God Does A Better Work Than Us In Our Life When We Let Him

Positive Words ResearchEinstein put a question and an answer which I love. He said: “Do we live in a friendly Universe?”, and he also said: “Yes, we live in a friendly Universe”.

By this, I understand that we can safety, securely and kindly partner with God and “delegate” most of our important “life fulfilling’s” to Him.

We must do our part and let Him do His part. Is easy for Him to do His work in our life, when we just let Him. We should not stay in the way of God. God is kind and he will let us stay in His way. But this is not in our advantage. Because He can create things for us so much better than we can create them, by our own struggle.

We need to let Him work together with us at our Life Project.

Whenever we feel “struggle” in our life, we are doing God’s work. We are not built to do our human work and also the work of God. Whenever we stay committed to our human work we feel happy and fulfilled, and when we do God’s work instead of letting Him do it, we feel the other way around.

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