25 Loving Words To Say To Your Kids – Positive Parenting

This is an awesome video about positive parenting on how to sustain and improve the relationships with have with our children through loving words.

The video is made by Knight Stavern.

Transcript of the video 25 Loving Words To Say To Your Kids – Positive Parenting

Kids need a safe, secure environment with adults who love and care for them in order to build strong self-esteem. Not only do you need to show your children your love, you also need to tell them. So we compiled some simple loving words and phrases to say to your children to give them a little boost!


I’m proud of you.

You did great!

I’m glad I’m your mom (OR DAD)!

I adore you.

You’re the apple of my eye.

Thank you.

I couldn’t imagine life without you!

You’re the best daughter (OR son) ever!

I admire your hard work.

I hear you.

I care for you.

I cherish you!

My day isn’t complete without a hug from you.

I enjoy spending time with you.

You make life fun.

Tell me about your day.

Remember when…

Sing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Be Careful! You’re Irreplaceable.

You’re a treasure!

ILY & 143


Give them a hug and a kiss.

I love you more Each day!

Pick some positive phrases each day and say them to your beautiful child!


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