Hacking Loving-Kindness

Hacking loving-kindness throughout the multitude of information that exist about this concept, I found just a couple of pillars on which it stands. I feel these pillars as anchors that one can embody loving kindness. Make it shine in your energy field, in your body, in your Vortex.

I found these pillars because I focused on spotting positive words. Having this focus I rapidly scanned the text and absorbed the essence knowledge about loving kindness.

The pillars (anchors, positive words) that I found for centering yourself in loving kindness are:


To embody the energy of loving kindness all you need to do is to reduce these concepts to the level of words and just search in the dictionary the explanation of the words that are foreign to you (the words you don’t know much about).

For example: I considered that “rapture” is reduced at the level of a concept, at the level of just a word. With this attitude I just went to the dictionary and just read the explanation. From the explanation I found related positive words to “rapture” as: bliss, blissfulness, a state of extreme happiness, an explosion of joy, euphoria, beatitude etc.

You can even go further and search for the positive words “beatitude” or “blissfulness”. In this way you will notice that you are filling yourself, with a positive awareness. You begin to notice that you have a lack in your vocabulary. Be honest with yourself. In reality you are foreign of these positive words, you are not using them, in your day to day life. Just thinking that you could do this, is foreign to you. You even ask yourself if you are allowed to just repeat daily the word loving-kindness in your mind?

You are allowed and you not thinking this word, is the reason why you struggle with “anger”.

Dalai Lama says:

“Loving-kindness is the strongest antidote to anger.”

Just repeating the word loving-kindness in your mind more times and also searching for the related positive words will make you embody loving kindness. Because when you are researching in the dictionary the positive words related to loving kindness you are calling in, invoke/conjure the energy of loving kindness to surround you. How is this possible? Because the small quantum particles in your body feel the subtle vibrations of your own thoughts (this is why words and thoughts have physical power). And when your thoughts say: “loving-kindness”, the quantum particles instantly react and start vibrating to match your thoughts. Further, your human body “feels” the vibration of your quantum particles (“you” feel).

Is that simple, nothing more complicated then this.

Be hones with yourself and admit that you are not repeating these positive words in your mind. Just start repeat few times the word loving-kindness (more than 10 times) and focus (which means try to understand) on the meaning from the dictionary and the related positive words. And you will feel it. If you never did this, you will feel a blissful ease, like some hardness has been lifted from yourself and replaced with a feeling of warmth and peace.

Try it, you could always go back to your old self at any time.

But what if you don’t because a whole new world has been revealed to you.

As I believe: even if you are the most negative person in the world, if you start researching ONE positive word and go 3 levels deep you will desperately begin to train yourself in positive thinking. 3 level deep means: first positive word (Zero Level), related positive words (First Level), related positive words for some positive words from the first level (Second Level), related positive words for some positive words from the second level (Third Level).

My Zero Level word was: Gratitude. All changed from that moment when I’ve gone 3 levels deep in understanding Gratitude.

Have a day full of loving-kindness!

Photo: Loving Kindness

Loving KindnessThis photo with loving kindness was specially created for 8 March – International Woman’s Day.

Thank you for being so kind to visually receive from Positive Words Research a trinket together with the positive word: Loving Kindness. The trinket is a clover with 4 leaves, meant to be for good luck.

“Just as compassion is the wish that all sentient beings be free of suffering, loving-kindness is the wish that all may enjoy happiness. As with compassion, when cultivating loving-kindness it is important to start by taking a specific individual as a focus of our meditation, and we then extend the scope of our concern further and further, to eventually encompass and embrace all sentient beings.

Again, we begin by taking a neutral person, a person who inspires no strong feelings in us, as our object of meditation. We then extend this meditation to individual friends and family members and, ultimately, our particular enemies.

We must use a real individual as the focus of our meditation, and then enhance our compassion and loving-kindness toward that person so that we can really experience compassion and loving-kindness toward others. We work on one person at a time." – Dalai Lama XIV

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