4 Positive Highlights of the Best Employee Engagement of This Year

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4 Positive Highlights of the Best Employee Engagement of This Year

No matter what job you have, make the most of it! It’s not just about a financial gain here, but rather about your spiritual nourishment. Think about it. You spend at least 40 hours a week at the workplace, so it’s impossible to get detached from your job. What you do daily will eventually become a part of you, no matter how hard you want to avoid it. So, embrace your job and learn, improve, and spread good vibes every day.

To support this way of looking at your career, we’ve found the best employee engagement of this year! Indulge in their stories and learn how to become a hero at your job.

1. The employee engagement of the Selfless

Speaking of heroes, you can actually become one at the Florida Hospital Medical Center. This is the case of Johanna Castellanos, a nursing assistant at this hospital, who became the “Hero of the Year for 2016” through dedication and good nature. This hospital has a wonderful tradition of certifying the quality work of their employees and, thus, encouraging empathy, commitment, and good deeds.

Johanna is always there for her patients even when she is off duty. She always finds time to deliver her patients’ forgotten belongings on her way to work or home. This kind of selfless actions earned her the local hero title for a year and also our appreciation.

2. The employee engagement of the “Un-disgruntled”

You would think that after leaving her job, one would be full of resentment toward her former company. This is not the case of Vlada Parr, who used to work for the Apple Company. On the contrary, she chose to make the best of her situation and share her positive work experience with her readers. Everybody heard of Apple products, but having excellence as a company goal could be quite overwhelming for its employees. But this hard worker found a way to thrive and be a model employee.

The first advice she highlights is having the proper job attitude. No matter how knowledgeable and well trained you are for your job, your attitude will decide if you are there to stay. Be kind and understanding not only towards your clients but also towards your co-workers. So, this is why spreading good vibes is a prerequisite even for a high position in an international company.

3. The employee engagement of the Accepting

The orange parable that Forbes confessed to us will also bring you closer to understanding why being there for your job can only be beneficial for you. Here’s their story: one of the employees turned out to be discontented with his manager’s decision of promoting someone else instead of him. The manager decided to shed more light on his decision by asking both his employees to buy some oranges for him.

The grumpy worker just carried out this chore without paying attention to details. Meanwhile, the newly promoted man returned with the best oranges he could find at the most accessible price, even though it was his manager who paid for them. After inquiring on how the two men performed their task, the disgruntled employee accepted the idea that his co-worker was better qualified for the higher position. And his conclusion was not based on the other’s better skills, but on the other’s bigger interest in being the perfect employee.

So the lesson that you can extract from this story is that knowledge can be acquired over time. However, motivation can also be lost over time. Stop attending to your own needs and start helping others, cultivate your empathy. Bringing others down and disregarding the people you are surrounded by will only buy you a lonely path. On the contrary, successful people are always interested in encouraging and guiding others in their career choices, and their success makes them happy.

4. The employee engagement of the Learner

WikiHow.com has a come up with a very useful solution in their quest to teach everyone around the globe how to do anything. This article brings up 20 best ways to conduct your job activities perfectly. The author himself focuses more on the right job attitude rather than skills and know-hows, but he also points out a feature that most people usually neglect: learning how to take negative reviews and change them into constructive feedback to your own advantage.

When people are upset, they tend to speak their mind without filtering their words. Take their criticism with an open mind and look for a solution. This is the best and fastest way to improving yourself.

In conclusion, this year’s articles showed us that the image of the perfect employee has changed: it is not about what you know, it’s about how you think. Everyone has access to education, and the internet made the information easy to find, but the most important thing for a joyful work environment is your choice to make it so.

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About the author: Marc Mendelman is a Junior HR consultant and a Contributing Editor at Today Assistant. He is passionate about identifying daily work hacks and creating ways of increasing personal and professional productivity.

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Lucky for me that I searched it online using The Free Dictionary, because in that dictionary besides Synonyms and Antonyms there is also a category called Related Words. I clicked on related word of gratitude and then clicked on other related words to the related word… until I found Happiness. I was surprised to see that the word gratitude, after some levels, is connected with Happiness. But my stunning revelation was me becoming aware of the lack of positive words that I had in my vocabulary. I was not even using in my inner thinking most of the positive words that I found then, let alone talking with people with them. I questioned myself: How can i think positive if i do not know positive words? And then I said: I need to self-educate myself. So I started writing on pieces of paper and in Microsoft Word related words for positive words. And I saw that a lot of work needed to be done. So I decided to make a blog and in time to publish posts about positive words and learn the positive words in the process. I called the blog Positive Words Research because this is what I was actually doing: researching positive words.

Inserting the positive words in my awareness gave me the ability to constantly maintain my positive thinking. I feel that the knowing of positive words is like a light shining in my life that can never be turned off. I crossed the bridge to the shining part of life and there is no way back. I feel blessed.

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The Hidden Celebrities Of Our Society

“The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about”

In this epoch, everybody’s is interest is engrossed in cricket matches, football match or award ceremonies or cinema. Cricket fervent fans would cheer for their cricket heroes, respectively celebrities are cheered for their new upcoming movies, however have you ever noticed heroes around you? Can you see anyone helping blind people or an old lady to cross road? You would have even noticed a man sweeping the road everyday, or the traffic police saving puppies from accident everyday, right? These are unsung heroes of our society.

HelpUnsung heroes are the one never who never involved in complains and always looks to complete their work on time, to help everyone willingly and are unselfish. Have you ever appreciated the maid who works in your house, have you appreciated for taking your dirty clothes and wash them? Just imagine life without them. There are many people whose work is not noticed and even not appreciated. People like company employees, office cleansers, after party cleaner, street cleaners regularly work hard and accomplish their task without any demand for appreciation or medals for their acts. There are many institutes who identify and appreciate the unsung heroes. Lowell Milken is one of them; the institute has been working in this field for many years and I am glad we have such institute between us.

Unsung heroes are the people in our society who a make big difference just by their small deed. I would better say they are one weaving the network of our society by their love and affection. Some of them are uneducated yet their deeds matter a lot and it even leaves an indelible mark on people’s heart.

There are many unsung heroes, one of them are the men and women who teach kids on the streets. They teach many life enhancing skills which include pottery, carpentry, even philosophical lessons. They do all this for free and even enjoy the work. They don’t want their skills and expertise to go in waste and so for a better generation, for the generation that has a future they work like anything. Another example of unsung heroes is the men and women who start a movement to collect the garbage and potholes in our society so that our cars can travel smoothly and our streets to stay clean. They even visit the sick and make sure their elders are fit and healthy. They fantasize a society where all are happy and living their life. Unsung heroes are architects of our ideal society.

Just think, have you ever taken some time to appreciate those who have helped us greatly to succeed as well as some time to be grateful for the work they have done for you and your society? This article will surely help you to identify the real unsung heroes of our life. Just look around, there are many heroes you will find who are keen to play their roles and help us being successful while thanking them for being in our lives.

Our family members, especially our mother are most important unsung hero of our life. She used to change our diapers when we were kids; she takes care for our food and many other things. Moreover, a hero can be anyone, even a man doing something simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.

Author Bio: Daniel Clark was connected with Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes and has always worked hard for the betterment of society. In the above post he is asking the reader to identify and acknowledge the heroes around us in our lives.

Do you know about FavoriteWords.com?

I just discovered www.FavoriteWords.com because someone commented on one of my blog posts to tell me about it. And I thought to share it with you also. Favorite Words is a network where you can become friends with people that have in common the words that you also like. For starter I included the words: GRATITUDE, JOY, LOVING KINDNESS, APPRECIATION, BLISSFULNESS, AWESOMNESS, MAGIC, KINDNESS

You could also go and check this out. You might meet some interesting people and you know for sure that they are positive because they love the same positive words that you love.

I am happy that people are creating awesome applications on internet for words. Words are important, especially positive words. I want more of these.

Have a super happy day all,