Top 4 Websites With Happy And Positive Thinking


We love the next four websites with happy and positive thinking.

1. Notsalmon

The website is owned by Karen Salmansohn and is having the awesome headline titled “Self Help For People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self-Help”. Karen writes amazing articles and some of them were published by Oprah. Karen is well known for her unique positive sense of humor and for her awesome positive posters.

2. Oprah

The website is owned by Oprah Winfrey and is having the empowering headline titled “Live Your Best Life“. The popular website of Oprah has sections as “SPIRIT” and “RELATIONSHIPS” in which you will find some of the best articles on the web.

3. The Happiness Project

The website is owned by Gretchen Rubin and is having the headline titled “My Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life”. The Happiness Project website has different positive tools that makes us feel good. What is particular to this website is the fact that you can subscribe to different newsletters which are very specific. The newsletter which I like best is: “Moment of Happiness” through which I receive daily a happy and wise quote .

4. The Daily Love

The website is owned by Mastin with the warm headline titled “A place to Love and be Loved”. When you subscribe to their newsletter you receive daily a summary of the activity of the website. What I like best from this newsletter and never miss them, are the three “TODAY’s QUOTES” and “TODAY’s AFFIRMATIONS”.

<3 Love The Positive Side Of Life!

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