Jobs at Positive Words Research

Currently, Positive Words Research is searching for a desktop assistant.


  • working remotely from their laptop;
  • can live in any country;
  • part-time job according to the tasks at hand;
  • can be days where no work is required;
  • various tasks will be given according to the needs;
  • the tasks are simple and easy to do;
  • knowing English is a must;
  • the most required task will be answering emails and publishing on the website the articles that writers are sending in a Word Document;
  • all the necessary training will be provided;
  • personality traits: calm, patient, eager to learn new things, doesn’t get bored easily, can demonstrate responsibility even if the boss is not monitoring him face to face, seriosity in delivering the tasks, politeness (especially when writing emails to writers), organized, pro-active (asks for tasks when no task is given), keeps track of reasonable time provided for a task (doesn’t charge extra);
  • works under a service contract as a supplier for Positive Words Research;

If interested send your application through our CONTACT FORM. We will get back to you as soon as possible via email.