano, laknulo, lako, lakoća, legendarno, lijepo, ljepota, ljubav, ljubazan, ljubazno prihvaćanje, ljubaznost, ljubaznost-ljubaznost, ljubiti, ljupko, lucidan, luksuz, luksuzno

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa m

magična blaženost, magično, magija, majstorski, majstorstvo, marljiv, mašta, maštoviti, mešanje, milost, milostiv, mir, miran, mladenački, mladog srca, moćan, motivirajuće, mudar,

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa n

nada, nadati se, nagrada, nagrađivanje, naizgled, najbolje, napredak, naučio, nebesa, nebeska radost, nebeski, neefikasan, negovana, negovanje, neodoljiva, neograničeno, neotporan, nepobedivi, nepojmljiv, nepokolebljiv, neposredan, nepristrasan, neprocjenjivo, nestvarno, neuporediv, neustrašiva, neverovatno, nevjerovatno, nezaboravno, nezavisna, njegovan, njegovati, nježan, nježnost

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa o

obilan, obilje, obilna, obnovljen, obnovljena, obožavan, obrazovan, obzirno, očaran, očaravajuće, odana, odanost, odjekuje, odličan, odlicno, odlučan, odlučujući, odobrava, odobreno, odobriti, održivi, oduševljen, oduševljenje, oduzimajući dah, ohrabrujući, okrepljen, oproštaj, optimističan, optimizam, opušten, originalan, originalni, originalnost, osetljiv, osigurani, osjećati se dobro, osmeh, osmijeh, osnažen, osnažiti, oštar, ostvarenje, ostvariti, osvetljen, osvežavajuće, osvježen, otporan, otpornost, otrovan, otvorena, otvorenog srca, otvorenog uma, otvorenost, ozbiljno, ozdravio, oživio

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa p

pacijent, pametan, pažljiv, pažljivost, pionirski, placidan, plemenita, pobedonosni, pobjeda, pod naponom, podebljano, pogodan, pohlepan, poklon, polirano, poljupljiv, pomlađena, ponosan, popularan, poseban, posjedovanje-moje moći, pošteno raspoložen, postignuće, poštovana, poštovani, posvećen, potporni, potvrdan, pouzdan, povoljno, poželjno, pozitivna energija, pozitivne misli, pozitivno, poznat, praktičan, praštajući, pravednost, prekrasna, prekrasno, pretvarajući se, prihvaćeno, prihvatanje, prijatan, prijateljski, prijateljstvo, prijatno, prijemčivi, prilagodljiv, prilično, principijelan, pripremljeni, prirodno, pristojan, privlačan, privržen, proaktivan, procvat, produktivni, promjena, proširen, proslava, prosperitetna, prosvećen, prosvetljenje, protoka, prvak

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa r

racionalno, radost, radostan, raduj se, rafinirano, raj, raskošan, rast, raste, ravnoteže, razigran, razuman, razumevanje, revnosan, revnost, rezervisano, robustan, roman, romantičan

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa s

sad, sadržaj, šaljivi, samo, samodisciplinovan, samoljubiv, samoljublje, samopouzdan, samoprihvatanje, samouvjeren, šampion, saosećajni, saosećanje, saradnja, šarm, šarmantan, savesni, savjestan, savršena, savršenstvo, senzacionalno, siguran, sigurno, simpatičan, širokogrudan, sjaj, sjajan, skladan, skroman, slatko, slava, slavili, slažete se, sloboda, slobodoumni, slučajno, smijati se, smiješno, smion, smisleno, smješkajući se, snage, snalažljiv, snalažljivost, snažan, sočan, spektakularno, spokoj, spokojan, sposobna, sposobnost, spreman, spremnost, spretan, srdačan, srdačno, srdačnost, sreća, srećna, srećnog srca, sretan, srodna duša, stidljiv, strahopoštovanje, strastven, strpljenje, šumeće, sunčan, sunčanost, svesrdno, svest, svestran, sveti, sveto, svež, svijest, svijetao, svjesno, svjestan, svjetlost

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa t

tačno, teče, temeljno, težina, tiho, tišina, tolerantna, toplo, transformativni, trenutak, trenutna, trijumfalno, tvrd

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa u

u izobilju, u redu, udobnost, ugodan, ugodno, uključeni, ukusan, ukusno, uljudan, umjetnost tišine, unutrašnji mir, uporan, uravnotežen, uredan, ushićen, uspeh, uspešan, uspijeva, uspravno, usredsređen, uvažavajući, uvažavanje, uvjerljiv, užaren, uzbuđen, uzbudljiv, uzbudljivo, uzdignut, uzemljen, uzvišen

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa v

večnim, vedrina, veličanstven, velikodušan, velikodušnost, veselo, vešt, veza, visoko raspoložen, vitalno, vitalnost, vječnost, vjera, vjerni, vjernost, vjerujte, volio, voljeni, voljni, vrhovima, vrhunski,

pozitivne riječi koje počinju sa z

zabava, zabavno, zadovoljan, zadovoljavajuće, zadovoljstvo, zagrljaj, zahvalan, zahvalna radost, zahvalnost, zamisli, zamišljen, zanosan, zapanjujuće, zapanjujući, zaslepljen, zaslepljujuće, zasluga, zaslužan, zaštićen, zdrav, zdravlja, zeleno, želja, željan, zgodan, živahna, živopisan, živost, život, značenje, znajući, znanje, zračenje, zvjezdani

Hitz positiboak – zerrenda

Alfabetoaren letra bakoitzerako A eta Z hitz positiboen zerrenda. Hitz ederren eta karaktere positiboen zerrenda (izenondo positiboak) – Basque.

Jarraian, hitz positiboen zerrenda baliabide ona da, non erabiltzen diren proiektu desberdinetarako: emozio positiboak, hiztegi positiboa, pentsamendu positiboa, nola pentsatu sentimenduak, sentimendu positiboak, hitz positiboen zerrenda, hitz ederrak, hitz positiboak, hitz positiboen zerrenda. , hitz politak, hitz onak, adjektibo positiboak, adjektibo onak, hiztegi positiboa, hitz freskoak, botere hitzak.

Erabili hitz positiboen zerrenda hau behar duten proiektuetarako: hitz indartsuak, hitz atseginak, hitz irabazleak, osagarri diren adjektiboak, hitz zoriontsuak, adjektibo ederrak, ezaugarri positiboak, pertsonaiaren ezaugarriak, pertsonak deskribatzeko adjektiboak, hitz inspiratzaileak, hitzak inspiratzeko hitzak, deskribatzeko hitzak. jendea, norbait deskribatzeko adjektiboak, hasten diren hitz atseginak, hasten diren hitzak, hasten diren adjektiboak, hasten diren hitz baikorrak.

a batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

abala, abentura, abenturazalea, aberasgarria, aberastasuna, aberats, aberatsa, adeitasuna, adeitsu, adimen, adimentsuak, adiskidetasuna, adiskidetsu, adorea, ados, ahalbidetuz, ahalik, ahalmena, aintza, aitzindari, aktibo, alaia, alaitasun, alaitasuna, aldaketaren, altruista, amaigabeak, apala, aparteko, apartekoa, arduratsuan, argi, argia, argitasun, argitsua, argiztatutako, arima, arintzeko, arrakasta, arrazionala, askatasuna, askatasunaren, asko eskertzen, asmamena, atsegina, atseginak, aukera, aurrerapena, ausarta, ausartak, ausartenak, auto-diziplina, auto-konfiantza, auto-maitasun, auto-maitekorra, auto-onartuz, awe, azkar, azkar-witted, azken, azoka-zabaltasuna

b batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

babestuta, bai, baiezko, baikor, baikortasuna, bakea, baketsu, baliotsua, baloratzen, bare, barkamena, barkatzea, barre, barruko bakea, bat, batasuna, batasunari, bedeinkatu, bedeinkatzeko, beldurrik, benetako, benetakoa, berdea, berdintasuna, berehalako, bereizten, berezia, bereziak, bermatuak, bero, berrikuntza, berritu, berritzaileak, bertutetsu, besarkada, besterik, betetzeko, betierekoa, betikotasunaren, bidezko, bihotz irekia, bihotz oneko, bikain, bikaina, bikainaz, bikaintasunez, bimbela, bizia, biziraupena, bizitasun, bizitasuna, bizitza, bondad

c batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

celo, chihiroren

d batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

debozio, dedikatu, dibertigarria, dibertigarriagoa, dinamikoa, dinamizatzen, diplomatikoak, diskretu, distira, distiratsua, distiratsuak, doan, dohatasunaz, dotore, dotoreak

e batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

ederra, ederrez, edertasuna, edukiaren, egiazkoa, egiazkoak, egokitzea, eguzkitsua, ekintza, elastikoak, eleberri, elikatu, elikatzen, elokuentzia, emanaldirik, emanez, ematea, emozionala, energetikoa, energia, energia positiboa, enpatia, enpatikoa, entzunezkoen, erabakigarri, erabat, eraginez, eraginkor, erakargarria, eraldatzaile, eraldatzen, eroso, erosotasuna, erradiatzailea, erraz, erraza, erreserbatutako, erresilientzia, errespetatu, errespetatzen, erromantikoa, errukia, errukitsua, esanahia, esanguratsuak, esker on, eskertu, eskuineko, eskuratzen, eskuzabala, eskuzabaltasuna, espiritua, espirituala, estimatzen, estimua, etengabeko, etiko, euskarri, ezagunak, ezagutza, ezagutzaile, ez-erresistentzia, ezinbesteko, ezinbestekoa, ezusteko

f batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

fantastiko, fede, fidagarriak, fidatu, fidela, fideltasun, filosofikoak, fina, findu, freskagarria, freskatu, freskoa, fun-maitekorra

g batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

gai, gailurretan, galantak, garaiezina, garaile, garaipena, garbi, gazte-at-bihotza, gaztetu, gaztetxoen, gertutasuna, glamour, glamourra, gloriosa, gogo, gogoa, gogoangarri, gogor lan, gogorra, gogotsu, goi-chihiroren, gozamenerako, gozoa, gozoak, grazia, gregario, grina, gurtzen

h batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

handia, handinahi, haratago-primerako, harmonia, harmonikoa, harrigarria, harrigarriak, harro, hartzaileagoa, hazkundea, hazten ari, hedapen, herri-, hunkigarria

i batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

ideia, ikasia, ikusgarri, ikusgarria, ikusgarriak, ilusioa, ilustratuak, ilustrazioaren, imajinatu, indarra, indartsu, indartsua, independente, infinitua, inpartziala, inspiratuta, inspirazio, intelektuala, intuitibo, iraunkor, iraunkorra, ireki, irekiagoak, irekietan, irmoa, irreala, irribarre, irribarrez, irrikaz, irudimena, irudimentsu, irudimentsua, itxaropena, itxaropentsu, iustitiá, izar, izpiritu askea

j batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

jabe-my-power, jainkosa, jainkozko, jakintsu, jakitea, jakitun, jarrera, jatorra, jatorrizko, jenio

k batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

kalitatea, karisma, kartsua, kementsu, klasikoa, komenigarria, komunikatiboak, konexio, kontuan-herrigintza, kontutan, kontuz, kontzientzia, kualifikatua, kunplitu

l batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

lagungarria, lankidetza, lasai, lasaia, lasaitasuna, lasaitu, lausotuta geratzen, leheneratu, leialak, leuna, leundu, liluragarri, liluragarria, liluragarriak, lizitazio, lodia, loratu, loratzea, lorea, lorpen, lotsati, ludikoak, luxuzko

m batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

magia, magikoa, magistral, maisutasun, maitagarri, maitagarria, maitasun, maitasun eta argi hutsa, maite, maitearen, maitekor, maitekorra, maitekorra-adeitasuna, mamitsuena, merezi, meritu, milagrosa, miragarria, mirari, miresten, mitikoen, moldagarria, mota-bihotza, motibagarria, mugagabea, mugitzen

n batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

nabarmenak, nabarmentzekoa, nahia, nahiko, nahikoa, nolako, nutritiboa,

o batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

ohorezko, oinarrituak, ona, onarpen maitekorra, onarpena, onartu, ondo, ondo sentitu, onena, onestea, ongietorri, ongietorria, onuragarria, opari, oparo, oparoa, oparotasun, orain, oreka, orekatua, originaltasuna, osasun, osasun ona, osasuntsu, osatuta, osoa, osotasunean, ospakizun, ospetsua, ospetsuenetakoa

p batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

paregabeko, parte, patxada, pazientzia, pentsaera irekia, pentsakor, pentsamendu positiboak, perfektua, perfekzioa, polifazetikoa, polita, positiboa, poz pozgarria, pozik, pozik epel, pozten, praktikoa, prest, prestatutako, preziatu, preziorik, primerako, pro-aktiboa, produktiboa, purua,

q batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

quietness artea

s batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

sakon, sakratuak, samurtasuna, santua, saria, sariaren, saritua, seguru, sendatu, sendatzeko, sendoa, senezkoa, sentikor, serio, sinestezina, solidario, sorgindutako, sormena, suna, sustatuz, sutsua

t batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

tente, toleranteak, trebea, txalotua, txapelduna, txukuna, txukunena

u batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

ugaria, ugaritasuna, ulermena, umoretsu, uste

x batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

xarma, xarmangarri

z batekin hasten diren hitz baikorrak

zabaldu, zabal-zabaltasuna, zehaztuko, zenbait, zentratu, zentratua, zeruko poza, zerura, zerutar, zintzo, zintzotasuna, zirraragarria, ziur, ziurtatzeko, zoragarri, zoragarria, zorion, zorion magikoa, zorionak, zorioneko, zoriontasuna, zoriontsu, zorte, zortea

Positive Words Research – Hitz positiboak – zerrenda – list of positive words in Basque language

Thetiká Lógia

Positive Words Research

Thetiká Lógia – katálogos to̱n thetikó̱n léxeo̱n – thetikí̱ lexilógio – Greek language

Thetikés léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma A

SE THESI̱, ACCEPT – APODOCHI̱ – apodektí̱ – DEKTES – APODOCHI̱, DRASI̱, na energopoií̱sei, ENERGEIA, ADD, exállou, latref̱tós, ADVANTAGE, EPIVEVAIO̱NOUN, agérastos, SYMFO̱NOUN, ef̱cháristos, AID, AIM, ti̱n afthonía, ti̱ logodosía, epítev̱gma – na epitef̱chtheí, AKRIVEIA, epítev̱gma – EPITEU̱XI̱, APODEIKTIKO, prosarmostikóti̱ta, PERIPETEIA – peripeteió̱des, ti̱n ef̱kini̱sía, egrí̱gorsi̱, filodoxía, próvlepsi̱, EKTIMOÚSA – AXIOLOGI̱SI̱ – AXIOLOGI̱SI̱S – APPRECIATIVENESS, af̱topepoíthi̱si̱ – kati̱gori̱matikós, prosochí̱, tólmi̱, GNO̱RIZONTAS – EV̱AISTHI̱TOPOII̱SI̱, af̱thentikí̱ – ti̱ gni̱sióti̱ta, Amprakatámpra, élxi̱, EPITREPOUN – epitrépontas, STORGI̱ – storgikós, aporrofátai ALERT, ékpli̱ktoi, AWE – Tháv̱masa, émpsycha – Animated – empsýcho̱si̱ – Animation – ANIMATENESS, flogerós, katapli̱ktikó, foveró – déous, prokálese, ékpli̱ktos – EKPLI̱KTIKO, diaskedázei, AIR – Airness, to ALOHA, latrév̱oun, na thav̱másei, Thav̱mastí̱, ALLURE, ANGEL – ANGELIKI̱, o altrouismós – altrouistikí̱, afthonoún – afthonoún – ABOUNDS- áfthoni̱, APOLYTI̱ – Apolýto̱s, prosití̱, kataxio̱ménos, FILOXENI̱SEI – STEGAZONTAI – DIAMONI̱ – Filoxenó̱ntas, áfthoni̱, AXIOLOGI̱SI̱S JOY, o Amín, ACCENTUACTIVITY, ACTABILITY, katadektikós, prothymía , ALTRUCAUSE, AMIABLE, ekpli̱ktikí̱, elkystikó, zo̱ntanó – zo̱ntánias, ACCLAIM, áfthoni̱ ikanopoíi̱si̱, voí̱s, olokli̱ro̱ménos, EPITEV̱GMATA, AKRIVI̱, me akríveia, EPITEU̱XIMA, ta epitév̱gmata, DRASI̱ gia ti̱n ef̱tychía, energó kai epoikodomi̱tikó VI̱MATA, práxeis kalosýni̱s, PROSARMOGI̱, prosarmostikí̱, EPARKEIS , axiotháv̱masta, thav̱masmó, tháv̱maze, látrev̱e, latrév̱ontas, latreía, ADVANCED, symférousa, epo̱feló̱s, pleonektí̱mata, prosí̱neia, prosi̱nó̱s, i̱ syngéneia, epivevaío̱si̱, thetiká, ti̱n ev̱i̱mería, éf̱poroi, to antéxoun oikonomiká, oikonomiká, oikonomiká, ef̱kíni̱to, AGILELY, terpnóti̱ta, ef̱chárista, ef̱thygrammisména , óla eínai kalá, deleastikós, alluringly, enallaktikés therapeíes, anidioteló̱s, ekplí̱ssei, Ékpli̱xi̱, ekplí̱ssei, ekpli̱ktiká, filofroní̱seis, filikóti̱tas, FILIKOS, filiká, diaskedastikó, me antikeímeno aíti̱si̱ anairéseo̱s, elkystikí̱, cheirokrotí̱soun, axiólogos, ektimátai, EKTIMA, ektími̱si̱ ti̱s omorfiás, me ektími̱si̱, katálli̱lo, ti̱s énkrisi̱s, na enkrínei, ARDOR, TECHNI̱ TI̱S ektími̱si̱, TECHNI̱ ti̱s akini̱sías, TECHNI̱S ti̱s ev̱i̱merías, ti̱s diasfálisi̱s, énas lógos gia ti̱n ýparxi̱, ACARONAR, chalarí̱, ALTITUDINARIAN, KATAPLI̱KTIKI̱ lógia, AMIABILY

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma B

Makarízo̱ Makarió̱tate, ev̱ergetikó, BENEFIT, kaloproaíreti̱, agapi̱méni̱, kalýteros, kalýtera, EV̱LOGI̱SOUN – EV̱LOGIA – Makárioi, BLISS – ev̱daimonías – ef̱tychisménos, ánthi̱si̱, ánthos, BALANCE – Isorropi̱méni̱, OMORFIA – OMORFI̱ – OMORFA, ANI̱KOUN – ta opoía aní̱koun, ti̱n tólmi̱, ti̱n andreía, BRILLIANCE – lamprí̱, BLISS sti̱ vrýsi̱, PERA katapli̱ktiká, ti̱ filía, fo̱teinó, fo̱teinóti̱tas, vallistikí̱, anatináxeis Kamménos, týflo̱si̱, kóvei ti̱n anása, ti̱ diochétef̱sí̱, busting, BLISSCIPLINE, BUYANCY, ti̱n aisiodoxía, zo̱i̱róti̱ta, plef̱stóti̱ta, kéfi, BRIO, BE EKTAKTI̱S, Be Happy , omorfýnei, vrískontai se anápaf̱si̱, ev̱ergéti̱s, ta oféli̱, Kalosýni̱, kaloproaíreta, kaloproaíreta EÚ̱THYMO katástasi̱ tou nou, to kalýtero apó ólous tous pithanoús kósmous, PERA, Omorfiá se óla ta prágmata, beingness, pistef̱tó, AIMATOS-BROTHERS

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma G

CARE – FRONTIDA, i̱remía, DI̱MIOURGIA, CREATIVE – DI̱MIOURGIKOTI̱TA – Di̱miourgikóti̱ta, BOROUN – DYNATOTI̱TA – áxia, giortázoun – GIORTI̱ ORISMENES – dikaíou, FILANTHRO̱PIKES – Filanthro̱pía, GOURI – Kalaísthi̱to – gói̱s, EPILOGI̱, CLEAN – katharióti̱ta, i̱ ánesi̱ – áneta – parí̱goro, Ankaliá – ankaliázontas, CANDOR, sýnesi̱, PROKLI̱SI̱, ALLAGI̱, charoúmena – ef̱thymía, ti̱ safí̱neia, ti̱ synergasía, DESMEU̱SI̱, EPIKOINO̱NIA, KOINOTI̱TAS, ti̱s sympónias – symponetikós, ARMODIES – ARMODIOTI̱TA – ikanotí̱to̱n, SYNKENTRO̱SI̱, af̱topepoíthi̱si̱ – Empistosýni̱, SYNEIDI̱SI̱, SYNEPEIA – synepeís, PERIECHOMENO – ikanopoíi̱si̱, ti̱ synécheia – Synechí̱s, SYMMETOCHI̱, katadíki̱ – peistikí̱, SYNERGASIA, to thárros, i̱ ev̱géneia – ev̱genikí̱, períergos – ANI̱SYCHIA, TSAKRA, droseró, pnev̱matikí̱ diáv̱geia, me epíkentro, ti̱n engýti̱ta, ti̱ syntrofikóti̱ta, SKEFTHEÍTE – EXETASI̱, KOINO̱NIA, CONNECT – SYNDEONTAI – SYNDESI̱ – synektikóti̱ta , na kataktá, charito̱ménos, CHARISMA – Charismatikós, ta opoía syllégontai, charoúmena prothymía, ti̱n ygeiá mas antistoichía, enkárdia, strófalo (UP), KEFALAIA, po̱matismoú, safeís, chádi, charoúmeni̱ diáthesi̱, enko̱miastikoús órous, ef̱charisti̱ménos, zestasiá, exypnáda

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma D

KATEU̱THYNSI̱, leptí̱, axioprepí̱, epithymi̱tí̱, nóstima – deliciousness, DO, DREAM – oneirikí̱, DYNAMIC, tólmi̱, apofasistikóti̱ta, DELIGHT – Enthousiasménos – Ef̱cháristo, axiopistía, ti̱n epithymía, apofasistikóti̱ta, afosío̱si̱, ti̱n axioprépeia, ti̱n ergatikóti̱ta, ti̱n peitharchía, ti̱n anakálypsi̱, i̱ diakritikóti̱ta, i̱ poikilomorfía, DRIVE, KATHI̱KON THEIA, thampo̱ménos, DISNEY, afiero̱méno, DANDY, Daímo̱n, anémelos, apokólli̱si̱, afiero̱méno, DAUWTRAPPEN, thámvos, apolaf̱stiká

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma E

ENSYNAISTHI̱MA – sympáschoun – emfatikí̱, EASY – Éf̱kola – ef̱kolótera, na ekpaidéf̱sei – EKPAIDEU̱SI̱ – morfo̱ménos, apotelesmatikí̱, ENERGOPOII̱SI̱ – enabled, energi̱tikós – ENERGIZE – ENERGEIA, ENGAGE – SYMMETOCHI̱ – ASKOUN, APOLAU̱STE – DIASKEDASI̱, ARKETA, próthymos – prothymía, apotelesmatikóti̱tas, ti̱s apodotikóti̱tas, ELATION, kompsóti̱ta, ti̱n enthárrynsi̱ – ENTHARRYNSI̱ – enethárryne, ti̱n antochí̱, ti̱n isóti̱ta, ti̱n aristeía – ARISTI̱, EXCITE – Enthousiasmós – enthousiasménoi, empeiría, ti̱n technogno̱sía, ti̱n exerév̱ni̱si̱, ti̱n ekfrastikóti̱ta – EKFRAZOUN, fó̱tisi̱, AIO̱NIA, empsýcho̱si̱s, mimi̱thoún, na exousiodotí̱sei – Endynámo̱si̱ – exousía, epektatikí̱, Synarpastikí̱, Enthousió̱di̱s – O enthousiasmós, aporrofi̱ménos, mageméno, ekstasiasméno, ekstatiká, SYNAFEIS, synarpásei, pli̱tho̱rikó – pli̱tho̱rikóti̱ta, anaméno̱n, EQUANIMOUS, anazo̱ogoneítai, ti̱n apotelesmatikóti̱ta, ti̱n ef̱kolía, PARADEIGMATIKI̱, EKTAKTI̱, sovará, ELEVATE – af̱xi̱ména, i̱remía, ef̱kolía NOU, enthousiasménos próvlepsi̱, EXTRA, IDIO̱N KEFALAIO̱N – díkaia – díkaia, éf̱kolo na milí̱sei, éf̱kolo sti̱n proséngisi̱ ECSTATIFY, EUDAEMONISM, EUDAEMONIST, EUDAEMONISTIC, ev̱daimonía, EUDAMONIA, exelíssontai, exypsó̱nontas, EXSTATISFY, thriamvef̱tikós, astronomiká, CHAMPION, CHAMP », i̱lektriká, TERASTIA , EKTAKTI̱, synarpastikó, exaísia, avíasti̱, EUNOIA, oikosofía, ef̱forías, ankaliá, EV̱RYTERI̱ lógia, entharryntiká lógia, Erlebnis

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma F

FANTASTIKI̱, na aisthánontai kalá – kalí̱ aísthi̱si̱, FLOW – réei, ypérochi̱, FAIR, ti̱n písti̱, pistós, FAME, to agapi̱méno, ti̱ dikaiosýni̱, ti̱n oikogéneia, FIDELITY, EV̱ELIXIA, FOCUS, akmázoun, synchó̱resé – syncho̱ró̱ntas – Synchó̱resi̱, sthénos, DO̱REAN – ELEU̱THERIA, litóti̱ta, FUN, MELLON, o fílos – FILIKO – Filía – filikóti̱ta, synarpázoun – goi̱tev̱ménos pli̱roún – Ikanopoii̱ménos, TROFIMO̱N, nev̱rikós – FEISTINESS, eínai efiktó, FINE, Atrómi̱tos, eortastiká – festiveness, FIT, Fantabulous, Freecycle, FUNERIFIC, FUNOLOGY, ápsogi̱, diási̱mos, FANCY, fantachterós, FTW, asteía asteía, ektheiázoun, chaïdév̱o̱

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma G

GLOW, gennaiódo̱ri̱ – i̱ gennaiodo̱ría, i̱ DI̱MIOURGIA, GENIAL, GENIUS, gní̱sia, DO̱RO, GIVE – dínontas, KALI̱, ti̱n kalosýni̱, ti̱n ypérvasi̱ ti̱s metrióti̱tas, GRACE, ti̱n ev̱gno̱mosýni̱ – ev̱gno̱mosýni̱, GROW – ANAPTYXI̱, ODI̱GOS – Katef̱thyntí̱ria – kathodí̱gi̱si̱, o Theós, geio̱méni̱, DOXA , ef̱séveia, ti̱n kalí̱ synaísthi̱ma, GROOVY, zalisménos, ef̱tycheís, kalí̱ ygeía, aígli̱, chachani̱tá, THEA, panémorfo – megaloprépeia, megaleíou, GENERAVITY, tzéntleman, gigántio, GRAND, MEGAS, tzíntzer, ev̱diáthetos, KALI̱S THELI̱SI̱S, ev̱gnó̱mo̱n, GEMUTLICHKEIT, GIBIGIANA, GIGIL, kaló pnév̱ma tous mónimous, kalí̱ kouvénta, kalá lógia, ev̱diáthetos, YPERAXIA

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma Y

ELPIDA – aisiodoxía, ef̱tychía – Happy – ef̱tychó̱s, armonikí̱ – enarmónisi̱ – ARMONIA, YGEIA – ygií̱, KARDIA, Geia sas, HELP – VOI̱THI̱TIKA – voi̱thó̱ntas, HOT – TIMIOS – timióti̱ta, ti̱n anthró̱pini̱, chioúmor, exypi̱retikóti̱ta, HERO – i̱ro̱ismó, IERA – agióti̱tas, TIMI̱, FILOXENIA, tapeinós, HEAVEN – paradeisénio, HALO, eilikriní̱, synkini̱tikí̱, ‘éna synkekriméno si̱meío, charoúmeni̱ kardiá, prosektikós, ómorfos, TERASTIA, HIGH-syneídi̱si̱, diakekriménoi, ef̱tychisménos Lógia, KARDIA-ENKAINIA, filóxeni̱, anthró̱pini̱ akmí̱, diakekriménoi

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma I

FANTASIA, INSPIRE – EMPNEU̱SI̱ – EMPNEOMENOI – Empnef̱sménos, ston éro̱ta, IDEA, apístef̱to, kainotomíes – KAINOTOMIA, endiaféron – TOKOI – ENDIAFEREI, VELTIO̱SI̱, ANEXARTI̱SIA, ti̱n epirroí̱, ti̱n ef̱strofía, ti̱n eso̱terikí̱ eirí̱ni̱, Insight – dioratikóti̱ta – dioratikí̱, AKERAIOTI̱TA, ti̱n ef̱fyḯa – EXYPNI̱ , ti̱n éntasi̱, ti̱n oikeióti̱ta, diaísthi̱si̱, ti̱n efev̱retikóti̱ta, ti̱n epéndysi̱, PROTHESI̱, NEAS O̱THI̱SI̱S – anazo̱ogoni̱méni̱, kéntrise to endiaféron, SYNEPAGETAI – EMPLEKONTAI, ENTAXI̱, athó̱os, áfato, atrómi̱tos, ton idealismó, FO̱TISMOS – FO̱TEINES, APARAMILLI̱, aníki̱tos, períergos, ápeiros, ápeiro, epifaní̱s, ESO̱TERIKO , ICHARIBA Chode, IKIGAI, APISTEU̱TI̱ exypnáda, mónima, empnef̱sména lógia, empnéontas WORD, empnéontas lógia, iridízon, epifaní̱s, ESO̱TERIKO

Thetikés léxeis archízoun me to grámma J

JOY – charoúmeni̱ – charoúmeni̱, asteío, ef̱chárista, próscharos, APLA, DIKAIOSYNI̱, pericharí̱s, JUVENESCENT, JUMPY, Jammin ‘, JUBILINGO

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma K


Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma L

LIKE, gélio – gélio, LEARN – MATHI̱SI̱, LIFE, LIVE – SALONI, POLYTELEIAS, ti̱ makrozo̱ía, ti̱n písti̱ – pistós, AGAPI̱ – axiagápi̱tos – AGÁPI̱, LIBERTY, LOGIC, LEADER – I̱GESIA, týchi̱ – LUCKY, FO̱S, storgikí̱ kalosýni̱, zo̱ntaní̱, zo̱í̱ tou kómmatos, ómorfi̱, AGÁPI̱ APODOCHI̱, aisthí̱mata agápi̱s, Ergáti̱ Fo̱tós, odi̱gó̱ntas, fo̱s omíchli̱s, ti̱s zo̱í̱s mésa, di̱ladí̱ ti̱n agápi̱, erastí̱s ti̱s omorfiás, lamperí̱ kai stilpní̱ CHRO̱MATA

Thetikés léxeis archízoun me to grámma M

Énnoia – nói̱ma, PERISSOTERA, ypérochi̱, MAJESTY, pollá, thav̱másia, MERIT, kíni̱tra, THAV̱MA, MAGIC, pou kánoun ti̱ diaforá, gnó̱si̱, ti̱n o̱rimóti̱ta, ECHONTAS EPIGNO̱SI̱ – mindfulness, semnóti̱ta, ta kíni̱tra – PARAKINI̱SI̱S, ELEOS, dialogismó, to myaló-blowing, ó̱rimos, METAKINI̱THI̱KE, KINI̱SI̱, amoivaióti̱ta, pénthos, MELIORISM, MENCH, MINDSIGHT, MINDSIGHT, megála, í̱pia, katanoi̱tés léxeis, axéchasti̱, morphing, kíni̱tra lógia, parakinó̱ntas LEXEIS, LEXEIS PARAKINI̱SI̱S, pou diakinoúntai

Thetikés léxeis archízoun me to grámma N

NOBLE, kalliergó̱ntas – PAGIOPOII̱STE, mi̱-antístasi̱s – mi̱ anthektikó̱n, NEA, NIKAIA, NIRVANA, petychi̱ménos, ti̱ fýsi̱-made, thréfoun – tréfetai – Threptikí̱ – trofí̱, Namaste, neoteny, OMORFA LOGIA

Thetikés léxeis archízoun me to grámma X

OPTIMIST – aisiódoxos, exairetikí̱, OK, ON, kai metá, OPEN – anoichtá – ENKAINIA, anoichtómyali̱, EU̱KAIRIA, pro̱tótypo, diafáneia, aisiodoxía, i̱ táxi̱, orgáno̱si̱, ti̱n pro̱totypía, ti̱n ékvasi̱, ton prosanatolismó, ypákouos, anoichtókardoi, OMG, xeperastoún, OM MANI̱ padme FACH, exerchómeni̱, ENOTI̱TA, OUTERNATIONALIST, ypervoliká aisiódoxes

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma R

PERFECT – teleióti̱ta, POSITIVE ENERGY, thetikés sképseis, thetiká gegonóta, thetiká dedoména, thetikés pepoithí̱seis, EIRI̱NI̱ – katev̱násei, PARADISE – paradeisénia, to páthos – páthos, PARAKALO̱, PURE, dioratikóti̱ta, ti̱n epimoní̱, ti̱n epimoní̱, ti̱n proso̱pikí̱ anáptyxi̱, ti̱n ef̱charísti̱si̱, thetikí̱ stási̱, THETIKES LEXEIS, POWER – Ischyró, ti̱n praktikóti̱ta, AKRIVEIAS, ti̱n etoimóti̱ta, ti̱n parousía, ti̱ syntí̱ri̱si̱, ti̱n idio̱tikí̱ zo̱í̱, proactivity – PROLI̱PTIKI̱, próodo, ev̱i̱mería ev̱i̱meroúsa, SYNEPEIA – Akriveís, ypomoní̱, yperí̱fanos, ef̱charisti̱ménos, PLAY – PLAYFUL – paichnídisma, SYMMETOCHI̱, SKOPOS, pick-me -up, PRONOIA, ef̱seví̱s, koutávia, ev̱genikós, i̱ thetikí̱ gnó̱mi̱, thetikí̱ sképsi̱, ómorfi̱, polýtimi̱, chári̱, zo̱i̱ráda, nostimáda, POSICHOICE, POSIDRIVING, POSIFIT, POSILENZ, POSIMASS, POSIMINDER, POSIRATIO, POSIRIPPLE, POSIRIPPLER, POSIRIPPLES, POSISINGER, POSISITE , POSISTRENGTH, POSITIBILITARIAN, POSITRACTION, POSITUDE, POSIVALUES, POSIWORD, POSSIBILITARIAN, tachýti̱ta, PROTO, anektími̱ti̱, PEP – sfrígos, PERMALICIOUS, tharraléos, POLLYANNAISM, yperi̱fáneia, thetiká synaisthí̱mata, eirí̱ni̱ tou myaloú, EIRI̱NIKI̱ lógia, PETRICHOR, PHILOCALIST, ta thetiká synaisthí̱mata, thetiká synaisthí̱mata, THETIKI̱ lexilógio, oi léxeis POWER, ischyró thetiká lógia, ischyrés léxeis, POWER-ON, power-up, PROSTASIA

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma Q

POIOTI̱TA, í̱sycho – I̱sychía, ta grafiká, i̱remía, vasilikós, tachýteri̱, leptí̱ diaforá, i̱remías NOU, LEXEIS POIOTI̱TA

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma R

SEVASMOS, aktinovólo, ETOIMO – etoimóti̱ta, REAL – PRAGMATIKOTI̱TA, LOGO, na systí̱sei, REFRESH – ananeo̱ménoi, RELAX – chalarí̱, atéleia, ti̱n anakoúfisi̱ – anakoufisménos, axiosi̱meío̱to, orthologismoú, i̱ anagnó̱risi̱, tis schéseis, AXIOPISTI̱ – AXIOPISTIA, ti̱ thri̱skeía, ti̱n epinoi̱tikóti̱ta, ti̱n ypef̱thynóti̱ta, ti̱ dikaiosýni̱, ti̱n análi̱psi̱ rískou, AISTHI̱MATIKI̱, APOKALYPSI̱, anavío̱se, APOKATASTASI̱ – ANAKAINISMENO, REST – anapáv̱ontai, ANANEO̱SI̱ – ANANEO̱MENI̱, ananeo̱theíte – ananeo̱ménoi, ARPAGI̱ – ekstatikí̱ ELASTIKO̱N – ti̱n anthektikóti̱ta, ti̱n ev̱láveia, RIPE, REBORN, syngéneias, RASASVADA, anápaf̱si̱s, rosiness, ypocho̱ró̱, FI̱MISMENOS, sevastí̱, RAINBOW, romantikó, ypocho̱ró̱, diási̱mos

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma S

PEDIO EFARMOGI̱S, SMILE – chamogelastá, soulmate, SOUL – soulful, ieró SAFE – ASFALEIA, ASFALEIA – Asfalí̱s – SECURITY, SUSTAIN – statherí̱, SAVE, ti̱n exoikonómi̱si̱, aplí̱ – i̱ aploústef̱si̱, i̱ anidiotéleia, i̱ af̱toektími̱si̱, SERVICE, ti̱n aplóti̱ta, ti̱n eilikríneia, PROSONTA – KATARTISMENI̱S, to pnév̱ma, galí̱nio – i̱remía, statheróti̱ta, antochí̱, to styl, SYSTI̱MATIKOPOII̱SI̱, filaf̱tía, na prospathoún, SO̱TI̱RIAS, af̱tosevasmó, af̱to-synchó̱resi̱, exypi̱retoún, symponetikós, af̱to-sympónia, SELF-ev̱géneia, mageménos, i̱ opoía ypokineítai – Tóno̱si̱ – diégersi̱, IKANOPOII̱MENOS, STILL, ékpli̱ktos, SLEEP, stégi̱, af̱to-ékfrasi̱, SPACE – ev̱rýcho̱ro, af̱thormi̱tismós – AU̱THORMI̱TA, i̱liofáneia, SPARK – LAMPSI̱ – astráftei, SWEET – Glýka, YPOSTI̱RIXI̱ – DIKAIOLOGI̱TIKA – me ti̱n ypostí̱rixi̱, to Anó̱tato , zoumerá, glykiá mou, MELETI̱ – filomathí̱s, Gef̱theíte – Gef̱theíte, arkeí, katapli̱ktikós, SWAG – SWAGGY, YPEROCHI̱, SMART, theamatikí̱, EIDIKES, SERENDIPITY, SYNERGY, SHINE – lámpei, START, statheróti̱ta, panémorfi̱, ev̱í̱lio, yperdýnami̱, tharraléos, SHAPE -SHIFTING VIRTUOSO, SOUL-stretching, megála lógia

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma T

ALI̱THINI̱, TRUST – na empistef̱theí, diakritikóti̱ta, na didáxoun – teachable, TEAM, ev̱gnó̱mo̱n – EU̱CHARISTO̱ – sas ef̱charistó̱ – Ev̱gno̱mosýni̱, THERAPEIA, TIME, i̱ omadikí̱ ergasía, EPIKAIROTI̱TA, ti̱n anochí̱, ti̱n parádosi̱, í̱remo – I̱REMIA, ALI̱THEIA – Alí̱theia, prosforá, enthousiasménos, TOUCH – ANGIGMENOS, gargalioúntai, sti̱n ýli̱, na mátho̱, na gínei gno̱stó, gia na dei, metaschi̱matistikí̱ – METAMORFO̱SI̱ – METATROPI̱, TRIUMPH, ev̱dokimí̱soun – EV̱I̱MERO̱NTAS, epimoní̱, na eínai, diafaneís, TEMUL, tryferá, TIDSOPTIMIST, O̱RA OPTIMIST

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma U

ENOPOII̱SI̱, MONADIKO, anátasi̱, ULTIMATE, APERIORISTI̱, anaváthmisi̱, CHRI̱SIMA, éf̱chri̱sto, ti̱n enóti̱ta, KATALAVETE – MNI̱MONIO – katanoi̱tí̱, ENOPOII̱SI̱ tou nou, UP, anaváthmisi̱ to̱n dexiotí̱to̱n, apístef̱to, adiatárakto, exo̱pragmatikó, arthró̱no̱ Ékpli̱xi̱, ametanói̱toi, ametanói̱toi ef̱charísti̱si̱, afóri̱ta CUTE , UNHURRY, apístef̱to, adiatárakto, exo̱pragmatikó, pantelí̱s Ékpli̱xi̱

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma V

Zo̱tikóti̱ta, TIMI̱ – TIMES – polýtimi̱, enáretos, énkyra, epali̱thév̱ei, POLY, vió̱simi̱, ti̱n aretí̱, ti̱ níki̱ – niki̱fóra, ti̱n poikilía, ev̱aisthi̱sía – ev̱álo̱toi, zo̱ntanó, ef̱chí̱, VIM, sthénos, latreía, VOCABULEVERAGE, EV̱ELIXIA

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma W

AXIZEI – AXIOS – axía, ploútos, WARM – zestasiá, KALO̱S, próthymous PROTITHETAI – ti̱n prothymía, ti̱n sofía, to WISE, kérdise, ypérocho, ev̱exía, WHOLEHEARTEDNESS, WOW, WONDER, neró, kalá, wellness, ti̱n ev̱i̱mería, OLOKLI̱RA, tháv̱ma ERGASIAS, WIN – eklógimes – NIKI̱S, WALWALUN

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma CH


Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma Y

NAI, NEOLAIA – NEANIKO, tous néous, Young-at-kardiá, Yippee, YAY, lachtaroún, nai, nai, yummy, YEN, YESABILITY, YUGEN, YARAANA, YESABLE, eíste AGAPI̱SE

Thetikí̱ léxeis pou archízoun me to grámma Z

Zí̱lo, meráki, XYSMA – pikántikes – endiaféro̱n, ZIPPY, ZING, zappy, gelo̱topoiós

Mission:Positive Words in World Languages

Positive Words Research is working to create the list of positive words in every language of the world. It is not easy. The above list created until now it’s not perfect. We are continually working on polish it until it will be finished. Your support will be immensely valuable. If you are a native speaker of this language please help us refine the list, either correcting or translating a word. Thank you so much for your L V E. It is a valuable support for the entire world. You help makes the world a better place.