Tony Robbins: HAPPINESS Is Felt When Your Story Matches Your Life Conditions

Gratitude and Happiness

Tony Robbins say that it matters what is the story that we are telling to ourselves, about how our life should be. He says “to feel alive every one needs to feel that they are growing”. At the question, what does it takes to feel happy he answers “progress”, “progress equals happiness“.
Progress is growing and giving. This two, growing and giving makes you happy. Each individual has his story, therefore in the world there is a growing variety of stories. This story is reinforced every day by us to keep it alive, to keep it real. Tony says that every one of us has an area from their life where he really feels good about it.
He shares with us “the formula of happiness” which is “you are happy when your life conditions matches your story”. In life to ensure your constant happiness you need to, both, work on your story and on your life conditions. Gratitude and self-love is what keeps this two on the same path. When you are grateful about you story and about life conditions you feel happy. You feel that “you” are “more” than your story and your life conditions, when you practice self-love.

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